H50 season 5 memories – McSquee! part 1

I decided to take  a look back at season 5. Compiled the moments that stopped me for another view. Not every episode had extra special moments (being honest here). But looking back, I´m surprized the first half of the season delivered such nice McBits 🙂 These are just from the first half of the season. We still have a long hiatus ahead of us, spreading the memories along the way. Enjoy!



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10 responses to “H50 season 5 memories – McSquee! part 1

  1. Like you I was really surprised how much fun I had with some of the parts of the episodes when I worked my way through them for the Favorit-S5-poll.
    Thank you for the GIFs; it’s always such fun.


  2. Manumuppet

    Personally I loved S5 🙂
    And as usual you chose some very good McBits!


  3. Serai

    What can I say? I’m incredibly jealous. You’re a BIG MEANIE who got to do something I WISH I COULD DO. I will now fall on the floor and have a tantrum. This will include holding my breath until I turn blue. Please hold your questions until afterwards.

    *BIG HUG* You are so lucky. Please come over to my house and rub me all over with the t-shirt you were wearing when he hugged you. LOL.


  4. I loved it. ❤ <3. Just like the first 5-0, I will never forget this one. Keep up the good work.


  5. gracenotpark

    My least favorite season, but it redeemed itself at the end. And the McBits often saved the episodes. I hope the Show execs realize the treasure they have in Alex…and pay him accordingly. Give him a new car! Give him a raise! Give him his own jet! Give him unlimited free trips home to Oz! LOL!!! I’m definitely down for the McSqueeing! 😉


  6. Serai

    Mmm. I love that pic of him in the torture room after he bashed Wo Fat into the ground. You know that whole episode is one of my favorites. *grin*


  7. Love it when he is with Grace!


  8. buttercup4u

    Thanks Paula, this made me realize that I have to give myself a rewatch of season 5! I didn’t connect this season, maybe because I was sad about Cath leaving or because of Danny beeing away so much, and some scenes seemed odd! Some of the eps I didn’t even watch!
    Shame on ME!
    But with this treasures, I will give it another chance!
    I can’t even remember why he is wearing a tux in 508 ;-(


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