#H50 Season 6 Blessing – Over and Done with in a Flash

Here are the few blessing videos that popped online.

The live streaming was very unfortunate for some of us. Luckily they were shared later on. Yey!

Unfortunately FOYeur was tied up with RL and that meant I had to give a go at the transcript. Oy… Well this is what my ears (and imagination) caught 😉

Btw Dusty was so cute on the set 🙂

Interview with Hawaii News Now, Billy V.


Billy: Let´s talk to Dusty’s owner. While Dusty is not an official cast member of Hawaii Five-0, this guy is. Alex O`Loughlin, is here at our undisclosed location here in Oahu.


Billy: Alex, you said your favorite part about Hawaii Five-0 is the community stuff that you get to do out there?

Alex: I did say that, didn’t I. And actually … actually is.  No, it the …. It’s a great …. I mean it’s …  It’s our kuleana – you know, it’s our responsibility. Everybody who is in a … in a job, you know, that pays well … I mean any …. anything where we get a bit of exposure in the public eye, is your responsibility to use that to do things for other people. But I get … I get a lot of joy from … from that.

Billy: You also said you get a lot of joy in the off season. You’ve been doing some house building?

Alex: Yes, I have. Yeah, we just moved into our new house. It was a …. I bought a little Ossipoff house 4 years ago, 4 and half years ago and lived in it for 3 years. It was falling down around us during that time. And redesigned the fit out and just rebuilt the whole house with a new wing. And so, it’s a big deal. It was actually really satisfying, creative effort for me.

Billy: Yeah. A lot of people talk about the beard, of course, and when you get into the new season, that always seems to be the buzz. Your thoughts on the beard?

Alex: I don’t really have any. I just … I call it my vacation face. And I have … you know, my …  my …my sort of catch phrase is that, “They pay me to shave. I do the acting for free”. So, you know … They’re about to …. I’m like waiting for that first cheque, I’m like, “You want me to shave my face, where´s my cheque man?” 


Billy: [Laughing] Now let’s talk about Season 6, Hawaii Five-0. Excited to be back in the roll of things?

Alex: Yeah, absolutely. Look … I mean … I’ve been here for 5 years doing this. And first of all, I have never done something for this long before, so it´s all new for me from here on. It’s actually been new for … for the last couple of years …

But, I think to myself, “What am I going to do when this is over”, you know. I don´t want to leave Hawaii, so … I mean, the longer the show goes, the less I have to worry about those sort of, you know,  practical, like day in the life, sort of things, you know. But ah …. I’m very grateful, very glad.

Billy: Okay. Family is good?

Alex: Family is great, thanks. Yeah…my boys are …. are …. are incorrigible. And determined. But they are great, they’re great. Thank you very much for asking.

Billy: Love to the family and congratulations – here we go Season 6.

Alex: Right on. It’s going to be a good one.

Billy: Okay. Alex O´Loughlin, talking star, with us, Steve McGarrettHawaii Five-0.

They are going to go right on to filming, but he may wait a little bit. I think he’s got a bit more of rest time.

Interview video courtesy of aolww.

Big thanks to Silvia for getting it and sharing with rest of fandom.

Alex with Star-Advertiser


Transcript (of only the Alex parts of the video)

Alex: I’ve never been this far in a show before either. This is six …. six years, and you know, a six season. And I´m very excited. Every one is very excited. I think we …. by now we certainly know what to expect as far as the workload goes and all the rest of it. But I think a certain ease …… goes along with getting this far in a … in a show as well.  And so, I think there’s a … there’s a comfortability and an ease now.


Alex: I’m always looking forward to seeing what the writers … a …. come up with. You know, I like …. I do the same thing every day, you know. So it’s …. I like it when the story shifts and they throw me …. and they throw me a …. a couple of left ones. You know, it’s good. Giving …. giving me something to deal with …. a …  creatively. So I look forward to doing that. Seeing what they’ve got in store.


Full  video from Star-Advertiser

Another short clip by Star-Advertiser (Alex talking with Mike Gordon)

Alex: I’ve never been this far in a show before either. This is six …. six years, and you know, a six season. And I´m very excited. Every one is very excited. I think we …. by now we certainly know what to expect as far as the workload goes and all the rest of it. But I think a certain ease …… goes along with getting this far in a … in a show as well.  And so, I think there’s a … there’s a comfortability and an ease now.

Mike: Do you do anything different in the morning for the first day? Do you have a routine? Or do you just ….

Alex: I gotta … I’ve gotta shave. That will be different.


Mike: When was the last time you had to shave?

Alex: I’ve had a couple of little trims. But, for the most part it’s been … it’s been since I finished work.


Adding some caps of Alex in his vacation face 😀

PS. Anyone else think Dusty’s vacay just started? Poor girl having all that incorrigible boy energy at home 😉


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11 responses to “#H50 Season 6 Blessing – Over and Done with in a Flash

  1. Enough with the beard haters already. I don’t mean here, but almost everywhere else. For me, happy Alex is sexy Alex and I’d rather see him have a sparkle in his eyes and a giant smile on his bearded face, than a scowl and those tired sunken eyes and cheeks we saw at the end of season 2. BTW I’m so jealous of the man in the last pic who got to run his fingers through it. *sigh*


    • You are right about the sparkle in his eyes. He felt more rested and even happier at this blessing than last year. No doubt about it, he has had a nice vacay and maybe not having to go back to work right away, was keeping him even happier still 🙂
      It was funny to see even the guys wanted to touch his beard LOL


  2. vanduyn

    I agree lurxgirl! He’s a grown man! If he doesn’t want to shave that’s up to him. Anyway, thanks so much Paula! Awesome gifs!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for the transcripts Paula 🙂
    I for one love the beard and will miss it.
    Great to see Alex still seem enthusiastic about the show and about living in Hawaii

    Liked by 1 person

    • This might be the first time that I actually think he doesn´t mind doing more of H50. He really loves living there and with the newly built house, I think he can perhaps relax even more.


  4. alexsluvjan

    I agree with all of u girls..enough already..if Alex wants a beard then he should be able to grow one without all the criticism ..I personally Love the beard ❤ Cant wait to get start with S6 😉


  5. gracenotpark

    I haven’t seen much complaining about the beard…this season. I remember a lotta mean about it last summer, tho. He cracks me up with his “vacation face”! Clearly it’s his wee tiny rebellion against how little control he has over his appearance once filming starts, and the pressure on him to look perfect as McG. He pulls it off every year, but I can’t imagine the pressure of that ever-present personal-space-intrusive camera!

    Kinda cool he and Dusty went to the blessing then did NOT have to go on set…one more vacay day, baby!

    So amazed the news of his house rebuild was kept so quiet. Very lovely for Alex and his family. 🙂


  6. Brooklyngirl

    Thanks for this Paula! Hey do you blame Alex? His face is always under pounds of makeup so this is a good thing for him! Freedom!! And he’s adorable with or without the beard!! He’s funny, they pay him to shave, but he acts for free! Typical Alex!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Lee Ann

    Sorry, but Alex is just too good looking to be hidden under a big, bushy beard – BUT if that makes him happy so be it, enough said. It also might give him more personal freedom.
    Have never liked “facial fur” and that is my choice.


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