Pic for the Day – Alex O, awesome guy

Local actor JT Rowland, who says that Alex’s feedback made the most impact on him: “You could tell he really wanted to impart us with wisdom. What I took away from him: Don’t act. Be present and ‘listen.’”

JT_Rowland @Ozbella Thing about Mr. O’Loughlin is that he appears to be an intense guy. But he’s actually pretty laid back. Awesome sense of humor. #H50

JT_Rowland @Ozbella [Alex] was constantly picking on Grace Park And Peter Lenkov. Jokes to the audience as well. Really cool guy. #H50

Hawaii Five-0 Actor´s Seminar 2011

 on Five-0 Undercover

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5 responses to “Pic for the Day – Alex O, awesome guy

  1. gracenotpark

    I truly loooooove hearing and reading the nice things people who meet him or get to see him say about Alex. He is even cooler than the characters he plays.


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  3. I love when he’s coming out of ocean lol

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  4. I love that all the people that work or meet him say he is such a nice and down to Earth guy 🙂

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