Yippee! The cake spells Alex today!

Happy Birthday, Alex!


39 has never looked better on anyone!

Tall, dark, and lethally handsome, with curves in all the right places and a bit of silver dusting 😉

Thank you, for all the joy you bring us every day.

Today, we wish you, Alex, all the best, lots of love and health and happiness and hope you get to share your celebration with good friends and loved ones. And most of all, may your cake last for days and drinks keep coming!sunnies smiley

And just to remind us again, quoting his friends, why we have fallen (hopelessly) for this wonderful man cat_smiley01

“A lot of times you do a pilot … and you know if the pieces aren’t working. And I think they knew right away they had a star in Alex and they just rebuilt around him.”

”Moonlight” co-star Brian White

In Sunday Life

February 2008

yess smileyf

mick at bday

“He’s not only attractive, but he’s very, very sweet,” she said.“He’s a very genuine, kind, really nice guy. I really like Alex. We kind of have this cool rapport.”

– Taryn Manning

In Starpulse

September 2012


plaid n framed

“Alex is [a] great human being with an incredible work ethic who always makes me feel like part of the #H50 family.”

Will Yun Lee, “Hawaii Five-0″ actor on Twitter, March 3, 2012

h50 promo at bday

And just to be really sure (and of course for fun), we even checked the ´real´stars, is he really that wonderful?

At heart Alex O’Loughlin is modest and humble and rarely strives to be in the limelight or in a position of power. Alex is loving and well loved by others, and has a strong need for relationships that offer kindness, friendship and affection. His artistic and creative powers are also well developed and Alex does everything in a harmonious, gracious, pleasing manner. Aesthetics are very important to O’Loughlin, as are his personal appearance and attractiveness.  Alex  comes across as tolerant, broad-minded, and well educated or as a seasoned traveler. He radiates a certain distinction, even nobility. O’Loughlin is apt to have a significant, beneficial impact on the people he encounters, without even realizing it.


It must be true, everyone keeps reminding us, that we picked the right guy to fall for…thank god!

Alex, we wish you an amazing fun day, with lots of wonderful surprises and lovely treats to enjoy. 

Happy Birthday, Honey!

wine smiley


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24 responses to “Yippee! The cake spells Alex today!

  1. alexsluvjan

    Happy Birthday Alex ❤ Have a Ripper of a day ❤


  2. Thank you Paula for putting together this fabulous post for our Birthday Boy, Alex. The doodles and the header are all just gorgeous!
    Definitely a joy to share this “little” Alex-obsession with you – and with everybody else here who visit us ♥
    I will never forget that night of the first birthday post we did for Alex, 3 years ago. It has been a fun ride indeed! 😀


  3. Manu

    Happy birthday Alex 🙂
    I LOVE reading the comments and opinions of the people that worked/work with him and the people that met him, they always have such praise for him. But I’m of a curious nature and I had to test personally if he really was as amazing as everybody says and as you know well he didn’t let me down.
    Every wish of love and happiness to this extraordinary man that got us hooked and never lets go!


  4. gracenotpark

    Excellent fun post as always! Happy birthday, Alex! May you have many many more. ❤


  5. Mirabela

    Lovely post,wonderful words,Paula! Happy Birthday to Alex! He’s so loved and adored and that’s great because he deserves every bit of it! I have to say I Iove this place,it has such a positive energy about everything that means Alex!


  6. Such a great post and wonderful pics!
    Love all the quotes and even the ‘real’ stars are in love with his v.o.e.
    Happy Birthday Alex! I chose the right one for first time fangirling!


  7. Happiest birthday to our boy. Wishing him continued happiness in his career and more importantly with his beautiful family. Wishing we could all be in Hawaii sharing cake or thinking the wine thing looks a lot better. Even at 7:33am for me – hey it’s Monday LOL.

    Thanks for the pretties Paula.


  8. Andrea

    great post! Here’s my “birthday card”:


  9. Brooklyngirl

    Great post, beautiful words and fantastic pics! Happy Birthday to the best looking guy in the industry!


  10. Colleen

    Wonderful post ladies. This is always a special day. Happy birthday to Alex. We love you!!!


  11. Hau’ oli La Hanau, Bruthah O’Loughlin. 😀 And yes, excellent post. It’s the dude’s heart that makes me want to support his endeavors.


  12. Reblogged this on alixia94's Blog and commented:
    Happy Birthday 🎂 Feliz Cumpleaños 🎂 joyeux anniversaire 🎂


  13. vanduyn

    Awesome job ladies!! Paula you’ve really outdone yourself with your beautiful creations!! After 8 years if I wasn’t sure I picked the right guy to fall for, you would have definitely solidified it here today!! Bravo!! 😀


  14. catmcgarrett

    Incredibly true on all accounts, you nailed it Paula. “Happy Birthday Alex”


  15. Happy birthday to my favorite Aussie! Well, you are another year older and you haven’t changed a bit. That’s great because you are perfect just the way you are. Your good looking and talent made me be curious about you, your ethic work and commitment is an example for all, your goofiness always makes me smile and your kind heart won mine.
    I wish Alex a fabulous, amazing, happy year full of love, joy, health and fun!

    Terrific post Paula! TY


  16. karen

    Happy 39th Alex. And thank you for the lovely post today. The word that comes to mind when I think of Alex is admiration. I get such a goofy grin when I think of him and all he has accomplished in his life.


  17. Betsy craig

    Happy birthday Alex, hope you’re having a well deserved day and getting spoilt rotten. 🙂


  18. Wonderful post, guys. Well worthy for our guy. 🙂


  19. Magnólia

    Obrigada, Paula! Amo seus posts. Tudo de bom aconteça ao Alex!

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Thank you Paula for this fabulous post and stunning pictures/
    To Alex.my “Lovely Lad” I send Happy Birthday wishes hoping that all the hopes and dreams that he wishes for himself and his family all come true.


  21. lindae5o

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Alex, happy birthday to you !!! Love and kisses, from Western Canada !!

    It’s been almost eight years since I first saw Alex in Moonlight, and he still gives me goosebumps and tingles !!!!


  22. Kathy Rockwell

    What a marvellous article Paula. Wishing Alex the best on his special day. 😊🎉🇨🇦


  23. Kath40

    Happy 39th Birthday Alex! 😀
    Great post Paula ♥ 8 years and counting and I still adore and love this handsome, talented, humble, giving man. It’s his true heart he shares with everyone he meets that assures me “I’ve picked the right guy to fall for.” ♥
    I shall be a Forever Fan of one Alex O’loughlin ♥ if he’ll have me. ♥ 😉


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