H50 season 5 memories – giggles part 1

For me there needs to be a bit of humor or the show gets way too serious and depressing. This is also a bit controversial matter, because we all see things differently. What I find funny might be painfully awkward for others. These are the tiny moments that made me giggle or at least smile 😀 (again, just the first half of the season)



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11 responses to “H50 season 5 memories – giggles part 1

  1. I’m always in for his various faces, but not for the therapy sessions, no no no, LOL!


    • gracenotpark

      Yeah, I know some saw humor in it, and I know innocent humor was meant, but to me, the therapy “humor” was akin to making fun of watching a blind dog run into walls. If they wanna continue making totally obvious (and often plebeian) gay jokes, I hope they will steer away from including therapy in them. McG is funnier w/the more sly humor. As y’all said, his facial expressions convey a lot, and they make one feel we are in on a joke that others aren’t privy to.


    • Not even in this particular gif “Sorry, but who´s side are you on?” Cause that just cracks me up 🙂 I can´t help myself.


      • gracenotpark

        There is nothing wrong with finding it funny…the whole shtick just didn’t work for me. Alex liked it, so you’re in good company, babe! 😉


  2. In some of the scenes his grin shows he has the devil in him. I think the one thing that draws me to him in his actions is his swagger walk and the stance with the hands on the hips. Sure of himself type of thing. It was still a good season and am waiting for a good S6. If the writing is good this year and better than last, it could mean a S7. Lets hope that the near miss of losing it this year, that the writers get back on track with things. It could go longer, it’s not the actors but the writing. Going back to S4, I loved the car chase scene with them in the 3 wheeler red touring bike.


  3. I think the show benefits from the humor as much as from the drama and the action 🙂
    And for one I truly enjoy the McDanno theraphy sessions and the funny exchanges between the two.


  4. Cool gifs of funny faces of Steve. When we will have the part 2?

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