Yippee! #H50 S5 Gagreel Finally Here!

Isn´t this the one extra we go for first 😀

Finally got it from a fan to share with the rest of the fandom.

Lot´s of Grover and other cast but still plenty of Alex.

And thankfully they didn´t blur their pottymouths this year (they might have actually left most of that out).

As always, our interest is in Alex. Starting with my most favorite one, enjoy the bloopers a´la Alex 😀


gag-suit-laugh-tongue gag-suit



Link to Video:

Thank you “secret” fan and friend for helping us out with this clip.

We are deeply grateful multi-stars-smiley



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22 responses to “Yippee! #H50 S5 Gagreel Finally Here!

  1. gracenotpark

    Hee! How they ever memorize some of those long agency names or case #s is a mystery to me…tho clearly they do have some troubles. 😆

    And I loved the little snippet with Michelle.


  2. Fox527

    Gotta say, I love Chi’s impersonation of Schwarzenegger. SOOOO funny….and he sounds just like him. LOL. 😀

    Alex…..Well, Alex is his normal adorable, funny, naughty, sexy self. He’s just so yummy. I love it. ((sigh))

    Thanks to the “friend” who shared the Gag Reel with us! I was waiting all day yesterday for someone to post, so it was wonderful to find it when I woke up this morning (Had to watch it before I even started getting the kids ready for school. HA!)


  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


  4. Great bloopers. Like the comment about driving the fake car for so many years and the comments about big boom is like a couple of little boys. Grover was great, he’s a ham. But the honking when Alex grabs his parts he does that a lot in bloopers. hmm…What did Joe say after Alex said he had his wedding ring on? I couldn’t quite hear it. Love these. Thanks must go to You Tube and save it under my list now.


  5. Thank you so much for sharing, they are so funny 🙂


  6. Leah

    THANK YOU “secret” friend! Made my day!! Terry’s cock ring, DDK taking a leak behind the tree, Alex feeling up Chi’s butt, Cloris Leachman flipping off the camera — TOO FUNNY!! Loved it all!
    Two questions though, if you don’t mind:
    Who is it that’s telling Michelle to “work it” going down the hall? Sounded like Alex but not sure?
    And what does DDK say to Grace in the car when she hangs up the phone the second time? Sounded something like “he’s up . . . “?


    • Fox527

      Not sure about the “work it” part (and was that Michelle or another actress on another episode?). However, on the DDK comment, I’m pretty sure he says “He’s Yakuza” (meaning the gang/group that Adam’s Dad was involved with. I may’ve spelled it wrong too, but hopefully you know what I mean. 😉 ).


    • Yes it was not Michelle but Melina Kanakaredes who was “working it” – she got a very nice hug from Steve/Alex in that scene in the episode 🙂


      • Fox527

        That’s probably why she was “working it”. I know I would be if I got a hug from Steve…….or Alex. How could you NOT do a little dance after that. Ha! 😉


        • It was Yakuza that DDK said. He made another comment also before that. Kanekaredes did a nice little dance in the hallway. The butt feel was funny. Grover as Arnold, he’s good at that voice.


          • Leah

            Thank you for the replies! Now it all makes sense. 🙂 Now I know the actress/episode with the “work it” comment – thought I’d missed something (because I couldn’t remember any scene like that involving Michelle). And, oh yes, I would definitely be dancing and probably more if I got a hug from Steve/Alex! 😉


  7. Lena

    Thanks for this, these guys are hilarious and seem to always have so much fun on set. 🙂


  8. I’m late to the party, but loving this as much as all of you! I am not fond of a potty mouth on just any guy, but for reasons, I’d let him say F*** all day long. 😛 Add the eyebrow raise, tongue out, biting the lip and the drop dead gorgeous smile….((THUD))
    Thank you for your gifs, Paula! I am patiently waiting for my DVD to arrive.
    It would be a dream to see the material they couldn’t use on the gag reel. They look like they are having fun on set again. 😀


  9. Betsy craig

    I’m so pleased we got to see the gagreel for S5, loved it all, Chi mimicking Arnie, classic, Alex and Scott, brilliant, Daniel and Grace, love them. Alex with his wedding ring still on and then Terry about his ‘ring’ was so funny. Thanks ‘secret friend’ for sharing. Roll on S6!!!


  10. I’m sorry for my belated comment, but i want to thank very much to our secret friend and Paula for the video and the gifs. And also to Foyeur for explain us some of their sayings despite the beep.
    You have no idea how much i need to smile and this post is perfect. They work many hours but they know how to have fun.
    TY girls!


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