#AlexOLoughlin – TV Guide Posing Treats, Part 1

For some hiatus fun thought to revisit this old photoshoot, in small bits.

Couldn´t find the exact photos to match the gifs, but close enough is ok, right 🙂






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16 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – TV Guide Posing Treats, Part 1

  1. Betsy Craig

    Alex is so photogenic, I have never seen a poor photo of him, love this man.


  2. Colleen

    That second picture and God is enough to make me faint. He is such a natural in front of a camera. Thanks Paula!!


  3. Oh Paula
    I am singing the Hawaii Five -O theme a THUD THUD THUD THUD Etc I.m sure you get the picture THANK YOU
    Pommienana faints


  4. Audrey

    A W E S O M E. Thanks Paula.


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  5. Serai

    Mmm. Yummy.

    It’s interesting how differently his tattoos photograph depending on the medium. In pics, like these, they tend to come out sharp and dark/colorful, but on moving film they tend to wash out and look paler – the lines aren’t as finely drawn and the colors bleed into each other. I wonder if that’s something about his tattoos specifically (the ink? the technique?), tattoos in general, or the vagaries of film stock? It’s such beautiful work – what I can make out of it, anyway – I’d love to see them close up. (I’m talking about appreciating *artwork*, so get your mind out of the gutter. Really, where’s your *mother*, lol?)

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    • There´s a long line already to study those tatts up close 🙂
      This guy is work of art, very fitting he has used his skin for it too. Wonder how much more ink he will get. Think the influence in HI for big body art is very strong, just hope it doesn´t limit his acting opportunities too much :/


      • Serai

        Makeup people can always deal with that stuff. Dwayne Johnson has an enormous shoulder tattoo – really gorgeous, too – but you don’t see it when he’s doing a character that doesn’t have one. Amazing what they can do nowadays! It’s interesting that he hasn’t had any new work done since being in Hawaii, or at least that’s what I gather. I’d have thought he’d get some blackwork done, what with all that Pacific culture, as you say. Man, a really well-done blackwork piece would look splendid on that back of his.


        • Oy Newbie! Alex did get his back tatt worked on in Hawaii. He started his old “trampstamp” cover job already while still filming H50 season 1.You can see a peekage of the new artwork in epi 1.23 https://alexoloughlinintensestudy.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/123-peekaboo.jpg?w=750
          I would love to see how massive it got. It does extend to his legs too. We could use an artistic photoshoot of him in all his beautiful art 😉
          I agree with you on the blackwork tattoos looking cool. Been admiring them for a while now. But with Alex already having coloured ones, not sure he would go that route now.


          • Serai

            Yes, I can certainly agree that the world needs an artistic photoshoot of this man’s body. Yep. As artistic as can be got. Right away. In my study, please. And bring chocolate.

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          • Serai

            And thanks for the up-to-dating. Even if it does give me a massive itch I’m obviously never going to be able to scratch. *argh*


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