#AlexOLoughlin……. a man of many faces

old beard al

Just as much as an actor need to change his character to portray different roles, it is a plus if they can also alter their look. And it is something that Alex can do easily and with great success. For 8 to 9 months of a year, Alex needs to look like Steve McGarrett, because that is his job.

Only during hiatus, when he is on holiday can he “let his hair down and do his own thing. That is HIS time. His well deserved break after every season of hard labour and constant public life. Time for him to be a “normal” person, spending quality time with family and friends and to do what he enjoys.


He has been doing this in his rest periods for 10 years now …. something his long time fans know by now? Sad smiley 141

For us as fans it is a huge privilege to get to see glimpses of these holiday periods in Alex’s life, outside his world as an actor.

But it continues to amaze me that every year, when we do get to see these rare gems of pictures of  Alex on vacation, just doing his own thing and supporting local causes, that fans think they have any influence by criticizing his choices.

Rather than just appreciating another glimpse of his life on display for us, some fans are acting as if his facial hair is a permanent alteration and a mortal sin. Really?!gaah

Alex likes to grow his facial hair while he is on holiday, his body is full of ink (tattoos), he’s got multiple piercings, he smokes cigars, he’s got a potty mouth, he likes to wear blue, he enjoys the danger of motorbikes, and he loves and protects his family’s privacy.

Enjoy him for who he is.……….. and not what you think he should be. :iminlove:

All of us have our preferences in life and it is really okay to not like beards. (Paula don’t like beards, but I on the other hands, have fond memories of a past lover with a beard :sexy:  )

It is also fine to say that you don’t like beards – in a respectful undemanding manner. Just rather not come across as overbearing and rude – freedom of speech, does not constitute ‘entitlement to rudeness’.

That’s all, rant over.

Seeing all the silly comments of rude remarks and ‘demands’ on social media, makes me once again support and applaud Alex and his choice, to not subject himself to it and to steer clear from social media.

As much as I would have liked to experience him communicating with us, just as much would I rather not see his peace of mind, be disturbed and subjected to all the horribleness that fans are capable off (especially not for something as trivial as a hiatus-beard).

Beard 2

Please lighten up and stop getting your panties in a twist …… because as soon as filming start, Alex will be beardless and gorgeous Steve again.


Unless they have some storyline, of Steve going rogue and wild ………  https://i0.wp.com/www.piratesahoy.net/styles/emoticons/aar.gif




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34 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin……. a man of many faces

  1. alexsluvjan

    Bravo girls ..I want to say thank You for saying what im thinking..take Alex as he is and not what u want or think he should be or act..if he wants to grow a beard while on vaca, he should be able to, and not be criticized for it. I personally Love his beard and it is ok not to like his beard but having respect too….<3


  2. Ulrike Schwarz

    Right from my heart….let him be Alex! He is Alex . Steve is just a role he’s playing. OK, Steve is a great man and Alex is doing more than a good job playing him. But don’ t forget he is Alex! No ” fan” has the right to critizise him for being privat . That is not fair. I enjoy his ” crazyness” his ” being himself. And I wish him all the very best, spec.with his family.

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  3. I will say just this in defense of all those who prefer less bushy beard on Alex. We love his beautiful face too much to have it covered up 🙂 which doesn´t mean I wouldn´t allow him to do as he pleases, by all means, let it flow in the Hawaiian breeze 😉


    • OOOH YES Paula I love what you said and could not agree more!!!


    • Paula, Of course I also want to see his lovely face as well, but I just get sooooooo f/kin tired of opening every single new hiatus picture and the same people keep screaming, “SHAVE IT OFF” and others calling his beard disgusting. Or even calling him lazy for not shaving during his holiday…..


  4. Kudos to you!
    Applause applause applause!
    Poor so called ‘fans’ to judge someone because of his looks, to not see that the man inside is always the same. Beard or no beard, that’s not the question!


  5. Brooklyngirl

    It’s is his face. Would you want someone telling you what you should or shouldn’t do with your face, hair, clothes. I’d say no. As for his potty mouth, I probably taught him everything he knows! A friend once told me he loves the “f” word because you can use it as a noun, verb, adjective and adverb and I agree! LOL! {wink}.


    • i may be a rare fan, however I for one think Alex looks hotter as he ages, and think the relaxed “hairy” Alex is one sexy hot man. I love the chest hair and the Beard is sexy for no other reason than he is relaxed and chilled. The ink is good, it tells a story as does the scars from piecings, which of us gets to age where our body doesn’t tell a story. I just think it might be fun to know those stories


    • Well said, I once read that the cleverest people swear! Lol


  6. Well said! Love u, girls!


  7. Dude looks great no matter what…I love the beard, hair, whatever…the Boy is blessed with wonderful features from his parents. And he ages like fine wine…you go, Boy. Do what you do!!!! 🙂


  8. “Alex likes to grow his facial hair while he is on holiday, his body is full of ink (tattoos), he’s got multiple piercings, he smokes cigars, he’s got a potty mouth, he likes to wear blue, he enjoys the danger of motorbikes, and he loves and protects his family’s privacy.” This is what I LOVE about him. And I love a man with a beard, to me it’s testesterone at work, and seeing him smoke just sends me – miss the smell of a cigar. This is a real MAN! He does what he wants and doesn’t let others tell him to change. No one should change for the other person. It tells me that Malia loves it too and is very down to earth. By the way have you noticed how down to earth she is, a natural beauty, rarely any makeup and no earrings etc. Earthy….


  9. Fantastic column. One of the things I’ve enjoyed about Alex from the beginning, was his independent spirit. I love the tats, that he had piercings.. his love of bikes… I have a potty mouth, so why shouldn’t he? He is his own person and fame hasn’t changed him. For me, he is perfect and that includes his attitude about life. He didn’t feel the need to marry until he knew it was right… social convention means very little to him as it does to me. So I have always said this, Hair or no hair, beard or no beard, clothes or no clothes… he will always be perfect to me. ;>)


  10. karen

    WOW…if saying the “f” word on a regular basis means you are smart, then I am a “f”ing genius!! And maybe he just hates shaving. Some men HATE shaving. I think it would be amazing to see how wild and untamed he was around the age of 20. Love him to death.


    • He does have a lot of moles and old mole scars, and I think it must be difficult to shave all the time and accomodate them. I think it is a relief for him if he does not have to do that for a while. And also to let his face rest. Being an actor, his face is not his own, during season, with all the daily make-up and stuff.


  11. He did say at the seminar that the bearded version is his “happy face” 🙂
    He is gorgeous and sexy either way but personally I find some facial hair even more attractive.
    He would never let anybody tell him how to look in his free time and righteously so.
    And the occasional swearing surely doesn’t offend anybody.
    Alex as himself, that’s what we love the most


  12. Brends V

    I really don’t likenesses in anyone. Uno, they’re disgusting but I understand when guys need a break from shaving. I didn’t knew Alex had piercings! That’s pretty interesting fact. To conclude this, I love Alex no matter how his hair looks.


    • Sorry, but I really do not understand the need for people to use the word ‘disgusting’ when describing a beard……


      • Brenda V

        I’m sorry if I offended anyone by using that word. I also apologize for not checking the spelling before posting my previous comment. It was meant to say: “I really don’t like this in anyone”. And “Imo, instead of Uno.


  13. Rachael C.

    Awesome post, ‘love him for who he is not what you think he should be is a great statement’. To me, he is best anyway he wants to be! I love your site too 🙂


  14. Leah

    Amen, Sista! Preach! LMAO Would like to simply say that I agree 100% with everything you said, Paula. Let him be himself, enjoy the aspects that you like, and politely disagree or overlook what you don’t. To each his own, without stepping on others. 🙂


    • Leah

      OOps I meant to say FOYeur. Although, I also agree with you as well, Paula. I personally prefer a less bushy beard and more of a simple scruff – but again, it’s his face and his business. 🙂


  15. gracenotpark

    Hee! He’s gonna do what he wants to do, whether we love it or hate it. As long as he, his wife, and family are cool with it, he’ll do and be and look like what he pleases…as we alllllllll do!

    He isn’t afraid to be himself. He doesn’t rely on polls or test-groups to make decisions. He is a MAN.

    so go,ahead and critique. He’s still gonna do what he wants to do. Bless him.


    • It is true thatt people can say what they wiil, but it just gets old, that in every single picture of him during hiatus (which I call rare gems above), the only comment some people scream, is their hate for his beard – rather that to be thankful for seeing something of him during this “dry” hiatus period.


      • gracenotpark

        True enough. Pics of him on hiatus are rare gems, aren’t they? He’s more and more private every summer! So hells yeah! We gotta celebrate when we get a peak, coz our guy is very under cover…which I kinda wonder if the beard isn’t partly for…easier not to shave, yeah, but it makes him a little more incognito to more casual fans, at least.


  16. Magnólia

    Eu gosto muito da barba! Alex fica bem com todos os seus adereços. É bom, muito bom ser acariciada por uma barba!


  17. thank you for supplying all things Alex . I find this so funny . I LOVE my husband but cant stand his beard it repulses me , But Alex’s beard i just want to run my fingers through it I love his . My husbands beard makes him look old and Alexxs just hot ,


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