TV Guide posing treats, part 2

Squee! We are 3 weeks closer to H50 season 6 filming, than the first part of TV Guide poses 😀 Alex is currently still roaming free, covered with a beard from head to toes, and unrecognizable. But he cleans up nice, especially for photoshoots. Oh lord, please let there be more in his future! He does it so well…*sigh*







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9 responses to “TV Guide posing treats, part 2

  1. dcjank

    I totally agree with Paula! It feels like a very long time since Alex did a photo shoot for anyone. As for TV Guide, they have done some of my favorite Alex shoots, but why have they abandoned him and Hawaii Five-0? I didn’t renew my mag subscription to TVG because of that and I let them know it too. Hawaii Five-0 has only been the cover story ONCE and since we are starting the 6th season soon, I think it’s more than time for them to feature our favorite show again! Frankly, I got very tired of the same shows showing up on the cover when I did get it! Should we try and make that TVG cover happen again? I fully expected Alex to be featured on the cover all by himself by now!! I mean, he’s an interesting interview besides being gorgeous and adorable!!!

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  2. I got up to this this morning and it put a huge grin on my face reading it. Your comment of him bearded and roaming wild was like this untethered brawny cave man. yes one who wears very little. You know his tongue thing where it pops out every now and then for us to die over…could it be nerves with him, uncontrolled habit that just pops out. Wetting his lips to keep talking. lol Love the GIF’s. Too nice and we really do need a photo shoot of him again. Thanks for these you made my day.

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    • One more, the blessing ceremony last July, where he had part of his beard off and just the moustache, that was delightful. He does moustaches nicely too.


  3. Colleen

    I absolutely love you right now Paula! Those pictures are some of my favorites and I’m going to got back and stare at them. 🙂

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  4. It’s defiantly time for a new photo shoot of our Alex and H50.

    I don’t know why TVGuide has shied away from putting this gorgeous man on the cover. My first response, if I didn’t know who he was, I would be to pick it up immediately to find out who he was and wonder why it’s has taken me so long to find out. ♥ But I do know who he is. SO I would Squeee in the supermarket with a huge grin on my face, snatch up a copy and drool over the pages regardless of the spectacle I’d be making of myself. ♥♥♥

    Thanks for the gifs Paula I could stare at them for hours. ♥

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  5. Laura Robinson

    While I love every photo shoot he’s ever done, I too am relapsing for AL 2015-16. The man just keeps getting sexier

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  6. Leah

    Hot damn! Those looks he gives in #3 just caused a major meltdown! 😉 Thanks Paula!!

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  7. I had no idea these old and dusted pics were still liked this much. Good thing there is still a part 3 then 😀


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