On top of Alex O *wink-wink*

Hats! That´s what we meant you dirty minded people! 😀

hat speed racer

 Alex and his hats ….

 Alex and his characters and their hats 😀


I wear a lot of hats, like I wear a lot. I always have a lot of hats, and I really love hats. Like, I have floppy ones, I have, kind of, broad, full brimmed, I have baseball caps. I just like hats. I’m a hat guy. So, no one really recognizes me.

– Alex O’Loughlin with Moonlight Detective, February 2008


hat ps bw




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12 responses to “On top of Alex O *wink-wink*

  1. Manu

    Not everybody can make hats look good or even sexy…
    Surprise surprise, Alex can 🙂


  2. vanduyn

    You know I LOVE him in hats!!


  3. dcjank

    I have to agree with both of you, Manu & ‘Van,’ Alex can definitely wear a hat and make that hat look fantastic! Is there anything he can’t wear and make it look better? (OK, I know he could always wear LESS and we’d love that!!) ;>)


  4. Hats accentuate his facial features. Love his long strong “orgasmic” nose even more when he wears a hat! MMMmmmick in the baseball hat. *sigh* Started watching ML again. Oh how Mick gets my blood in a frenzy.
    What makes Alex in hats even sexier? Alex in a hat with glasses!
    Too bad no pics of him in that Akubra he was holding have surfaced. :/ If one does, you may need to place a warning on it for possible panty meltdown. 😀


  5. karen

    Love, love, love the first picture. Always have. Miss the curls.


  6. That one hat seems to be his favourite. One question who is Amber Clayton? I knew of Holly. Alex could put on a set of deely bobbers and still look sexy.


  7. LOVE Alex in hats FOYeur
    , This is brilliant and got my heart going I actually saw Alex and Amber right after the very 1st SOTB at LA PIAZZA at THE GROVE in LA i have a beautiful photo of them together walking up the stairs hand in hand smiling down at me and my friend Audrey, Audrey offered to buy them both a glass of wine. Alex said “NO” as he was “working but Amber accepted a nice glass of Pinot Griego He told our waitress that he recognized both of us from SOTB Wasn’t that lovely?? Amber was very beautiful in person and is still making films What a glorious memory !!!!!


  8. I love Alex in or out of anything he is so handsome he takes my breath away. 😛
    I like seeing him wear a favorite hat like that black Fedora. He’s not one to wear something only once….well maybe the flower shoes was a one off. 😆 But he wore them with such a “Who gives a F* what I wear-I like ’em” attitude they were fashionable for that night and talked about ever since. ♥

    Hey Fashionista’s if you want your designs to catch fire, sell out or create BUZZ, then get Alex to model them for ya 😉 You won’t regret it. ♥

    I know I’ve bought a few things I’ve seen Alex wear. Like a couple of Egan Inoue’s “Family Strong” T-shirts, Mick St John’ Ring and most recently the “Only Good Vibes Please” T-Shirt and the T-Shirt made available from the Women’s Self Defense Course that reads:

    Be STRONG when you are weak
    BRAVE when you are scared
    and HUMBLE when you are

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  9. Lulu

    Kath40, you always send such positive messages. I love what’s on the t-shirt. Love Alex’s in all the hats!


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