The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 118

As those of you who follow our Twitter and Facebook page, all surely know by now – Hawaii Five-0 has been renewed for Season 6.

No news on the number of episodes yet.

If they follow the norm of the past seasons, they should start filming somewhere in mid-July and the broadcast should start by the end of September (hopefully with another SOTB). We will keep you up to date on any news surrounding it, as it comes in (maybe some of it, after CBS Upfronts tomorrow).

s6 congratulations dl

We continue our Steve’s story from here

…… and my feeling from the previous episode continues “This is the real Hawaii Five-0 experience”….. And added to that we also had some special treats that made this episode even better. Shirtless, wet Steve, emerging from the sea. Steve in a tux, with bow tie, tied and untied. Steve taking no shit from suspects threatening his country, his home and his loved ones. Steve flying a helicopter. And also Steve the vulnerable human man, having to  deal with seeing his long time lover and friend. The woman that he loves and who he was not prepared to easily forget by moving on to another, back again after such a long time….

And added to that, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Alex O’Loughlin the man behind Steve, look as gorgeous as he did throughout this entire episode!

(When Alex brushed his hair back like that – it nearly was the end of me. Not sure how much more my heart can take of this …  😛 )

Before I continue with my thoughts on this episode and Steve’s story, I just want to remind people that these are fictional characters, written by people with different views and written for people all with different needs and likes. PLEASE don’t take everything so seriously and try to find every single bit of bad in the characters of actors you don’t like and the ships you don’t ship …. These characters will do whatever is written in the scripts. And it all depends on when and how, who is available to portray those characters…… Many factors come together to create a story.

In short, if your ship is not happening, get over yourself and rather not terrorize other fans with your theories of who belongs in the show or together or not ….

525 (47)

I was very sceptical about how they would reintroduce Catherine to the show and I was pleasantly surprised. You can see the doubt and the questions in Steve’s eyes, but you can also see the happiness in the smile he gave her just before he walked away.

I think that Michelle and Alex played it pitch perfectly throughout this scene. These lovers know each other so well, but lots of water under the bridge since they were separated. And as he said, lots to catch up on…. And neither of them know whether the other one might have moved on as far as relationships go.

And you can see that Steve will look at all evidence before he makes his decision. He is taking his own advice he gave Chin in the previous episode – don’t jump to conclusions and easy decisions when it comes to the people that you love.

Danny: Look I like Catherine very much, okay. I’m just not too happy about the way she left things. And now she’s back with not so much as a phone call. I think that for you it’d be good to find out what her plans are, so that she doesn’t, you know, rip your heart out again, that’s all.

Steve: Well, she didn’t rip my heart out, Danny. She went to do what she thought was right.

Danny: Right, she left you for a bunch of strangers

Steve: She went to help people in need. But like I said before, Danny, I don’t expect you to understand that.

I think Danny, and many fans, are missing one important fact here – Cath did not run off with another man or cheated on Steve. She went on a mission. Lots of people might do something like that in real life, without ending a relationship. Granted, most of them will keep regular contact and this was a bit different because this mission kind of just happened in the circumstance. People in the military are used to living apart for many months when they go on tours. It is very much part of their life of service to their fellow-man.

 Some random thoughts:

  • They really did an interesting job with all the stand-in actors at the scene with the plane (and with the raid at Bennett’s hideout). The doubles really have such a good resemblance of the actors – but really, we study every inch of Alex’s body and know his walk so well. NO fooling us there. But I must say it was one of the better cover-ups for Scott’s availability/absence, and with his schedule, not being able to shoot the scenes with the other main actors.
  • Not liking the awful shaky camera work in the blue room – please do not try some new special effects with this type of camera action – Just NO!


  • Something most fans also seemed to have missed – somebody had to be in contact with Cath. No one pitches up at a wedding uninvited. And the only person that would have invited her is Kono. My guess is that Kono felt it was time to return the favour – Cath helped her to get back with Adam, maybe it was time for Cath and Steve to be happy and back together again…. Thanks Kono 😀
  • Gabriel will never take WoFat’s place as nemesis – not as long as he just deals with Chin and does not become a threat to Steve and the whole team. As much as I like Gabriel as a villain with no conscious, which he demonstrated on a number of occasions – he will still need to do a lot, to convince me of his status as super-villain.

525 (105)

With so much greatness as part of the episode, I really did not have any time to see or care for all the little (or maybe even big) anomalies and questions. Steve’s story is in limbo and I guess we’ll have to wait for Season 6 to see if there will be any progress in our hero’s story ….

 Lots of fans always ask and speculate about the James Bond references. Not to burst anybody’s bubble but this is the reality:

Alex was invited to the 007 auditions in London the last time a Bond was chosen in 2005. Maybe they will ask him again next time – some other actors did try out for the role a number of times in the past. One of the main concerns at the time in 2005, apart from the fact that he is not British I think, was that he was a bit young for the role. You can read some of the details about it here.
Daniel Craig (who I like as Bond & who fills out oo7’s pants very nicely 😛 ) is filming the latest Bond movie at the moment and as far as I know he signed on for at least one more Bond film after this one. Then maybe in another 3 -4 years time that one will be filmed.
That will mean that by the time when they choose the next Bond in maybe 5 or 6 years time, Alex might be too old for it by then or already busy with a new fulltime project.

I actually feel that hopefully by then, he would have already made his mark in some other big blockbuster movie (or other movies), or maybe already be with an Oscar in hand for his dream role …. a fangirl can dream 😀

525 (68)

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 525

A Make Kāua (Until We Die)

To be continued …… next season

The Koala Smartass had such a lovely time of rest during these last 2 episode and hopefully the new season will give him even more rest with some great stories, that don’t need any smartassery… 🙂

Koala Smartass



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36 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 118

  1. Oh FOYeur what a perfect review for a perfect episode. I especially love your words about Cath’s return. And I am not even a Cath fan. But these scenes where absolutely realistic with much insecurities for different reasons on both sides. Alex did a damn fine job conveying Steve’s feelings. Heck, the whole episode he acted the shit outta his scenes. My hope for S6 is, and with Cath’s return they have the chance for it, that they let these two overcome their problems slowly, let them develop a new relationship slowly, let them talk and overcome all disappointment and regret to build a new and maybe stronger love. But slowly. Let me feel with those two! Let me participate!
    And now – ignoring your words – stomping feet and crying ‘ I want McKono!!’. LOL. No. Everything’s ok. We don’t know where Gabriel has gone. Maybe the wedding? Don’t think it will end with their vows. 😉 And maybe Gabriel will become a threat to McG? Maybe there’s an evil mastermind in the background? I am still hoping for Wo Fat sr. And if Adam survives I would like him being evil too!


    • Angèle

      I’m a fan of Michelle, but I think the character of Catherine demonstrated bad writing work. “Cath did not run off with another man or cheated on Steve. She went on a mission.” OK BUT : go from afghanistan to save Najib, it is heroic. Now, a female American soldier, alone, remain to protect the village children against the Taliban ; it’s just ridiculous, pure madness … the Taliban are still there and now : Who protects the children ? More realistically stay for a humanitarian mission structure per organization would be more logical and true. Remenber ep 508 Steve words : “She found her way – it makes his life” It was just to talk… or so now Michelle is out of work and peter Lenkov decides to offer him a job.
      Sorry , it’s a show, Ok but a little common sense it would be nice.
      The scene on the beach between cath alex: I just see two good friends who meet after long absence emotion ok but nothing particularly touching…
      Finally I apologize with fans McRoll, but I think character of Catherine is bland and boring : I see just a passive woman without reaction, without opinion regarding her man, support her man does not mean being passive and accept everything he says or does. it is excessively perfect , she is surreal. Between Cath and Steve is no love, no passion. just a friendship with benefits, is all. For them to be together, it’s just easier, not complicate. have approximately the same military course… it makes things easier. For me perfect together it is also it is also and above all in the differences ; learn to live with the qualities and defects of the other… In Italy they say : “l’amore è bello quando è litigarello”
      Thank you for the right to speak


      • I agree. I think that a statement that was made was incorrect: “Cath did not run off with another man or cheated on Steve. She went on a mission.” The bottom line is SHE LEFT HIM. She was selfish and threw his feelings aside. yes, she called Danny for help initially knowing Steve was in trouble and they “texted” (as noted on the last finale S4) BUT she apparently hadn’t spoken to him since then. If you truly love someone you would keep in touch. I hope they don’t bring her back because they need to move on and either develop the relationship with Ellie or find someone else that can be opposite so that they can understand each other as people, not as military, etc.

        As far as Gabriel hmmm the new Wo-Fat? Maybe? Or maybe it is the man (sorry forgot his name) that Steve shot in the leg and maybe he escapes. I am thrilled to know that we will find out more on S6…woo hoo.

        “PLEASE don’t take everything so seriously and try to find every single bit of bad in the characters of actors you don’t like” isn’t this an open discussion? You seem to favor the Catherine character and take offense at those of us who don’t particularly like the way the character is portrayed. I did like her season one as I stated before but I think the writers, like other story leads, have gone awry with her character….that’s all, enough said.

        Angele and others…do we know that she is returning? I read that PL wrote the season finale as a (series ending) just in case they weren’t renewed. We shall see. All I know is I am happy that it was renewed and so excited when I read it from TVLine yesterday.

        Thanks ladies.


    • Thanks leiCa
      For me it does not really matter if she stays around or not – it is just something that needs to be addressed properly by either finishing it properly for him to move on, or are have her stay and build their connection further.
      I would have liked to see Jerry’s face when he saw her – He does have a mild crush on her 😆
      (And btw – you know I am also actually a McKono fan 😀 – that’s why can’t stand the close mindedness of some 😕 )


      • gracenotpark

        Agree with your lovely review of the McRoll in this ep, Foyeur. She left for reasons that McG understands and is actually sorta proud of. He gets her. She gets him. Neither of those two are like the rest of us…and it’s not surprising that Danno doesn’t really understand them, either. These two are a different breed.

        And McRoll is hardly the only area where the writing/characterization has sometimes been sloppy, especially this season. McG and the Christams tree, Mean-Danno, Joe and his promise to come clean with McG, McDanno gave CHIN’s money away to the orphans, Rachel snatching Danno’s kid…there was a whole lotta bizarre this season. So Cath leaving that way last season did seem odd…they coulda done it better for sure,many we all bitched about that back then. But I agree with our gracious host here that in THIS ep, they went a long way to making it make sense, and kudos to the two actors for showing the hesitancy and the love the characters both were feeling in this long awaited reunion.

        Also kudos for the amazing screen shots, ladies! Man! What a man! He HAS never looked better.


        • Thanks Grace
          I had the luxury of writing this from a place of being unbiased about Cath’s return. It kind of frees one up to write what you actually see and not what prejudice tells you. (Although I might be slightly prejudice as far as everything about Alex goes 😀 )


  2. Ulrike Schwarz

    There’ s one thing sweet koala did’t see….what about Caths car? Where did she park her car during that year?

    My first thought after the great news yesterday: yeah yeah yeah….!!!!!! You’re doing such a great job every day….I enjoy every mail.Thanks !!!!!


    • It is great to here that you enjoy Alex here with us on a daily basis. 😀
      When I enjoy an episode like this one, the things that raises questions, does not really matter that much to me.
      But I did think about the whole scenario of what might have happened in Cath’s absence with her belongings. I would think that Cath had people that took care of stuff for her while she went on assignments – remember in Season 2 she went away for a long time, when she shipped out.
      We know so little about her – it might even be possible that her parents live on Hawaii – who knows 🙂


  3. All I know is with the perfection that is Alex O’Loughlin in this entire episode I missed all the inconsistencies that some say were there. I have to say by giving us such gorgeousness I can probably forgive PL and the writers for just about anything right know. 🙂


  4. Colleen

    Wonderful review Foyeur! I agree with you. I didn’t notice any flaws in the episode but I might have been to distracted by a shirtless Alex and then Alex in a tux. If the wardrobe people kept with that I could ignore almost anything. Lol! Excellent job as always and I’m so excited for another year with our favorite super cop. 🙂


    • There are quite a number of flaws that I noticed on the re-watches. A lot more that in the previous episode – but if it does not steal my enjoyment of the episode, I also really don’t care about it.
      The whole team just made it all work. 🙂


  5. Gabriel will never replace Mark D. But still he comes close to it. Catherine and Steve will have a lot to talk about. As really hope that they can patch everything up and get married. Also Kono and Adam when they get married will have a baby. Among other things I want to see in season 6.


    • I doubt if they will have a wedding so soon again on the show.
      It migst be interesting to see if the writers would ever think of making Kono pregnant – I doubt, but it can be part of some interesting stories.
      I just think that it would not really fit into how they have been handling storylines in the past – having a pregnancy progress normally, might be too difficult for them to incorporate in their style of writing.


  6. Wow, I’m feeling a bit shallow today and am afraid to comment on my feelings about Cath coming back. I have mixed feelings, but I think it was done fairly well. If her return is the only way we get shirtless Steve, then “Welcome Back MB!” 😛
    I think I may have died if he were standing that close to me, glistening, brushing his wet hair back from his face and exposing those magnificent under arms! #ArmPitKink 😳 You could almost smell his manliness through the screen. Unf! Good thing for him, I still can’t afford a trip to Hawaii. 😛


    • I think it is so cruel that we have been denied this shirtless wonder for so long! Think the should reboot Baywatch, with the Hawaiian version or something – wth Alex in the lead of course. And with Alex running half naked on the beach all the time 😆


      • Yes CRUEL CRUEL CRUEL! Maybe Season 6 will be the season of shirtless Steve? I’d actually be happy with tank tops and boardies more often. It’s freaking Hawaii!
        I’m not picky about the show he’s in as long as he’s on screen the majority of the time. I’d watch Alex sit in a chair for an hour. Cross legged or even better, legs spread…mmmmm…. leaning back in the chair with arms behind his head….mmmmmmmm. Oh my, I must get something accomplished today.


  7. I hope it’s ok that I used your fabulous shot as my gravatar 😕


  8. spurschick

    My thought when I heard that Cath was coming back? “I did NOT see that coming!” If that character leaving the show had originally been intended, I could understand it. But my understanding is that the actress wanted off the show and there was all kinds of drama, so I was very surprised that she came back. If we knew for sure that it was the last season, I could see her returning for that, but the renewal was still up in the air. (Now it’s not 😉) I’m fine with her returning, as long as all the other drama is gone. Surely MizzBorth is still looking for another starring role, so I’m skeptical about what happens with her character in Season 6.

    For me, it was telling when he asked her, “How long are you staying for this time?” Leopards don’t change their spots and he might have realized (he’s had a year to think about it) that she’s someone who gets bored easily and needs a gig that’s going to keep her on the go. Even though she’s put the ball in his court by asking him how long he wants her to stay, I would hope that he’s a little cautious before jumping back into anything. I know that I would be. They didn’t part on bad terms, which makes it more complicated.

    The last thing I want Season 6 to be is the first seasons of Gray’s Anatomy… Derek and Meredith are together, now they’re not, now they’re back together, now they’re not. I don’t watch the show for the ships. They’re nice background, but they don’t provide much substance for me.

    And what about Amber/Melissa?! The girl was ten kinds of freaked out when she saw the texts from Rachel! We don’t get to see Danny explaining anything to her and assuring that everything’s going to fine?! Brutal. Again, this is what weak shipping storylines can do to a show.

    If Gabriel is the best they can do in terms of finding a new nemesis, we’re in for a disappointing season, IMO. Once you’ve had Wo Fat, you can never go back. You can do better, writers. C’mon… dig deep and go balls out. Your renewal luck can’t go on much longer. Time to leave it all out on the field.


    • Spurschick THANKS! My sentiments exactly re: Steve’s feelings about Catherine being back…I felt as though he resolved himself to her leaving and was okay with it. I know we will see. Just a side note there was NOTHING current on Michelle’s FB/Twitter at all. The last posts were in 2014.

      As far as Danny telling Amber/Melissa he said (while in the car) he would when the time was right…I think he was still processing it all himself.

      Maybe Gabriel isn’t the new Wo-Fat it could be the man who stole the Nuke (and he escapes)…we will have to wait and see. I am just so excited that we have a season 6!


    • Hi Spursy
      I also felt the same. >>>>> My thought when I heard that Cath was coming back? “I did NOT see that coming!”
      MB did not end her contract to do something else – it was not renewed from the networks side. Most probably because they had some differences of opinion about the freedom of how actors are allowed to act on social media etc.
      I really don’t think any relationships in H50 can ever be compared with Grey’s Anatomy. Their people jumping in and out of everybody elses beds, were front and centre all the time – it’s never been that way in H50 and always just play a small part to make the characters just that little bit more interesting than just one dimentional cops with no personal life or passion. For the most part, I feel it is fans who make much more out of these sideline relationships.

      As far as Amber/Melissa – From what I gather from what Danny told Steve, he never even shared any info with her that Rachels was trying to get in contact with him urgently or what it was about – I think they are setting it up for some drama in S6 around it or for a reason for a break-up between them.

      Could not agree more with your last paragraph – there is so much more they could do with the show still in years to come.


      • gracenotpark

        If they would write like they did for these last 2 episodes, then we might win some audience back. This season was so disappointing overall, with inconsistencies and dropped stories and not nearly enough McG…but somehow they pulled off these last 2 gems! Maybe the writers got THEIR mojo back!


  9. buttercup4u

    I think the james bond sentences made steve uncomfortable, but coming from grover it seemed ok 😉 !!!
    I like the ep, well done, the two stories went well together, chin is ONE COOL guy, after this ep he climbed the hottie-meter on the top! He looks great with his jeans and gun, i really would love more Chin with ANYBODY! I like gabriel, he has potential, he gives me chills, and i want to see him with Steve, fight with steve, and where the hack is Joe?


  10. buttercup4u

    And for McRoll, i always liked them, i like the way they trust each other, i like how they understand everybody’s mission, ok she went to help other people instead to say with her super-gorgeous-looking-navy-seal-boyfriend, but … I can understand, and so can steve!
    I mean, everytime they have a discussion, or try to get close, the damn phone rings!!!!!!! See ep 1.04 when the gov phones!! What would a normal woman’s reaction be to that …. see?!?! Who wouldn’t get angry and hot-blooded and go like “oh baby, your job always goes first, and i have to sit at home and clean and cook!!!” I admire Cath!


    • IMHO I disagree buttercup. Steve has always said his work came first and everyone knows that, including Catherine. He was able to go on missions, work cases, etc. and yet he was able to still have time for her and his Ohana. For her to get angry because he has a job to do is irritating. Did he get upset every time she was deployed. No, he supported her he was disappointed (like when she was sent to the Middle East in Season 2) but he knew that was her job and he respected that.

      Catherine, on the other hand, was able to lie to him about Doris and walk away from him (mission or not); breaking his heart and yes he understood but it still didn’t make it right. (I know Catherine is a character…) I was also angry that she was being a spoiled brat when they were in his truck eating (He got the helicopter in that episode). She couldn’t accept his gesture….he thought he was being romantic and he was WITH HER alone….yet she complained….sorry not kosher in my book.

      They also FIRED Michelle and now they bring her back. Why? I think they are forcing something that isn’t working any more. It is very awkward to see them hug…I don’t know if it because of the writer’s, if the chemistry is gone (whether it is because Alex is now married) or if they closed the book on that a season and a half ago. She left, he moved on and so should the writers, Why beat a dead horse.

      Yes, we have all agreed at one point that there are inconsistencies in the story line but there has been a few people who have TRULY been there for Steve and Catherine wasn’t one of them. Where was she when he was being accused of murdering the Governor? Where was she when he was tortured in Korea? Where was she when he (went to help her with Amir) was taken hostage? NOWHERE! If she truly loved him she would have found a way to be with him…I know I would have. Then there are the story lines with Joe and Doris…Danny, etc.

      I look forward to season 6 and just hope that the writers wise up, get the story back on track, lose the dead weight characters and plots that don’t work and have a great season like they did Season 1. Just my opinion of course….Please let me say that I am NOT a fan of certain characters (Catherine, Joe and Doris) but I do NOT hate them and I do respect others opinions about them….so please don’t think I am a hater.


      • buttercup4u

        I really like Catherine as a character, IMO she never intended to lie to him, it was just wrong place-wrong time, she didn’t do it to hurt him or for her selfishness, it just seemed the right thing to do in the car with Doris.
        Also the Rainbow-dinner, I could understand her feels, and also there, she didn’t mean to hurt him, but I guess that’s how we all see thinks different. As we all grow up with different families and different circumstances!

        Nevertheless, I agree with you, that somewhere in s3 or s4 the chemistry got lost, and I never figured out why! If it was the writers way or whatever! They didn’t look at each other the way they looked in the beginning ;-(

        I personally like the final, the awkwardness btw them seemed real, but I wait until s6 and then I decide whether this would/should/could work!


        • Serai

          We should keep in mind that although to us he’s Big Steve Played By Beautiful Alex, to Catherine he’s just her boyfriend, who’s a hunk and treats her right and is great in the sack, but who can also be a jerk and imposes on her at work and won’t remember to put the seat down when he’s at her place. Expecting her to have endless patience with the guy would be imposing unrealistic boundaries on the character – if he’s real, then she has to be real, too. And I can’t imagine being Steve McGarrett’s girlfriend and not throwing things at him now and then.


      • buttercup4u

        Oh barb, I see now that you got my intentions wrong with the interruption thing! As I am not a native English speaker I might not always find the right style 😉
        I meant, that Cath never actually compained about him having to leave her for the job, that’s why I admire her, because my reaction could (or is with my hubby) totally different, SOM!


    • Agree with you Buttercup – they are a good fit.


  11. buttercup4u

    But for s6 i wish they would skip the dancing around and ever so much hugging and get the real deal, just one scene pleeeeeease!


    • Good thinking – like that idea 😛


    • Serai

      We ALMOST got the real deal in the first season, 105. I still go back and watch that waking-up scene because it’s not only yummy as hell, it’s actually surprisingly explicit – you can tell *exactly* what they’re doing under that sheet. Gets me faklempt every time!


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