Aussie #AlexOLoughlin to Cast His Justice on ‘The Shield’ – May 2006

YOU can almost hear the Jacobs Creek popping over in La La Land as yet another Aussie has cracked it in Hollywood. You know him best as the Oyster Farmer on the banks of the Hawkesbury river, but Sydney actor Alex O’Loughlin has just scored a major break after being cast in a lead role on gritty US cop show ‘The Shield’. 

 30 May 2006
Daily Telegraph, The (Sydney)

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O’Loughlin joins Vic Mackey’s strike team as detective Kevin Hiatt after one of the team dies in the series’ fifth-season finale.

“This will probably be the thing that gets me recognized,”

O’Loughlin, who narrowly missed out on the role of James Bond, said yesterday.

“It’s a big deal. The role was highly coveted over here and I’m really happy.”

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After a year and a half trying to crack the big time in the US, the actor said the audition process was a whirlwind.

“I auditioned two weeks ago, they called me back the next day and I just finished the first of seven episodes.”

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Known in Australia for his roles as Will Bryant in the TV mini series Mary Bryant and as Jack Flange in the Oyster Farmer, word of the Sydneysider is already spreading in are fast in LA. “G’day mate, you’re busted!one headline reads.

kevin bw dl 6

But it seems we can count on O’Loughlin, 29, staying down to earth.

“I’m an actor – there’s nothing glamorous about acting until you get to the f… you money and then it all turns to shit anyway,”

he joked about his impending fame.

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My Thoughts

Just to get the timeline (of an actor, and specifically Alex) into perspective:

  • Alex got this part in The Shield(and it was filmed) in May – July 2006.
  • This was shortly after he returned from New York, where he filmed August Rush (that premiered in November 2007).
  • However these episodes of The Shield were only broadcast a year later in April & May 2007.
  • By the time it was broadcast, Alex already shot the original pilot of Moonlight (but the show premiered in September 2007)
  • and also the movie Whiteout (that only premiered in September 2009).
  • And also at that time in April 2007, the movie The Invisible premiered (and that was already shot in late 2005) 😀

 Update with News Paper Scan

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13 responses to “Aussie #AlexOLoughlin to Cast His Justice on ‘The Shield’ – May 2006

  1. I had never seen this article! Thank you sooo much!


  2. Thank you FOYeur Alex wasn’t just HOT as Kevin, he was SCORCHING


  3. Timothy Hall

    This is kinda old news? Alex as McGarrett is my hero on Hawaii 5-O on Friday 8pm CST


    • Hi Timothy
      I am really going to try and be as kind as possible with this answer. Please read our whole site before making a comment like this,
      All the major fan sites for Alex closed down in the past few years and a lot of the old information are starting to disappear from the internet. We are trying to restore some of what is lost. (and it is actually a lot of hard work) During times when H50 is on hiatus and when there are no new news, we fill the days with information about Alex’s past – because we like to post something daily.
      Our site is only 3 years old, but Alex have been in the industry for 15 years – we still learn a lot of his past every day and we share it with other fans. Some like it, and some don’t. If you don’t like learning about his past or already know it all, then it is fine, don’t read it.
      There are however others who would like to read it and some long time fans even enjoy being reminded of the good old time. By the vast number of visitors to our site every day – we gather that there are quite a number of fans who enjoy reading it. And of course enjoy the number and quality of pretty pictures of Alex we post here and on our other pages daily…

      If there are any new news of Alex as part of H50, we will of course post it – and our regular readers know that. And we even have countdowns on here, for the special events of H50 coming up.
      If you like to hear news about H50 – stay tuned, because on July 8th, filming of the new series start and then there should also be some great stuff from the set coming through. But unfortunately we still have to wait 3 months for broadcast to start…..

      I will leave you with this quote:
      “History is for human self-knowledge … the only clue to what man can do is what man has done. The value of history, then, is that it teaches us what man has done and thus what man is.”
      R. G. Collingwood


      • Very well said FOYeur! Be assured we all appreciate all your hard work. There is so much more about Alex, not only 5-0, and even (or maybe esp.?) as a long time fan I love to be reminded, to read again some long lost and sometimes forgotten gems! All things he has done, everything he’s achieved and the way he has done it makes him ‘whole’, shows what humble, funny, committed and respectful kind of person he was and still is.
        Your quote says it all!!!


      • gracenotpark

        I LOOOOOVE the Alex history! The loss of some of the original Alex fan sites has been a tough pill to swallow, but you guys rescuing much of the information has been a giant win for our fandom. Some of the posts I remember fondly, but y’all also manage to turn up stuff I never saw the first go ’round, so your retrospectives are all win/win for me.

        And may I add, the perfect mix between y’all’s signature written commentaries and equally signature photo illustrations make it all,the more delightful, educational, and just fan-girly heaven over here.

        Timothy, if you enjoy Alex, you have found an excellent site to follow the latest news AND get in-depth history and analysis of his work. Look around…you’ll enjoy it!


        • Thanks Grace. And thank you for your support as well. 🙂


          • FOYeurYou find incredible  articles. interviews and pictures for all of us here.{With a shout out  to your trusty helpers} Some of which I have NEVER seen and many of which I have. I can honestly say I enjoy them ALL and  am  always looking  forward to seeing what new or old FABULOUS goodies you find for us next, Keep up the good work ‘cos we love it and you


  4. NINA

    Bonjour, Merci pour cet article Foyeur , je ne connaissais pas vraiment le rôle de Kevin dans ” the SHIELD” donc c’est toujours interessant de lire ce genre d’article .
    Personnellement j’aime venir sur ce site ( même si je ne post pas ou très peu) les infos sont toujours pertinentes, et me permettent de suivre le parcours D’Alex et tout ce qu’il peut faire comme bonne action autour de sa célébrité.
    Alors merci de me donner quelques petits rayons de soleil dans mes journées parfois moroses. Bon week end
    ps: Merci à la personne qui voudra bien traduire mon propos


    • Thank you Nina, for your kind words. ❤
      It is always nice to share some of the Alex fun and history with other fans. He is so much more that just Steve of Hawaii Five-0 on a Friday night.
      And as you say, sharing him with others is a wonderful ray of sunshine in many of our ordinary lives. 🙂


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