#AlexOLoughlin – GQ Australia Actor of the Year 2011 (Interview Transcripts)

On 22 November 2011, Alex was awarded the ‘Actor of the Year‘ award at the GQ Australia ‘Men of the Year’ awards in Sydney, Australia. It was one of twelve awards of the evening that were given in various categories….. of course it was also the event where Alex first publicly introduced his new love to the world.

Alex at GQ

This is a recap of interviews done on the day:

  • Alex on who he would nominate as ‘Man of the Year’.
  • Alex when asked about style.
  • Alex about finding his dream girl.
  • Alex accepting the award.

Alex - 2011

Do yourself a favour and click on this picture to see in full size – but be aware Alex’s eyes might keep you captive, if you do!

 On the ‘black carpet’:

Man of the year:

Question: Who would your “Man of the Year” be, if you could nominate someone?

Alex: That’s a tough one. Probably my Grandfather, if I could nominate someone. But he’s not around, you know, he passed away a little while ago. But he’s a …. he was always my “Man of the year”, you know.

I took a lot from him and I think of him when I make important decisions in my life and stuff so

  Link to the video

  • Clearly Alex’s grandfather and his wisdom, had a big impact on his life

Alex at GQ

Alex O’Loughlin on Style:

(Fashion & Style by Paula Joyle)

Paula: What makes a man sexy? What makes a man cool? :sunglasses:

Alex: It’s sort of  the way you conduct yourself as a man in the world. I think you have to have a bit of style, you have to know how to wear a tux, how to wear a suit.


Paula: Do you like being in a suit, or are you a jeans and  t-shirt kind of a guy?

Alex: By the end of tonight I will be yanking at my tie. I live in Hawaii, so it´s perfect. I´m boardies, t-shirt and flip-flops kind of guy.


Paula: Have you got that visual, women of Australia? Pretty painful.

Paula: And are you a boxers or briefs  guy?

Alex: I’m kind of boxer-briefs guy.


Link to video

(Timestamp 58 sec -1 min 5 sec)

  • I am sure we are all daydreaming about those boxer-briefs now …..

Article & Interview about his new lady:

alex moty maliaLove conquers Alex O’Loughlin’s fear

The Daily Telegraph

23 November 2011

  • Of course Alex married Malia last year (17 April 2014) and they have a son (Lion), who turns 3 in October.

 Alex O’Loughlin in a Gucci Suit, D&G shoes and a mix of other brands he couldn’t remember.
Handsome, down to earth AND friendly.  Love his style.

– Style report by Yellow Button, 22 November 2011


Alex Accepting the award:

Old time friend, colleague and mentor, Jack Thompson when handing Alex the ‘Australia GQ Actor of the year’ award:

Jack: I am very proud to announce this young man as the recipient if this award, Alex O’Loughlin

His drive, passion and hard work have turned him into one of our hottest acting exports of all time, starring in the hit crime fighting television series Hawaii Five-0.

He describes himself as ‘not massively talented‘, but that is rubbish.

Alex --

Alex’s acceptance speech:

Alex: I can’t believe I’ve just been given ‘Actor of the Year’ by Clancy of the Overflow.

I was in the Red Carpet .. Black carpet out the front and a young lady interviewer said, “Oh, who do you think should be nominated for, ‘Man of the year’? And I said, “Well, I think Jack Thompson should be given a shot“. You know. And she just like [blank stare] …..  I thought she was seeing something on my collar. And I realised, and I said, “You don’t know who Jack Thompson is, do you”. She goes .. [shaking head]

So Jack, thanks mate.

Look, it’s a real honour to be here. To be recognised by, you know, Gentleman’s Quarterly. It’s the coolest best magazine in the world, and ….

 I don’t know, I just feel very lucky to have the job I have and to be able to do it with a great group of people and to do it in a place like Hawaii at the moment.

And I’m in very good company. Congratulations to  everybody else getting one of these. Cool group of guys.

So thank you very much for having me. Enjoy the night.

 Link to the video


GQ Australia - Feb 2012

GQ Australia – Feb 2012


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7 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – GQ Australia Actor of the Year 2011 (Interview Transcripts)

  1. gracenotpark

    OMG this was suuuuuuch a fun event to experience with Alex! I totally remember the first time I saw the vid of him exclaiming, “I’m in love with a beautiful,Hawaiian girl!” Just a delightful moment. His happy was contagious…how can you look at how happy he was that night and not be giddy with happiness too?
    Thanks so much for bringing this great event back, ladies. Such fun to relive. 🙂


  2. 😀 I was “giddy with happiness too” when I heard Alex proclaim his love for Malia. ♥

    I love the relationship he has with fellow Aussie and mentor Jack Thompson he’s like a loving father figure.♥ It also warms my heart when Alex talks bout his grandfather with such admiration and respect…it reflects well on him.

    “Handsome, down to earth and friendly” is one of the best ways of describing
    our man Alex and why we love him so much.♥


    • I was giddy when I read those words>>> “Handsome, down to earth AND friendly” . It warms my heart.
      That style post was something new for me that I found when I was busy creating the post.


  3. OH yes G.N. P and Kath 40
    Love love love your comments and totally agree but most of all I love FOYeur for finding and posting these interviews and vids Alex is DDG in them All


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