Pic for the Day – #H50 buddies, friends

Scott: Scott how can you describe Alex? And Alex, how can you describe Scott?
I think this dude is a solid Mensch of a man.

Alex: That’s nice. Thanks man.

Scott: Okay. Bring it.

Alex: Dude.

Scott: You’ve got to say me now.

Alex: He’s one of my best buddies, man. And you know what’s funny , when I first met him, just wanted to slap him one. Just a little bit. I love this man. He’s, he’s…. one of my best friends.

Alex & Scott answering fan questions – Nov 2014

buddies bts 202 dl



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5 responses to “Pic for the Day – #H50 buddies, friends

  1. I love their relationship on and even more off screen 🙂


  2. Joanne

    I love this. Part of me wonders if Alex misses Scott now that he’s not around so much in the seasons, I mean I do – but surely Alex misses him too. I love the character of Grover, but he’s no Danno.


  3. 😀 Alex always gives extended answers to the questions asked of him. He’s thoughtful about people in his life and what is important to him.
    He’s not just a simple Yes or No man and I love him for it. ♥


  4. vanduyn

    Love this ♥♥


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