The tall good looking one on ‘Hawaii Five–0′ ….. #AlexOLoughlin

 “My new book, ‘The Power Trip’ comes out in February 4th, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

It just came out in England where it’s # 1. It’s about an exciting super yacht filled with famous people who get pirated by Somali pirates.

I’m in talks to make it into a movie, which is fabulous.

Who should play the hero in ‘Power Trip’

Oh the tall good looking one on ‘Hawaii Five-o,’ Alex O’Loughlin.”

– Jackie Collins


21 October 2012

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My Thoughts

  • Jackie Collins has been known to tweet her admiration of Alex in the past. I do not know if her admiration is still there, but I would not mind seeing him in a romantic movie – as the gorgeous and strong good old-fashioned and wholesome hero of our dreams. (Not that I am sure that is how Jackie writes he heroes. 😀
  • I must confess, I have never read any of Jackie’s books, as I have given up reading fiction many years ago – So, this hero can be some sort of asshole for all I know. But to me it sounds like a compliment, that she would want Alex to play the lead as the romantic hero, in a movie of one of her books (or maybe in all of them? 😛 ).

…… sigh …..


  • Jackie Collins Tweet from 2012


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13 responses to “The tall good looking one on ‘Hawaii Five–0′ ….. #AlexOLoughlin

  1. I’m sure he would be perfect in that kind of role 🙂


  2. Leah

    I did read a few of her books years ago and think it’s adorable that she considers Alex to fit the bill for her hero character. Sounds perfect . . . as he’ll always be a hero to me! 🙂


  3. What a great find FOYeur. Thank You,. Now I have to read the book..


  4. akpaula

    I have to admit that I often have Alex in mind when I read romance novels. 😍😘


  5. I can totally understand why Jackie would want Alex to play her hero from her book. Not only is he “tall and good looking” the man can act. He can lift the character off the page and bring him to life. Jackie would be thrilled and so would I ♥


  6. gracenotpark

    I think I may have posted this before here, but in case not, a writer named Sharla Lovelace wrote a book called The Reason Is You…a romantic fic…and she used Alex as the inspiration and model for the lead male character. She named that character…Alex. 🙂

    It’s a decent little romance, with a bit of supernatural btw, and it’s a delight to read and see just how Alexy the Alex character is. Altho I’m not a huge romance novel fan, I totally recommend it to them who enjoy Alex, just cos it’s a cool thing to have a book character designed in his honor.

    Also in an interview she was totally giggly at the idea of him playing the part in a movie…not that this book got any movie options…she was just daydreaming about that.

    I bought the book for my iPad. It’s a 2012 publication, so dunno if it would still be in the few bookstores that still exist. Maybe Amazon has it in paperback…


  7. Magnólia

    Foto linda! Tenho a certeza que ele brilha em todas personagens que interpretar.


  8. vanduyn

    When can this happen??!! 😀 Thanks for the little emoji 🙂


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