H50 season 5 memories – new clothes on Steve, part 1

This is a look back at what moments were a bit different from previous seasons, the changes in wardrobe. Though we still prefer the old and used “shirtless” to any other wardrobe moments, sometimes all it takes is a different colour on his t-shirt. With such a small effort, to freshen up old Steve, just put him in a white tee and old jeans and we love it. Or just give him sunglasses for a moment and we squee of joy 🙂 Show us his bare legs and we are a puddle of goo…

Thank you s5 wardrobe girls ♥



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10 responses to “H50 season 5 memories – new clothes on Steve, part 1

  1. I can’t stop staring at these 11 gifs and i have to back to work.

    Although we had almost all season 5 with Steve in dark pants and blue shirt, but also we had him with plaid shirts, in trunks, in a suit (including a tux) more often. I loved all the small variations of his wardrobe.

    Yes, he always looks great with any outfit and my favorite was in 5.25 – wet shirtless McGarrett in trunks and in a tux.

    Wishes for season 6: he can wear more times just trunks, plaid, henley, “wife beater”, white t-shirt and jeans and suits. And please bring tan/caramel pants back.


    • serai1

      If he were on the mainland, where he’d have a chance of actually being able to go undercover, I’d vote for black leather pants. Nice and snug. Mm-hm. Yes.


  2. Betsy Craig

    You can’t get better legs than Steve!! Yes well done wardrobe girls, you know what us girls want to see. Roll on S6!!


  3. gracenotpark

    That sweaty Henley in Columbia took the wardrobe prize for me, but there were others juuuuuust as fabulous too. And yes, Betsy Craig, his legs bow to no man, or woman for that matter. He wins any leg showdown!


  4. I first of all love the suit, open at the neck. He has such a manly ‘get to it’ swagger type of a walk. Sexy runway walk too. Second those legs, muscular from his martial arts, perfect.


    • serai1

      Yes, his swagger is exceptional. Be fun to see him walk a fashion runway or participate in one of those “yours for a night” auctions for charity, wouldn’t it?


  5. serai1

    I’m still waiting to see him in an embarrassingly gaudy Hawaiian shirt. Big green leaves and red flowers, please. With toucans for extra points. Seriously, I would LOVE to see what kind of secondary humorous plot thread it would take to get him into one of those. Maybe a bet with Danny, or “paying” for help from Kanekona. It would be good for him to have his bubble of assumed superiority popped now and then.

    Besides, tell me Steve wouldn’t be able to make that sexy somehow. >:)


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