H50 season 5 memories – new clothes on Steve part 2

Is it too much to hope the H50 wardrobe has a 0$ budget, and Steve is forced shirtless and pantsless in season 6? Ok, I guess it might be too much to wish for, but they should consider saving money and have Steve in plain jeans and t-shirts more often. And add some more cat hair, cause that doesn´t cost much either 😉

Had to give extra credit for season finale, it was pretty much perfection from the h50 wardrobe girls. Thank you ♥



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11 responses to “H50 season 5 memories – new clothes on Steve part 2

  1. Rossella

    Ciao! I am italian and i thought that this season he was dressed Italian style especially in the colors . The blue the light blue the pants always matching the shirt ! I loved him more but I do love to see him shirtless! LOL !Rossella


  2. You’re right. Season finally was wardrobe perfection!!


  3. How you all think about Steve’s eating habits? I love how he scuffs everything in, like there’s no time to waste. There have been a few nice eating moments this season… hell, in these gifs alone there are two and I can’t stop staring at them! Worthy of a blog subject?? *falls to ground begging*


    • LOL I really love to watch his enthusiastic munching. I think I did a post with some gifs (a long time ago), but maybe a new one is in order 🙂


  4. gracenotpark

    Awesome post, I hadn’t thought about his wardrobe, but seeing these pics all together, at least WARDROBE got McG very right this past season! They certainly did. Perhaps they should share their insight with the writers…. 😛

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  5. Colleen

    Paula you should be given a medal for these gifs. Wow you captured everything amazing about Alex in one post. I’ll be looking at these for a while. 🙂

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  6. Despite we only had once and briefly the tan pants (5.13) and almost all shades of blue, i loved the improvement of Steve’s wardrobe. Yes, Steve’s new uniform could be like in bottom three gif (being wet is optional), but jeans and t-shirt is always a great choice. A tux or a suit once in a while is awesome too.
    In season 5 they left him wear sunglasses (5.05) and a ball cap (5.23) once. Can we have again, please?
    The season finale was perfect. I hope that season 6 will start in the same way.

    Paula, your selection of gifs is also perfect. TY

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