Pic for the day – Big old Moonlight treat

But honestly, I love Alex O’Loughlin. He might be a little soft, but I have to say that in “Moonlight” he had this impossible task and he really delivered amazingly well. He had to show a lot of colors when he transformed into this aggressive vampire. He was great. He’s a real actor, that guy.

– Chip Johannesen,

Moonlight executive producer.


ml promo cr face dl big


Anyone viewing this on big screen, better step back cause it just enormous Al invading your space 🙂


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7 responses to “Pic for the day – Big old Moonlight treat

  1. Colleen

    Wow that’s a beautiful picture. Wonderful choice Paula. I wanted to thank you ladies. Every single day you all help to brighten my day. You know I’m one of the younger girls here and I’m leaving for college tomorrow. I do promise that I’ll still be reading every article and picture you post. Thanks for everything you do. 💕


    • I think you might find there is such a lot of new stuff that will take up your time now – but we will he looking forward to see you once in a while for a visit. 🙂
      These years of your life will definitely be among the best years, mainly because it it is the time that you get to know yourself and who you really are. Relish, cherish and enjoy it – they are over in a flash, but you will remember them always! ♥


  2. What an incredible picture of our man as Mick! You know I love his nose, and his eyes are entrancing, but I can’t stop focusing on the hollow of his neck. I think I could spend a couple hours or more snuggled right in there. SLUURRP 😛 Thanks again for the pic. I needed new wallpaper for my Mac.


  3. karen

    What a beautiful picture of Alex. He is so perfect as Mick.


  4. Kath40

    ♥ “Al” can invade my space any time he wants. Mick was my first love and most favorite character Alex crated for us to adore. Steve runs a very close second. 😉
    Paula I love how you take a picture I have in my collection and work your magic on it making Alex/Mick more beautiful then words can describe. *THUD* Thank you ♥


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