My TV hero: @GeorgeTakei on #AlexOLoughlin – 2011

 I appeared in the original Hawaii Five-O and can’t wait to meet the new Detective Steve McGarrett

by George Takei

(in My TV Hero series)

Guardian UK

article by Patrick Kingsley

Monday, 5 September 2011

311 face

I love watching the new Hawaii Five-0 show with my husband, Brad Altman.

We travel a lot, so we tend to record two or three episodes and then have a Five-0 fest for a whole night.

What I especially like is the way Alex O’Loughlin has developed the lead character, Detective Steve McGarrett.

311 bw 2

I was a big fan of the original series from way back in the 70s, when it was first televised. In those days, McGarrett was played as a granite, stolid character.

But O’Loughlin has added more dimensions. He has been in other series, but I’ve not seen them – and I think that’s what makes his McGarrett much more interesting for me.

I see it without the influence of other characters that he has created.

311 bw 1

McGarrett is still the classic TV hero – courageous, strong, handsome and all that – but he is also tortured by his father’s death, and has a sense of responsibility for his family; as a son, and as a sibling.

And that makes him a more layered character. The connections that he has developed with the other lead characters – Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park – have turned Hawaii Five-0 into a very interesting story.

It’s a totally changed show, certainly in terms of rhythm and colour. And while I loved it back then for what it was, I love it even more for what it is today.

It’s not just action and adventure any more, but an exploration of character and relationships as well. I love Hawaii, and the show lets me go there vicariously every week.


I appeared in the original Hawaii Five-O, and there’s even the possibility of me appearing again. If that happens, I’m really looking forward to meeting Alex.

I only know him as McGarrett, so I can’t wait to meet Alex O’Loughlin, the actor behind the character. And I’ll definitely tell him I’m a fan. Why would I not?

I always enjoy it when someone comes up and says they’re a fan of mine.

311 bw 3

My Thoughts

  • I think it is a very nice and rather great compliment for Alex and his character of Steve, coming from George. George has been part of the Hollywood industry for such a long time and shared the screen with many other great talents.
  • I remember that I first read this article in those beginning days of being an Alex fangirl and enjoyed these comments from George very much. It just reinforced my ‘small’ infatuation with Alex at that stage. 😀
  • Of course a year after this article, George got his chance to be on Hawaii Five-0, in Episode 3:11 as Chin’s uncle – Uncle Choi. The part was very small and he did not get a chance to share the screen with Alex. 😦 But I’m kind of sure that they got the chance to meet. In my opinion they could have given him a bigger part to play.
  • George is a very interesting person to follow on social media. He is really a fun guy, with a great sense of humour.
  • And I have to agree with GeorgeSteve McGarrett is my TV hero.





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11 responses to “My TV hero: @GeorgeTakei on #AlexOLoughlin – 2011

  1. His FACE in that first picture, might just be too much for my aging heart …. sigh …
    Will confess all my naughty thoughts right then and there, if he gave me that look! 😛


  2. Now this is one article I remember very well. Not only because I had to translate it 😉 but because I was so happy that another actor, and a good one too, appreciates what Alex has done so perfectly to the character he’s portaying. As I said a few days ago it’s the acting that builds different layers of a character. Weeks ago I listened to an interview with Alan Rickman who said (roughly): >Sometimes you get a script and your character is only one or two-dimensional. Than it’s your damn job as an actor to make it multidimensional.<
    I always loved George Takei for so many reasons, he was one of the guest stars I truely enjoyed. Sadly his role was not that big, I hope we will see him again!


  3. brendaattheranch

    Nice article. Being a die-hard original series Trekkie, I’ve always liked Mr. Takei, and he has good taste in cop shows. 😎 I agree that his part wasn’t very big in the season 3 episode. But the good news is that since he played one of Chin’s relatives, that leaves the door open for a return. 😎


  4. vanduyn

    I agree, this was a huge compliment coming from George! Thanks FO Yeur! 🙂


  5. I have been a fan of George Takei for many years, had the opportunity to briefly meet him in person a few years ago when I went to an event in Los Angeles. I was leaving when I spot him talking to some friends, I approached him and wait to ask for a picture, he looked and saw me, I said, “may I take a picture with you?” he smiled and said, ” of course” I had a friend taking the picture with my phone, but it came out too dark!😬
    After I said thank you and he gave me a hug and said “it was my pleasure” “thank you for being a fan”
    He is such a gentleman, very humble, it was a nice experience!😃


  6. Manumuppet

    I have never seen this article before thank you 🙂
    I bet that after working with him George appreciated Alex’s talent and personality even more


  7. gracenotpark

    I love this article! How generous of Mr. Takei to so endorse a younger actor. And I totally agree with him. Alex has taken a stoic character, whose scripted lines are often pretty mundane, and given him many layers, a deeply sentient inner self, and a delightful personality, often simply with his facial expressions, tone of voice, or body language. I was so disappointed the two of them did not get a scene together. I truly hold out that hope for S6; I’ll add it to my wishlist!


  8. alexnymph

    Great article–I LOVE George Takei! Saw “To Be Takei” documentary at Sundance, and his Q&A afterward was fantastic. What a truly warm, fun, goofy guy he is! Although very diplomatic, he doesn’t mince his words and does not lather on false praise (as was apparent with his comments about William Shatner, who, let’s just say, is not a good friend). So I believe his heart was true in his gracious and positive comments on Alex and H50.

    Thanks for finding and posting this!


  9. Great article and wonderful pictures Once again you “Hit it out of the Ball Park” Thank you both.
    True Mr Takei’s role was small but he was SO good in it and I also hope we see him again. What a lovely Man he is.!!


  10. I would love to watch uncle Choi again. And after reading this awesome compliment, we should have Steve, Chin and uncle Choi on a episode in season 6. Can someone with twitter account ask Mr. PL to this happen, please.


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