#AlexOLoughlin Up Close with Carrie Keagan – 2009 (Transcript)

Whiteout -

This interview with Carrie is an edited presentation for “No Good TV.com” made from the interview she did with Alex and Gabriel together, and with Kate on her own.

The edit, with short inserts from the movie, was clearly made to create a little story. It can be fun, if you keep and open mind about the innuendo and the cursing.

It is also clear that it was a long day of interviews and the boys (and Kate) were having some “fun” here with the voluptuous Carrie and her audience, after their lunch break.

NGTV.Com (A No Good Presentation)
Up Close with Carrie Keagan

And of course we added some footage of the “famous” sock run, which actually was such a small part of the movie – I kind of missed it the first time I saw it 😛

Alex and Gabriel

Gabriel: NGTV.com?

Alex: Is that you spittle on my shirt?

Gabriel: Did I spit?

Carrie: What are you doing?

Alex: I think Gabe … is that spittle or some other excrement?

Carrie: What are you guys doing in-between interviews?

Alex: We just had lunch.

Gabriel: We just had lunch and I ask my daughter to spits and then she just goes.


Alex: Don’t bring her into this dude. It was just you and me and no one else.  We were in my room ….

Carrie: Better that she spit, let’s just leave it at that.

Alex: OH ….  shit.

Carrie: Just saying.

Alex: Vile

Gabriel: This is no good. This is no good.

Carrie: Okay let’s talk about how fucking awesomeness of this Whiteout‘.


Alex: Fuck, we should start this interview.

Carrie: I’ve never felt so fucking cold in my life.

Alex: See what happens? See I told you that it works.

Kate: What do you mean?

Gabriel: You were cold? Watching the movie?

Carrie: The whole fucking movie, yes.

Alex: What were you wearing?

[Laughs all around]


Gabriel: Nothing.

Carrie: It’s going to be that kind of interview.

Dialogue in clip from the movie: ” We have a real situation developing.”

Alex: Don’t fuck around. Your time is valuable.

Carrie: My time? I thought your fucking time was valuable.

Alex: Dude, I’m so sick of this shit we’ve been fuckin asked. We need some fresh questions.

Carrie: We need to rewrite it. Who’s got the whiteout?

Gabriel: Ah, I like that.

Dialogue in clip from the movie: “And the reader went off the charts.”

Alex: Pretty good. My Red Bull is still kicking in.

Kate: Other than that, not really.

 Dialogue in clip from the movie: “You are, in short gentlemen, well on your way to dying. And it’s only been 3 minutes.”

Carrie: There are ways it seems that people, keep warm, when it’s that cold?

[Clip from the movie – showing some vodka]

Carrie: Vodka is necessary?

Alex: And nudity. You are guaranteed.

Carrie: Nudity, should definitely necessary.

Alex: I can guarantee you, in the cinema, you were not as cold as I was running naked across that fucking ice, in minus 35 degrees.


Dialogue in clip from the movie: “Never underestimate the ice”

Carrie: We have to protect the goods, you know.

Kate: That’s true. It’s true.

Carrie: We don’t want to be cutting off things that we know…

Kate: No.


Carrie: That would be bad.

Kate: That needs to pulsate.

Carrie: Yes.

Kate: Exactly.

Dialogue in clip from the movie: “Let’s see how cute you are with a few parts missing.”

Alex: Gabriel’s character started off as a woman. True or false?


Gabriel: True.

Carrie: Oh.

Alex: I’m just saying.

Kate: I can’t even imagine.

Gabriel: [In a deep voice] Hi, fuck me?

[Laughs all around]

Alex: That was the quickest you’ve been all day.


Gabriel: Word.

Kate: Not really.

Dialogue in clip from the movie: “Maybe I’ll be good for you, now that you are missing a couple of parts.”

Alex: Gabriel is a cunt.

Carrie: There was a nice little streaking moment.

Kate: There was, and I had to watch that.

Carrie: Did you keep your eyes close?

Kate: I was not allowed to be there. I did say, I think it is very important for my character to witness this.

Carrie: And then shrinkage happened? What happened?

Alex: Well shrinkage happened with him, when he read that his part was a woman. But I was okay.


Kate: They felt it was really too cold to have an audience. .. [giggles]

Carrie: They were ashamed?

Alex: That, plus no ‘gina.

Kate: Wow, it’s not a good look on them.

Carrie: Shrinkage is a though thing.

Kate: It’s a very real risk.

Dialogue in clip from the movie: “Nature did not intent, for you to survive out here.”

Carrie: You know what. I’m going to give them more credit now. Instantly, they are manlier men.

Kate: Right.

Carrie: Just for having done it.

Kate: Yeah. Tell Alex. He’ll be happy to hear that.

Dialogue in clip from the movie: “We hit something big”


Carrie: They probably had, little like wool lined…?

Kate: They had a wool socks.

Carrie: Socks on…

Kate: Yeah, they had a wool sock. Really ask Alex, his very ready to tell you about the sock.

One Happy-sock

Alex: Your entire body hurts when you get back.

Gabriel: This guy was playing capture the flag, and I was trying to solve a murder.

Alex: I was playing capture the flag.

Kate: It is hard to get him to stop talking about it actually.

Carrie: Poor boys.

Kate: I’d rather he talked to you than me.


Alex: Capture the flag and find the penis’. That was what we were playing.

Dialogue in clip from the movie: “Six inches in front of your face.”

Kate: He made it up. It sounds like he was saying that it was huge, you know.

Alex: That was what we were playing on that day.


Carrie: It’s my new favourite game?

Alex: Find the penis … oooh.


Dialogue in clip from the movie: “They’re in my gear. I hid them in my gear”

Alex: I’ve done this before. And I never do it well. It’s always a lame fucking thing.

Kate: It’s really had to cram it into that sock.

Carrie: Always. That’s always the story.

Kate: I know, isn’t it?



Carrie: They had to reinvent the sock.

Kate: There wasn’t even a sock. It was a wader.

Carrie: It was a sail.


[Clip from the movie]

Gabriel: In ‘Whiteout’, you see a lot of motherfuckers get killed.

Kate: What do you mean? Go see the movie.

Carrie: Absolutely.

Kate: Yes, you should. It’s actually good.

Carrie: I completely agree.

Kate: It feels like we are having a fight.

Carrie: We might.

Kate: Okay.

wo premier dl

Link to video


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7 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin Up Close with Carrie Keagan – 2009 (Transcript)

  1. This will be forever and ever the “find the penis” interview for me!!! I love it, his potty mouth and quick-wittedness!
    “What were you wearing?” <– Lol!
    BTW I am pretty sure it was a skiing sock, size 14 😉 .


  2. Sexy has always loved whiteout


  3. karen

    Oh man. I could watch that pic with the blue blanket for hours! I’d put it in a frame if I didn’t have a husband. lol


  4. Leah

    This will forever be one of my most favorite interviews! Both Alex and Gabriel seemed to be in such rare form with their humor – hilarious! Both are such handsome and witty men. Thank you Paula for the awesome pics and gifs!! Especially enjoyed the unblurred sock gif! 😉


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