#AlexOLoughlin: The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson – 7 Sept 2009

Alex made his second appearance on the Late Late Show, in September 2009 – as a promotion for Three Rivers

Craig: Welcome back. Welcome back. Welcome back everybody, what’s up? My next guest is an actor. He’s in a new series called Three Rivers, which premieres Sunday, October the 4th at Nine O’clock right here on CBS. That’s a coincidence. Take a look at this.

[Clip from Three Rivers]

3r scrubs

Craig: Do you know what I think is inappropriate, that there was someone playing the piano in that hospital room? Don’t you want to say, “Hey buddy, knock it off with the piano, this is a very serious thing happening here”.

[Laughs all around]

Craig: Please welcome the very lovely Alex O’Loughlin, everybody.


[Loud Cheers]

Craig: Welcome Alex.

Alex: Thank you.

Craig: Alex, it is very nice to have you back on the show because I was concerned the last time you were here, because it was the a …. [throws away a paper he was tearing up]

Alex: What’s that?

Craig: That was the questions.

Alex: Oh.

Craig: I was concerned the last time you were here, because you were doing the vampire show. And then the vampire show got cancelled.

Alex: Yeah.

mick upset sad dl bw

Craig: And I thought, well that’s it. It’s over for Alex, I thought.

[Audience Laughs]

Craig: But you’re back. Hooray.

Alex: Yup.

Craig: So hooray. Well done.

Alex: It almost was over.

Craig: No it wasn’t.

Alex: No, it was. I went to Mexico, and a … I got very sick. I got very sick.

Craig: Tequila?

Alex: No. It was after the Tequila. I went into the forest and I got offered a piece of meat.

Craig: Is this a euphemism, or?

Alex: This is true. True story. I was in the forest and I was looking at the pyramids and having a great time. And I was hungry and there was a little stand. And this guy was selling meat.

Craig: Did he have bedazzled boots on?

Alex: I didn’t see his boots. But he had bedazzling eyes. He was a Mayan. You know the Mayan people are very magical. If you ever go down to Yucatan Peninsula, they’re wonderful people.

Chichen-Itza pyramids in Mexico's Yucatan peninsula

Chichen-Itza pyramids in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula

Craig: Right.

Alex: But I ate the meat. And I don’t remember anything beyond then. I think … botulism

Craig: You got botulism?

Alex: Very sick.

Craig: That’s very dangerous.


Alex: Yeah, very.

Craig: Are you alright?

Alex: I am now.

Craig: You probably … you probably want to see a doctor for something like that, won’t you?

Alex: Well I thought …. You know you think, Aussie. I’ve eaten kangaroo. I’ve eaten all sorts of stuff. I can do that.

Craig: Can you get Botulism from a Kangaroo?

Alex: I don’t think so.

Craig: Have you eaten a Kangaroo?

Alex: Yeah. Not in its entirety, but I’ve eaten.

Craig: Did you just run up to one and took a bite? They can be vicious.

Alex: Yeah, they get kicky.

Craig: I’ve seen …. I’ve hugged a Koala bear once.

Alex: I’ve not.

Craig: Have you not?

Alex: No, I’ve sort of …. I’ve touched one.

Craig: There’s a park in Hadley where you can hug the Koala bears.

Alex: No, I haven’t hugged one.

koala hug al dl

Craig: Yeah and it did a poop on my shoe.


Alex: You look great.


Craig: That’s …. I haven’t had botulism. You look great.

Alex: I look …

Craig: And you have had botulism.

Alex: I look thin. That was the botulism.

Craig: Yeah.

Alex: You know what, I thought HD. Craig’s in HD, that’s why he looks …. But no you look … you look …. different.

Craig: Thanks, Alex.

Alex: How do you like my boots?

Craig: No. The ah …. I actually do quite like them.

Alex: Thank you. They’re Aussie RM Williams, from Australia.

RM Williams Boots

Craig: RM Williams.

Alex: I’ll hook you up later.

Craig: I can’t wear boots like that.

Alex: You absolutely can wear boots like that.

Craig: I can’t. I’ll look like Austin Powers.


Alex: You can pull these off.

Craig: No, I couldn’t.

Alex: You’re very tall though.

Craig: I’m very very tall. Yeah, I’m hugely tall. But how tall are you?

Alex: 6–1 and …

Craig: Six and a half ft.

Alex: You know on a good day, I’m 6-1

Craig: Do you change?

Alex: I do. It depends on like … you know some days …

Craig: I stoop a little bit.

Alex: And some days when I try to … that’s a stoop too.

Craig: Yeah, a reverse stoop. I do that.

Alex: I do that too.


Craig: I try to be taller and I end up falling over.

Alex: And you think you’re more …. You know. You’re extenuating your muscles and the whole… but you’re just … sick.

Craig: No you just look like someone who’s forced at gunpoint into a room.

Alex: Yeah.

Craig: Yeah, that happens to me a lot.

Alex: I wanted to talk to you about so much stuff. But I can’t remember ….

Craig: Well come on then.

Alex: Well, I can’t remember.

Craig: Well that’s a dispiritive issue

Alex: Juliette Lewis won’t skydive. I would.

Craig: Would you skydive?

Alex: They won’t let me though.

Craig: Who won’t let you?

Alex: In my contract.

Craig: Australians?

Alex: [Laughs]

Craig: No mate … no skydiving mate, sorry no.

Alex: No planes, in Australia.

Craig: No planes in Australia, really?

Alex: No. [laughs]


Craig: I went there. I can’t remember how I got there. I think it must have been by kangaroo or something.

Alex: Yeah. You should try …. It’s good meat, kangaroo, if it’s cooked right.

Craig: I’ve had kangaroo meat.

Alex: Oh you have.

Craig: Yeah, it tastes like venison.

Alex: It does taste like venison.

Craig: I know, I’ve had it.

Alex: Okay, it really does.

Craig: Yeah, I know

Alex: Have you had crocodile?

Craig: Yes, I have.

Alex: It’s kind of like lobster, you think?

Craig: No, the crocodile I had, was a bit chickeny.

Alex: [Nods]

Craig: Ah, you’re nodding knowingly. Like, Ah yeah, you had chicken flavoured crocodile.

Alex: That would be from way up north.

Craig: No, I never had it in Australia. I had it in Russia.

Alex: Yeah, I didn’t have it in Australia either, I had it somewhere else, I can’t remember where.

Craig: Really.

Alex: You know where I just went? I just got … Just this afternoon I got back from Lake Arrowhead. And I took my boat …

Lake Arrow Head

Craig: That’s where the water is … the a ….

Alex: And you know the tap water up there is actually the …

Craig: Lake Arrow Head, water?

Alex: Yeah. That you get in the store here.

Craig: Living the dream there.

Alex: Yeah, they’re living the dream.

Craig: They can …

Alex: What’s in there?

Craig: This is a … this is a …. Lake Arrowhead water I guess. But not from the tap, from …

Lake Arrowhead water

Alex: You’re going to get free Lake Arrowhead water forever now.

Craig: No.

Alex: They’re going to, just going to deliver …

Craig: Why? You’re presuming that people from Lake Arrowhead watch this show.

Alex: Happy Labour Day.

Craig: Happy Labour Day to you.

Alex: It’s good to be working, isn’t it?

Craig: Oh, it’s the best.

Alex: I feel [laughs] I feel very grateful.

Craig: Are you an American citizen yet?

Alex: No, but what’s that got to do with it?

Craig: Well, it’s an American holiday buddy.

Alex: You know, I think …..

Craig: I’m an American. I …. I should get the day …

Alex: Barely. Barely.

Craig: I at least should get the day off. You’re not even American.

Alex: Has it been a year?

Craig: Yeah.

Alex: Don’t … don’t clap.

Craig: Be attractive as you like. These people are patriots.


Alex: You know what, I will do it.

Craig: Will you really?

Alex: I just keep forgetting to do the process. Cause I get a visa every time I work and that last for 3 years. And then 3 years later. But I want the green card and the passport.

Craig: You want to become a citizen. It’s more than just documents, you know. You get Labour day off sometimes.

Alex: How long … has it been a year for you yet?

Craig: Over a year, now.

Alex: And you’re still working Labour Day?

Craig: Yeah. Well, this is more …. This is more community service than work, really.

Alex: I heard it had something to do with the amount of tax you don’t pay or something. You personally.

Craig: Me personally?

Alex: I heard that .. that’s what they’re saying out there.

Craig: There are tax guys out there?

Alex: I don’t know.

Craig: Through there?

Alex: But that’s the thing you know. I mean, I pay a lot of tax, I thought, maybe I’d get today off.

Craig: Nah …. Nah. It’s got nothing to do with money.

Alex: My …..

Craig: Cheap mattresses. That’s what it’s about. Alex, we’re out of time. Listen, good luck with the big Three Rivers thing.

Alex: Thank you.

Craig: Lovely to see you again.

Alex: Lovely to see you.

Craig: Alex O’Loughlin everybody.


Link to video

Look out for tomorrow’s add-on to this transcript …..



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5 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin: The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson – 7 Sept 2009

  1. gracenotpark

    I remember watching this…it was an odd interview. Plus who knew he had been so sick! That was a shock to learn. 😮


    • This is a weird interview to watch, on the other hand it is funny but then again I feel Alex nervousness so well, that I feel a bit awkward for him LOL


      • gracenotpark

        Yes he seemed very nervous. And Craig was peculiarly frenetic…even more than usual…which did not help. A very awkward interview.


  2. HIs first interview with Craig is one of my favorites but this one was, as you said, awkward. Poor Alex. We are very lucky to still have him around. It warmed my heart to hear him speak of the Mayan people.Even though he got sick. I believe in another interview he said the Yucatan peninsula was one of his favorite places. Mine too! I try to visit the Mayan ruins every year. Darn, now that he’s married and all, I missed my chance for a dream vacay with him. 😛 Funny tho, I think of him every time I go there and see someone selling meat by the side of the road. Would probably be just fine, but I stay clear. 🙂


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