Pic for the day – Mick, delightful charm about him

“I also saw immediately, even from the pilot presentation, Alex is just charming, he’s really charming and really easy to watch… he’s a very handsome man, but at the same time he’s also got this delightful charm about him and it comes off and I thought an awful lot of shows would love to have somebody as wonderful as him leading their charge.”

Marvin Rush, Director of Photography for “Moonlight”

in an interview with Voices of Krypton,

February 2008

mick mm dl

Thank you MyMaximus for sharing the original beauty ♥


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5 responses to “Pic for the day – Mick, delightful charm about him

  1. gracenotpark

    Kudos to Mr. Rush. He sees what we all do. And that pic is quite unusual…except it is also very beautiful, which is not unusual for Alex.


  2. karen

    Mick is so beautiful. Maybe I’m partial to Mick, but Alex will never be that gorgeous again. Not that I don’t love him now. Andy was very close though. *drool*


  3. Serai

    Turning his face to emerge from the shadows. *mmmmm*

    I feel about Mick the way I feel about my first love, Ted – I miss him late at night sometimes, and I heave a wistful sigh at what might have been.


  4. There was something special about Alex as Mick. My heart still leaps when I see a beautiful pic of him even though I’ve probably seen every pic of “Mick” available. ;D
    Thanks to mymaximus as she has supplied us with many of them. ♥


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