‘Hawaii Five-O’: Keep your eyes on the shirts

Fashion Tribe

3 October 2011
By Nadine Kam

Courtesy Tori Richard
The Columbus shirt by Tori Richard.

Sharp-eyed viewers might have noticed a new look for Steve McGarret in last week’s episode of “Hawaii Five-O.”


Alex O’Loughlin went local, wearing Tori Richard’s Colombus print shirt, which is available at Tori Richard retail stores now for about $85. Made of Cotton Lawn, which utilizes Egyptian cotton, the fabric was developed by the company for comfort and heat resistance in high temperatures and humidity, so it makes sense for the TV cop to wear a shirt that allows him to look good and keep his cool factor high while chasing down bad guys.

Steve & Jenna

Time will tell whether O’Loughlin will do for the island contemporary shirt what Tom Selleck did for orchid and jungle bird print shirts, which continue to sell online more than 20 years after his series, “Magnum, P.I.,” went off the air.

I’m all for giving McGarett a more distinctive and stylish local look. The work shirts and cargo pants he wore last season weren’t doing much to advance his heartthrob status … for me anyway. I don’t speak for women who like men in cargo pants and baseball caps.


My Thoughts

  • Unlike the lady who wrote this article for ‘Fashion Tribe’, I like Steve’s cargo pants. But I was not really fond of this shirt. These type of shirts are just not “my” McGarrett. Don’t know how you feel?


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14 responses to “‘Hawaii Five-O’: Keep your eyes on the shirts

  1. gracenotpark

    The shirt looks more like Alex than McG. McG is a pretty plain, utilitarian dresser…until it’s party time, anyway. Then he rocks the fancy stuff. 😀


  2. Manu

    I was about to write the same as gracenotpark 🙂
    I like Alex in jeans and Hawaiian t-shirts but Steve is more a cargo pants and not too fancy shirts.
    I love him in hoodies and tank top vests though, so I hope to see more of them in S6.
    BTW can we have the guy in the first pic guest starring on Five 0?
    Don’t tell Alex but he wears that shirt even better than our boy 😉


  3. Brooklyngirl

    Agreeing with the ladies – not quite a McG shirt, more an Alex shirt. But it is blue!! I like the model as well; maybe we can get McG to wear the shirt with white jeans this season!


  4. dcjank

    Agreeing pretty much with all of you, not a McG look at all. Almost everyone else (male) could wear it, but it just wasn’t McG for me. But I’m not a print shirt lover for the most part. Alex does have a history of wearing at least one in the past (you know the one I mean, also blue & white) and I have to say I never liked those photos of him and I’ve never kept any of them.


  5. I like the blue jeans on him, a little tired of the cargo pants. Would like something more fitted to him and his physique. The shirt I could see due to the fabric but the print on it was not him. A plain shirt would have been nicer. He looks good in a T-Shirt, plain dark blue shirt and jeans, or a tank top.


  6. Living there, I love aloha shirts. I’m partial to McG’s Pineapple Aloha Shirt though…that’s purely because i”m a “PsychO” aka USA Network’s Psych tv show fandom. Pineapple was the icon for the show, even though they were based in Santa Barbara. LOL Hmm…so since I love H50 AND Psych, that means I’m a PsychOhana Chica. Rock that pineapple shirt, McG!


  7. brendaattheranch

    I’m not wild about the shirt, and I love the cargo pants!


  8. I agree it’s not a McG shirt, but Alex Rocked it!
    Yes, I am unashamedly a fan of the “other” blue on white floral shirt. 😉
    I don’t know why. I guess because Alex could ware a potato sack and I’d still find I have a fondness for it. ♥ 😆


  9. Barbara Lebkuecher

    I agree with most of you but I think the best thing about this shirt is how great it makes his eyes stand out. Alex can look great in anything, but McGarrett definitely is not a floral shirt kind of guy.


  10. alexnymph

    I thought the shirt was pretty gross, and it did nothing for McG or Alex. It’s way too busy a pattern for him–he doesn’t need any adornment. I say no shirt is best. 😉


  11. I love the shirt whether it is Alex or Steve!


  12. Hey Alex o’ Loughlin this is Maggie I love your shirts I wish I can wear them I want to be you for Halloween keep being funny you made me laugh all the time.


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