#AlexOLoughlin Talks Romance and JLo’s Bum – April 2010

 Alex doing an interview for the Premiere of The Back-Up Plan in the UK with “The Showbiz 411”

Reporter: Now, your character gets about a 100 points in the boyfriend stakes, for the place he takes Jennifer on a date.

Alex: [Laughs] Right.


Reporter: What would be your idea of a romantic night out?

Alex: Well everyone does … everyone goes to restaurants and goes and has dinner and ….. I think the more spontaneous and the less sort of obvious it is, the more romantic it is.

Like I think if you sort of bundle someone up in the car and took them out into the desert and where there was no one and nothing. And created something – sort of what Stan does, he creates something out of nothing.

Like I think that’s more … I think that’s more romantic than the run of the mill stuff.


Reporter: Have you done that? Is that your trick?

Alex: No, I’ve never done that. [laughs] Now I’m thinking. I’m thinking about doing it though.


Reporter: Now a lot is made of the famous JLo behind. You got closer than most. Tell us what’s it really like.

Alex: You’re asking me to talk about Jennifer’s bottom? Uhm … [laughs] I don’t know what to tell you. She’s, she’s, she’s a fine young woman.

I’m not … I’m not going to talk about [laughs] I’m not going to talk about her bottom.


Reporter: I’ve got to ask you. What is in the water in Australia? Because you guys are hitting Hollywood left, right, and center.

Alex: Yeah, there’s a lot of us there, isn’t there. I know, I mean the thing about Australia, I think it’s similar in Britain. It’s like … I mean it’s a boutique industry, you know.

There’s a little bit of stage, there’s a bit of film and a bit of TV, but there’s not the money. And there’s not .. there’s not the industry that’s in the States.

And so we go there, as do a lot of people from the UK, to work. You know, you go to where the work is.

So … but there’s, there’s …. you can’t, you can’t turn around without hearing a Ozzie accent there now. I used to sort of feel special. I’ve lived there for I while, 

I used to be like and people would go, OH, your Australian and now they are like [rolling eyes] Oh you’re Australian


Reporter: You did it though without “Home and Away and “Neighbours” – impressive.

Alex: I did. Yeah I did …. They wouldn’t have me.


Reporter: [Laughs] I’m sure they would.

Alex: They might now. [Laughing]


Link to the video

 My thoughts

  • If a guy bundles me into a car and drives out into the desert, where there is nobody – I might just feel a bit scared 😀
    I think what Stan did and what one needs to do to plan to go into the desert for some romance, might not be as spontaneous as Alex wants it to be, but needs a bit of preparation. 🙂



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10 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin Talks Romance and JLo’s Bum – April 2010

  1. Serai

    Haha, yeah, I thought the same thing, “Maybe not such a hot idea, Alex, until the girl really knows you.”

    LOVE the sarcasm. Not such a special snowflake anymore, eh dude? I need a .gif with just the eyeroll, it would be SO handy on comment boards. (I wonder if he’s ever gotten “Oh, you’re AUSTRALIAN??” as a reaction, because that sure was mine the first time I heard his real voice. For years I thought he was from New Jersey, one of those East Coast Irish boys like Ben Affleck or Mickey Rourke. What a SHOCK the first time I heard him talk as himself.)

    Thanks for the fun .gifs and the great interview stuff. I’m amazed you all haven’t run out of stuff yet…


    • gracenotpark

      I thought he was from Jersey too! Something about his American accent sounds Jersey to me. I had no idea he wasn’t American til I saw him as him on TV. I was shocked!

      I love how different he looks here, with the very precise facial hair and the bit of make up he’s wearing. I love how he can look so very different depending on hair and facial hair and the way he holds his posture from role to another. Just part of his magic.

      I really wish that had been a better movie. Much of it had a cheap sitcom-like feel. Just overdone, nothing subtle, except some of Alex’s work. Tho it is the only thing I’ve liked Melissa McCarthy in.,,


      • Serai

        It’s so weird when that happens, because not only are you hearing another voice, but the entire *reality* of that person kinda shifts, and suddenly you’re not looking at who you thought you were looking at. Suddenly this is somebody else, somebody you didn’t know existed, and that’s *weird*. It’s like going down a flight of stairs and there’s one less stair than you thought there was; you’re thrown off balance. Heehee.


        • gracenotpark

          True. Tho I also gotta say, as soon as I processed that Aussie accent, it immediately made him even sexier! LOL!!!


          • Colleen

            You are so right! When I heard his real voice for the first time I almost fell over. He went from being hot to sexy in the blink of an eye. Lol!


            • Serai

              Ahaha, for me the effect of an Australian accent is it instantly turns anyone into a smartass. Something about the vowel arrangement makes them sound like they don’t take anything seriously. Which, I will concede, makes Alex sexier than he already was – if that’s possible.


  2. karen

    No wrinkles…pre Hawaii. So handsome. Beth brought Mick out into the desert in a fan fic once. Mick could take care of himself though. haha


  3. Here is something from TV-Line:

    Question: I’m thrilled to see Michelle Borth back on Hawaii Five-0. Please tell me that she is staying. —Sandra
    Ausiello: Borth is staying on as Catherine… at least for a little while, in part because next season will open with the “first dance” at Kono and Adam’s wedding. “We’ll miss the actual vows, but we’ll come in on them being introduced as husband and wife,” showrunner Peter M. Lenkov tells TVLine. As for Borth’s status, “We haven’t finalized how long she’ll stay, but she’ll definitely be in some episodes at the beginning of the season,” he shares. “We haven’t figured out exactly where to go, but we’re working on it.”

    We shall see…


  4. Leah

    Such a gentleman, as always, when he refused to talk about Jennifer’s “bottom.” 🙂 I remember being taken aback when I first saw this style of facial hair on him – interesting but so temporary that I didn’t get a chance to decide if I liked it or not. 😉 But I must say I don’t recall him ever doing that funny little gesture with his mouth when he comments “They might now”‘ in the last gif. TOO CUTE!
    And thanks so much barb2167 for the tid bit about Catherine being in next season!


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