H50 season 5 memories – Kevlar part 1

Looking back at s5, these are the the moves in kevlar…and without it.  I guess this is what Steve does for his (teeny tiny) paycheck.

We present bamf McGarrett, dancing across our screens. With 4 seasons behind us, these moves haven´t really changed, and they looks as nice as always have.

Ps You might want to sit down first, I got a bit light headed watching some of these…mmmm…nom-nom McGarretts 😉


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12 responses to “H50 season 5 memories – Kevlar part 1

  1. Gotta love McGarrett jumping on and off trucks 😁 BAMF indeed and a deliciously looking one at that. Kevlar heaven 😍

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    Thank you Paula

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  3. Sandra Belchamber

    Why do you suppose Alex hasn’t gotten a larger paycheck?Thanks for your thoughts.


    • Not sure if you misunderstood, but I mentioned Steve getting a teeny tiny paycheck, not Alex 😀
      Alex was paid about 100k/epi the first year and I think there might have been a small increase since. I doubt H50 is considered a huge mega hit show, and therefor none of the main actors are paid obsene amounts, like 2 and a half men.


  4. Colleen

    You were right Paula. It’s good I was sitting down. Wow those are amazing.

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  5. Ontlls

    I um.. I um.. WOW!! *wipes drool off chin*

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  6. gracenotpark

    Dat man can sure mooooove! 🙂


  7. ROAAARRR! He moves like a dangerous predator.
    Great gifs, and I think there will be more? I’m thinking of 5.04 and Steve stepping over this cement block, weapon drawn, look focused and upper body not moving one bit. That was intense and so SEAL Steve.


  8. I’m seated comfortably staring (and drooling) at all these gifs.

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  9. Gail Lessard

    I love Steve and Alex like this! Very sexy to me


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