Craig Ferguson Talks with the “Very Lovely #AlexOLoughlin” – Sept 2009

This is an extension of yesterday’s post ….

A few comments yesterday where people think that it was a bit of a strange interview. Maybe this will also shed some light on it.

It looks like big parts of what was originally recorded, was never used for the broadcast. It was kind of strange  that the interview was done to promote Three Rivers, but they did not really talk about the show in the clip we saw.

In the clip, he talks about getting sick in Mexico, but I only know of his trip there in May 2008, more than a year previous to the interview, right after Moonlight was canceled. Just to put the timeframe of this in perspective – This interview was done while he was filming Three Rivers. And Three Rivers started shooting the day after he finished filming The Back-Up Plan. And The Back-Up Plan started filming right after he filmed the original pilot for Three Rivers (where he was a bit chubbier, before he trained for TBUP). And that was filmed a month or two after Criminal Minds episode. So what I and trying to say, is that unless he only went to Mexico for a quick weekend and then got sick, he most probably got sick a year before in 2008 already, and that it was not something that happened right before this interview in 2009.

He was actually looking thin here, because of all the hard work and training. 🙂

Mizzoh writes about her experience as an audience member for the taping of the “Late Late Show” interview:

Anyone who has ever been lucky enough to see Alex O’Loughlin in the flesh knows that the very first time is a special experience. Imagine the effect when he’s sitting just 25 ft. away, right in front of you…

Yesterday was the first day of my trip to LA and what a day it was! Approaching the CBS TV studios via Fairfax for the taping of theLate Late Show, we saw various posters for Whiteout as well as a couple of billboards for Three Rivers.

Three Rivers

As the show only has seats for 108 people in the audience, the studio proper is surprisingly small and intimate. The segments aren’t taped in the order that they’re aired. And yesterday, the producers saved the best for last!

When Alex was introduced by Craig and walked in, we stood up and applauded very loudly. I’m not sure he could see us with the spotlights on him, but you can see in the video his cute double take that resulted in a huge smile when it dawned on him.

What you may not see is that Mr. O’Loughlin still gets nervous. There was lots of thumb activity going on, especially in the first minute and he was tapping his right foot to a rhythm that only he could hear. You can see the toe of his boot bobbing up and down on the screen 😉

cg smile

Unfortunately, not everything that was taped for the show was actually aired, so here’s a summary of what you missed:

  • At one point, Alex mentions the tight scrubs in the original pilot for Three Rivers, that he calls “Star Trek-esque” and uncomfortable”.

Dr Andy

  • He also joked about his growing collection of gray hair, mentioning that he was like George Clooney in that context. “The show gave me gray hairs,” he said in reference to Moonlight.
  • While joking about a blood clause in his current contract (he’s referred to it before in other interviews), Craig calls him a real vampire, and then asks for confirmation, “Are you still a vampire?” Alex retorts, “I don’t know, ask the ladies,” indicating his fans in the audience.

cf laugh

He remained seated to chat with Craig when the interview was over. When they were done, Alex stood up, hugged Craig goodbye, and turned and walked off, but not before giving us a two-handed wave first and blowing us a kiss!

I had already been warned by Deb that Alex O’Loughlin is even more enchanting in the flesh.

Truer words were never spoken.

cg laughter 2

My thoughts:

  • Remember that the link to the video of the interview, is in yesterday’s post. And here is the link to the transcript of the 1st interview  Alex did with Craig, in 2007.
  • To all those of you who are lucky enough to attend SOTB this year, in 2 weeks time, and especially those who will be there for the first time – we hope you will have a great experience of seeing Alex in the flesh as well.
  • We are looking forward to see your pictures and to  hear your stories about him.


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11 responses to “Craig Ferguson Talks with the “Very Lovely #AlexOLoughlin” – Sept 2009

  1. Loved that interview!! Was the first time I saw Alex in person!!
    And it is true he is even more gorgeous and his smile so contagious that hypnotizes you!
    When the interview was over and he waved and blow a kiss to us, after that I don’t remember much! I was told that I was very quiet for a long time going home! LOL


    • LOL – So he left you speechless 😀


    • My first time seeing Alex as well as meeting some of the lovely LLOL ladies for the first time including you Anita, Mizzoh and DEb. We are all such good friends now and that was Such a wonderful experience Alex was GORGEOUS and OMG that Velvet over steel voice and the sweet wave to his “Ladies” when he left. I think we were ALL quiet on the way home because we had no voice left and were all shell shocked by his beauty. SIGH


  2. bvnessie

    Is there a video from this?


  3. This post shows again that you are the best to give us this precious hidden treasures about our favorite Aussie. Thank you very much Foyeur!

    And like you, i wish to everyone who will get the chance to meet Alex will have a wonderful experience.


  4. gracenotpark

    Who knew? They cut bits out of his interview? That seems to explain some of the awkward non-sequiturs….

    Thanks for the Intel, and “the very lovely” pics. 😀


  5. karen

    Between May 2008 and March 2009 Alex was MIA. He could have been anywhere for months.


    • Yes Karen, you are mostly correct – he disappeared for many months after end of May 2008 – altough he was seen in August 2008 at Pebble beach event and he also looked quite healthy then I think. He returned with news on his MySpace in Feb 2009 and said he spend the last couple of months in Australia ( I presume at least Dec & Jan – maybe longer). And then at the end of Feb filmed Criminal minds and March Three Rivers pilot and then TBUP.

      He could have maybe visited Mexico again (and most probably did with other friends, I think from pictures I have seen) after August 2008, and before he went to Oz for the end of the year period in 2008.
      But the fact still remains that he most probably got sick in 2008 (either in May 2008 or maybe later around September/October 2008), but not in 2009 in the months leading up to the interview with Craig in September.
      I think I have seen people say that he was sick then (in 2009) and that is why he looked so thin in the interview – but it seems unlikely, if one look at the timeline of that year (that was what I was trying to illustrate) 🙂


      • gracenotpark

        Yeah I’ve always wondered, since first seeing that interview on TV, when that whole botulism thing took place…it sounded so rough and awful! When the interview aired, we were seeing Alex in stuff again, but that period between May 2008 and March 2009 that you note, we all called the Alex Drought. We had NO idea where he was, if he was ever gonna act again, if he was sick (which at one point he apparently was)…so we entertained ourselves on fan boards talking about him and Moonlight and all his other shows and just hoping he’d show up again sooooooon! An article in TV Guide announcing the Criminal Minds gig was like pure T oxygen to us suffering FanGirls! He’s been on TV or in the Hollywood press pretty steadily now since then. Thank goodness! And mostly all about good stuff. 🙂


  6. Thanks for showing the interview. As he has a lot of charm and wit.


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