#AlexOLoughlin Answers Burning Question about FEED

Another story, originally posted by site owner Mizz, on the old Alex fansite ‘Alex O’Loughlin Rocks’
Of course the footage of the scenes from Feed, we added ourselves 🙂
feed bw pendant

Post by mizzoH on Alex O’Loughlin Rocks on 9 March 2009

Ever since I watched Alex O’Loughlin mesmerize in FEED as Michael Carter, there has been a question bugging me that isn’t addressed in the movie. At the start of the feature when Michael arrives at the house with six cheeseburgers for Deirdre, he has a ritual where he undresses, removes his wedding band and slips a silver chain with a pendant from a statuette and clasps it around his neck. He wears the pendant whenever he’s with Deirdre throughout the movie, so it obviously has a special meaning… but I needed to know what its significance is, exactly, and what is the pendant of?
Well, this morning I grabbed the bull by the horns and emailed the best possible source in the world that’s able to answer a query like mine: one of the co-creators of FEED. Imagine my absolute and total surprise when, seated at my desk at the office late this afternoon after just having deleted another email in my Yahoo! account, the following subject line pops up, out of the blue, black and bold: Alex O’Loughlinhas sent you a new message!



Believe me, the office is not the best place to be when that happens to you. No matter that you’ve received a message from “Mr. O’Loughlin” before. Forget poise, forget dignity, forget self-control. Where’s the diazepam when you need it?


Back to my message to Alex… Here’s what I asked (the relevant bit):

Just a quick question: I’ve been breaking my head over the pendant that Michael Carter wears in FEED. What is it of and what’s the significance of it?

And this is Alex’s response:

Hi there!
The pendant Michael wears is Mother Mary. He worships women in his own special way and feels he needs support and protection from the outside world. What better female figure to believe in right?
He also believes that she will help free him from his sins.
Hope you can rest easy now! haha



How sweet of him to care for my peace of mind 😉

Below is a cap of the actual MySpace exchange. Times are local (at 2:33 AM his time is when I sent the message and I received his response at 5:41 PM my time), so it took him only a little over 7 hours to reply.

By the way, his answer also explains the significance of the statuette: it too is of Mother Mary.

If you haven’t seen FEED yet, then I hope this post has made you curious enough to do seek it out — it’s available on DVD!

Picture of the actual MySpace exchange between Mizz and Alex:






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11 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin Answers Burning Question about FEED

  1. gracenotpark

    Yet another super cool thing I’ve never seen before. You guys are awesome tomb raiders! Woot! 😀

    And how amazing that he wrote her back. Bless him…


  2. A wonderful hidden treasure that you bring today. I didn’t knew about this detail of Michael’s pendant and we can understand a little more of this creepy but charismatic character.

    And Alex answered to Mizz by email is awesome. How cool is that!

    Thank you Foyeur!


  3. Lena

    How sweet of him to write back to you and explain the significance of that pendant. Now I know something more about this movie so thank you.


  4. This is absolutely and completely new to me!
    I just can’t thank you enough for digging out these elder gems!!! Thank you!!!!!! ❤


  5. alexsluvjan

    I Love them all ..YUMMY =P
    Thx girls ❤
    Love the segment about the pendent and those GORGEOUS gifs =P


  6. vanduyn

    I had completely forgotten about this! You girls are wonderful to do this research for us all! Thanks so much. Keep up the great work!


  7. Leah

    Thank you so much for the post! Totally enjoyed the insight on the pendant, the caption of the actual email exchange, and ESPECIALLY the hunky gifs! YUMMY! 😉


  8. Thank you for hanging on to the things Mizz posted on her site. I miss AOLR so much as it was a well organized treasure trove of information. 😉

    Alex is a very thoughtful human being and I love his response to Mizz.
    He thoroughly researches every detail of his characters and how he is going to present them. ♥
    Why this man is not an A-list mega super star yet is beyond me.


  9. Navina singh

    Hi my name is Navina singh I’m a big fan of you and a uge fan of you. Hawaii five o is my favorite serise.


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