Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (16 – 22 August 2015)

A somewhat quiet and maybe even sad week around here ……

Please be aware that some pictures in the post, that came  from the set, may be regarded as spoilers.

Life on the Set:

  • Isaac Lum:
eyesaacz  Commander Steve Mcgarret lol… Im a “biker” with the gayest shirt ever. Haha #hawaii50 #808warriors
Alex & Isaac


sunny_aloha_in_paradise Here is Scott Cann #danno doing social media on Alex O’Loughlin #stevemacgarrett #bookum #hawaiifiveo #kprp650am

Scott & Alex on set, playing the game “Heads Up”


masi_oka  Cue the Rocky theme!

Masi's tweet

Grover seems to know how to do it.

  •  Christopher Naoki Lee
thereelchrislee When this show rebooted and came on 5 years ago, I instantly thought “damn it’d be cool to get on a series like this.” Years later, here I am, humbled, and working on Hawaii Five-0 with such a talented group of cast and crew, including this main man, Alex O’Laughlin. And even with all my (fake) tats, he still looks way more bad ass than me. Looks like I got more work to do. #hawaiifiveo
Chris lee
Once again the people tagging and calling him “Alex O’Laughlin” – WHY?


Fan photos:

The Five-0 Redux  – My friend Karen Torres got an early birthday present a pic with ‪#‎H50‬‘s Alex O’Loughlin who attended the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii fundraiser at Lanikuhonua 8/15. She was kind enough to share it with me. Thanks Karen! Please credit Karen if you share. ‪#‎Five0Redux‬

Alex & Karen Torres

Was looking forwards to some more pictures from this event – but unfortunately only more pictures from last years event surfaced 😦

 News for the week:

Hollywood on set


Something Pretty from other fans:

  •  From @Mymaximus

From Mymaximus on Twitter

Some fandom laughs for the week:laugh:

pronouncedhorha Hey @danieldaekim I’m at the vet. Think I just found our new band name.

Jorge's picture

Just as background info – Jorge and Daniel are part of a Music Band – but they do not have a name for it yet.

The words of a fangirl: Sad smiley 141

  I can’t imagine how desolate one’s life must be for you to feel you have to harass a TV producer over a fictional character.

Alex & Friends:

 Egan Inoue –  Taika’s first BJJ class and Alex’s first day as a purple belt.

Alex, Egan & Taika

  • Taika Waititi, also known as Taika Cohen, is a New Zealand film director, writer, painter, comedian, and actor. He was nominated for an Academy Award for his 2004 short film Two Cars, One Night (Thank you to @CarolineinNZ  for sharing the knowledge of who he is)

Some totally different news from an old colleague of Alex … (Thank you for sharing the link –  @alavenia )

  • In an interview with Hitfix this week, Shannyn Sossamon chats about her turn to genre and the new horror sequel ‘Sinister 2’
When asked about another season of “Moonlight?
“Sure, I love those people that I worked with, Sophia [Myles] and Alex [O’Loughlin]. I would do it just to hang out with them. That was a fun job.”  – Shannyn Sossamon, Hitfix, 20 August 2015
Mick & Coraline

 Some Trivia for the week:

  • It is truly sad to see the negativity and rudeness from a certain faction of the #H50 fandom once again spoiling the joys of being a fan for everybody else. For those of you who don’t know –  Peter posted an editing picture on Instagram from 603, of Steve and Cath in bed and he then later the next day deleted it  …… because of all the rude comments on  it 😦

plenkov Never boring. #H50 603 editing

Peter's editing picture

When people comment and say that they find a simple editing picture like this from a fictional television show of 2 people in bed disgusting, and wanted to vomit because of it. And then they even throw in comments like, “This creates the need for STD’s and HIV tests” – Yikes! And those who defend these rude comments, with the use of foul language (like: ‘fuck on with your life’) towards the rest,  just show their real character even more. But I suppose that is life – those who are clearly detached from reality, sometimes makes life harshly unpleasant for larger society.


Of course anybody is entitled to their own view and have the freedom to state it anywhere ….. but there are ways and ways to do so! How and where you do it, maybe show your (lack of) class and character (as a bully). AND unfortunately for others who also share their opinion – everybody else who want to say they don’t like something – are then associated with your rudeness and lack of class. I know I unfairly, but automatically do that now with anybody who don’t like that storyline …..

My Pet Peeves: :drama:

  • Yes, you might have guessed it – people whose world are so small, that they think everybody should share their opinion or should be shouted and harassed into submission to do so …..

Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • moles and holes alex oloughlin

I guess they came to the right place – because here we study everything about Alex

Thought (or Tweet) for the week:

  •  There’s none so blind, as those who will not see…..

Next Week:

  •   They should be finishing up with episode 6:05 during the course of this week and by the end of the week start filming 6:06.

Special News for the Week:

Michelle Borth celebrated her birthday last week on Wednesday the 19th of August,  Scott is celebrating his birthday today the 23 rd and of course tomorrow the 24th is Alex’s birthday – well in his birth country they will  already start  celebrating his birthday pretty soon. 🙂

It looks like Scott and maybe the rest of the cast got a ‘great’ gift from the writers – a mud bath after a nice run.

Happy Birthday Scott!!


Something pretty to end and start your new week with – original picture before Paula played with it, came from @Mymaximus in Twitter 🙂

s2 plaid dl

And a special thanks to those fun and funny people that we share a love for Alex and his work with – I might not comment on what you say online, but I see and enjoy your witty remarks – reminds me of the early days here …..


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24 responses to “Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (16 – 22 August 2015)

  1. alexsluvjan

    It is sad when people think they need to be abusive to a fictional character..I say get a life..stop harassing ..get over is television..let’s see anything else 😉 LOL


    • Yes, It amazes me how serious people get about fictional characters and about where the writers and producers decide to take them.
      Passion for the characters and actors we like, is good I find. That is why we are fans. But why bother with the stuff and actors we don’t like?


  2. alexsluvjan

    Happy Birthday to Daniel, Michelle, Scott and of Course our guy..Happy Birthday Alex and the cast of H5O…<3


  3. JoanneReads

    So many birthdays, bet they’ve never eaten so much cake! There have been some great teasers from the BTS shots, and we are so lucky to get them as a lot of shows give us nothing. Thankfully, I missed a lot of the Lenkov hate, and so have been able to live in my blissful bubble. In some ways, I think it’s a positive for the show that fans are so passionate, because that’s always a bonus. However, the passion needs to be appropriate and respectful. Sadly, that is not the way of the great internet land. So, let’s all stay here where it’s safe and happy! Thanks for doing what you do, it helps me while away hours I don’t really have but I love it regardless!


    • Hi Joanne – welcome here. 🙂

      That is the only thing I regret about trying to provide others with news – you have to leave the blissful bubble to get to it 😦
      Good to know we can help others to spend the hours, we all don’t really have – on Alex. 😆


  4. Brooklyngirl

    Happy Birthday to all our team, Alex, Scott, Daniel and Michelle. Lots of cake, lots of love! 🎂❤️

    If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing.

    Love McPlaid! Sigh, plop and thud! Have a great day all.


  5. Ann M Bauer

    Thank you for all you say and share. I’m new to all of this and am amazed by those who hide behind screen names and are hateful ~ definitely the down side of the internet. Keep up the good work.


    • Hi Ann – welcome here with us. 🙂
      As long as one does not take thing on the internet to seriouly or too personally – then it can be a fun place 🙂


  6. Thank you once again for the weekly post 🙂
    I hope they all have wonderful birthdays!
    About the fandom issues…there are rude and respectful people in both of the main factions that usually fight about the fictional charaters and relationships :/
    Unfortunately the desrespecful ones seem louder most of the time.
    Personally I’ve never been shy in expressing my opinion but I always try to be respectful.
    It’s sad that Peter is good enough to share with us but gets harassed even when he shares pics thst have nothing to do with the show like it happened yesterday on his IG.
    Lets hope everything calms down once we get to know more about what’s happening in the course of the season and lets hope we can enjoy the show even when tidbits are not like we would want them but hey, there is still so much to love in Five0


  7. Magnólia

    Obrigada, por nos mostrar os acontecimentos da semana! Parabéns a todos, que sejam felizes!


  8. Foyeur, did you write the commentary under the deleted pic because that is well said. I think the picture is hot but I don’t get all bent out of shape about this kind of stuff. I have stated that they should have killed Catherine off because of the way she was or lack there of utilized on the show. If they have a real believable story then I am all for it. That is how I feel about all the characters on the show. Give me believable cohesive storylines.

    This exact kind of drama is why at the end of last season I unfollowed, unliked etc everything fan and media related having to do with H50. I still follow Lenkov and the actors but I don’t have a lot of time these days to be on social media so I missed the pic and I am glad I did because of the drama. It is sad really.

    And thank you for stating *spoiler alert* I appreciate that a lot. 🙂


    • I try to absorb most of the drama and not really reflect it here each week. But this was just sad to me that Peter felt he needed to delete something because of all the venom that came with the comments on the picture. 😥


      • I agree that it is sad and pathetic really. But, unfortunately that is the internet world we live in. I don’t want to absorb any internet drama (or anyone who I like, like you guys to deal with it) which is why I stay away from anything negative on the internet, it just isn’t worth it. Not Just with H50 but anything.

        That being said we have a lot of positive things to look forward to SOTB and the beginning of the new season!!!


  9. gracenotpark

    Thanks for addressing the ugly elephant in the fandom room this week. I have blocked most of those ugly people, but such incidents always expose a few more to block. And it always makes me sad that folks get soooooo disgustingly viscious. I don’t love everything about Show either, who does? But the rest of us don’t constantly complain about the bits and actors we don’t like, and we certainly don’t get so low-down, gutter-speak nasty about it! The level to which some will sink just amazes, and disgusts.

    Fortunately, the actual actors are way better than “some” of their fans. And our set seems a very welcoming, congenial place…where Ohana is understood to be everybody is welcome and accepted, not just some privileged four. The characters they play are equally steeped in Ohana. Their on-camera parties have increasingly larger turnouts! 😀 The fans would do well to learn from their idols.

    And that Maximus pic that Paula played with! Sooooooo niiiiiice! He is such a man! ❤


    • Could not agree more >>>>>> Fortunately, the actual actors are way better than “some” of their fans. And our set seems a very welcoming, congenial place…where Ohana is understood to be everybody is welcome and accepted, not just some privileged four. The characters they play are equally steeped in Ohana. Their on-camera parties have increasingly larger turnouts! 😀 The fans would do well to learn from their idols. <<<<
      I think the cast are sometimes gobsmacked at the level of stupidity of some of the fans – guess it comes with the territory of their world in the limelight . 😦


  10. Sandra Belchamber

    I sincerely hope that Catherine stays, I want Steve to be happy.


  11. alexnymph

    Happy Birthday, dear Alex! And Scott and Daniel and Michelle. Amazing that their birthdays are so close–guess Leos and Virgos get along 🙂

    I don’t follow the fandom stuff, so to hear about those things is disturbing. Like Donald trump’s speeches–I’ve been trying to figure out why he has still has “legs”, maybe it’s the rude H50 fandom types who are supporting him.

    Must end on a happy note–that picture of Paula’s will be my moment of zen.


  12. Leah

    WOW! What a fully loaded post, FOYeur – a little bit of everything!
    Thanks so much for sharing some of the social media highlights. I also don’t follow them very closely and glad I missed such ugly stuff going on.
    Alex and Scott playing Heads Up is amusing. 🙂
    Jorge’s band name idea is hilarious! 😀
    Enjoyed the bed scene sneak peak! 😉
    Would love to know what the moles and holes search was all about? LOL
    And Paula, I love it when you “play with” Alex! STUNNING picture!
    Thank you ladies!!


  13. Thank you FOYeur, for the weekly wrap up and esp. for your words! I should not be nauseated by all those nasty comments and those really really stupid people out there and their lack of upbringing and social intelligence and just ignore them but I can’t help myself. My normally ( 😉 ) ladylike composure leaves me and than I’m getting angry with myself, lol… and sigh.
    I am not a Cath fan but I loved the pic. I love Steve. Steve is happy, I am happy. That is all.
    And I agree what you and GNP said. All those ‘fans’ who use the term ‘ohana’ so often have no idea what family is all about!


  14. Thank you very much for this weekly review but especially for your comment about the deleted pic. I subscribe your and Grace’s comment. We all have our opinions and different ways to look at the world, and in this case a tv show, but we have to RESPECT everyone.


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