A day of fun in the mud – Pictures from the #H50 set 25 August 2015

What do you do when a storm hits Hawaii ….. you make the best of it 😀
  – Rain delay on set. Crazy weather in Honolulu.

Masi on Twitter 4

masi_oka  – Mud day!

Masi on Twitter 1

mikemartinez27  –  Fuc’n actors

(Click on Mike’s name above to see the video)

  • Doing the ‘Mudbucket challenge’ LOL – BTW – It was not really Mike’s birtday 😆



  – Having fun in the mud!
  mud buddies
Looks like Alex felt Scott needed to get a little bit more mud on him
Masi on Twitter 3
–  That FACE! –

danieldaekim  – #H50 is good clean fun

bts muddy ohana

Judging by the mud coverage and the face, I think it is clear who gave it his all as the biggest goof  –  100% adorable Mr O smiley-die-laughing


natalianstalion – How we film in the rain #tropicalstorm #ignacio #h50

Natalia's picture




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25 responses to “A day of fun in the mud – Pictures from the #H50 set 25 August 2015

  1. Manu

    It seems they had a lot of fun.
    Especially Scott and Alex pulling that prank with poor Mike LOL.
    Alex’s reaction is priceless, it makes me smile every time.
    So grateful to Masi, Daniel and everybody that share this awesome footage


  2. Fox527

    I think its hilarious (and totally adorable) that Alex is the one with the most mud. He’s like a big kid……but still SO sexy even covered in mud. 😉 These pictures made me smile so big. 😀 THANKS!!


  3. Brooklyngirl

    OMG these are the greatest pics of the team in such a long team! Looks like they’re having a blast! Ohana at it’s best! Thanks for making me smile this morning!!


  4. This post made my day! Thank you very much for showing our muddy goofy having fun on the set yesterday. They all really know how to have fun while working.


  5. Looks like a lot of fun lol


  6. I absolutely LOVE this post. I totally made my day. Had a smile on my face all day long. Sorry, couldn’t comment sooner, stupid phone. 🙂
    And yeah, we all know who gave his all and had tons of fun doing so. 😉


  7. I just can’t stop smiling! Seeing a grown-up man being in hysterics is so contagious and adorable!
    And of course Alex is the muddiest one, pretty sure he gave 1000%!


  8. haha If you remember Scott was totally covered the other day when Peter Lenkov posted that pic on Instagram so I guess they both went hard out.

    Also I’m pretty sure Mike was the one videoing the prank, it wasn’t his birthday he told me on instagram lol


  9. That was a belly laugh and an honest laugh with him dropping to the ground…Alex is just a big over grown kid. I bet he’s a fun Dad with his kids. Malia is so lucky, bet he has her laughing lots. The face when he’s in the mud pool with Daniel is like ooh this is ick.. very expressive with his face.


  10. Nina

    Why Catherine is not there?


    • Remember Michelle is no longer part of the regular cast since last season. Up until now I think she will only be seen in the first 3 episodes of the new season. And depending on what happened in them, maybe in more later on or in none of them – it all depends on where Cath’s storyline goes and we will have to see then.


      • Nina

        So noone knows if Michelle is going to stay on the show or not? No wonder why her presence on the show in the new season had been hush hush I mean maybe the producers or Peter does not want to give away anything of what will happen to her character after episode 3.

        What do you think it will happen if you have to give an answer?


        • Nina, your guess is as good as mine.
          I think one of 2 things will happen;
          – They will either finally close off her character in the series with a good ending (hopefully good)
          – Or they will give her character some deeper story that they will pick up maybe later in the season, if she should return.
          Either way, my hope is just that they treat the character of Cath with something good and also give Steve a good storyline from it. For me his story has really died down since WoFat died and she has been part of his life for many years. 🙂


  11. Kath40

    Oh what fun they all had 😀 Alex is the muddiest one…big kid that he is. XD
    I love Alex’s laugh and how it consumes him. LOL ♥


  12. So adorable!!! like little kids discovering how much fun it is to play in the mud for the first time


  13. Sonja

    Adorable, sooo adorable!! You made my day! Thanx for the pics and gifs of our goofy guy! Alex’s reaction is priceless … a biiiiig kid in one sexy man! And of course Alex is the muddiest one … 🙂 They really had a mud blast!! GOOD!!!


  14. B Vanessa

    Alex looks like he really had fun in the mud 😂


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