Happy Father´s Day Alex! (2015)

We wish Alex a wonderful day with his little loved ones  smiley-greet001

May his day be filled with hugs and happiness.

HAPPY FATHER´S DAY to our most favorite man!


koala hug al dl


Let there be cake toosmiley eating licking


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11 responses to “Happy Father´s Day Alex! (2015)

  1. gracenotpark


    Hope he has a lovely day with his loved ones.
    Cute pic, btw. 🙂

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  2. Manumuppet

    I’m sure Alex is a wonderful dad 🙂
    Happy Father’s Day

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  3. Happy fathers day to Alex and all the fathers and Hubby’s of aol

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  4. What a great editing Paula!! Amazing work!♥

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  5. Happy Father’s Day Alex, And I hope the kids bring you breakfast in bed!! It is so hard to believe he is a Dad really. Don’t think of him that way. Even harder to believe is that he has a son 18 years old. wow…


  6. Colleen

    Happy Father’s Day to Alex. He seems like a wonderful dad. Just another reason we love him. 🙂


  7. Beth

    Happy Father’s Day Alex!! I hope your day is as special as you are!


  8. Leah

    Beautiful pic Paula! I could stare at that all day! 🙂

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