The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 117 (Epi 5:25)

We continue our story from here

524 (45)

The first feeling that I had while watching this episode and it stayed with me right to the end of it …. “This is the Hawaii Five-0 I fell in love with” .

And then I stepped back and asked what gave me this feeling after so many episodes, where I did not find that same love.

    • To me it felt as if I actually knew these characters they showed us this time around …
    • I never got the feeling that this episode was written around who is available for filming or not – everybody was just there to do their part in solving this one crime. And their personal lives were just naturally part of, and  interwoven, during the episode.
    • The carguments were there, without snarky, bitchy replies. Two grown men who are close friends, not only busting each others chops without venom, but also giving good advice and support when needed
  • Danny’s counterbalance, Rachel is back! She is and always will be part of Danny’s personality – she kind of completes him and his reason for being in Hawaii. They have a history, they have a child (and now 2 children) and they will actually always love one another, no matter how much they ‘hate’ the other one.
  • Chin trying to protect his Kono from heartache, consulting Steve about Adam – their bond, trust and respect for one another was again cemented.
  • Details about the case of the week were actually there and we got to know the people behind the story of the case – they made us care.

524 (9)

So to recap my thoughts – It was all just there!

I personally think men are and can be very forgiving when it comes to anything surrounding their kids (their own blood). I have seen many men who have been deceived by women about their kids (and when and how they were conceived) and then forgiving, even when they know the truth and move on for the kids sake. Some even marry them and build a happy home around them.

 My question and opinion about Rachel’s actions during the recap of Steve’s story in  Episode 201:

  • Maybe there is a slight possibility that an educated woman can be further along with her pregnancy than she thought, but how probable is it? (BTW – I still believe that Rachel just said that the baby was Stan’s, because she realised that Danny is married to his job and that things would never work between them)

524 (43)

In my opinion, Rachel acting the way she did, just shows how much she wants to protect her kids. She is not like Grover’s wife, Renee, the perfect cop-wife material. And when she was prepared to start a new life with Danny at the end of Season 1 – Danny chose to lie to her about what was happening that night and just left her to go back home alone with Grace.

She made the choice about lying to Danny and Stan, as self-preservation and as a lioness protecting her cubs. I will never say that what she did was right – but I understand that what she did was very much in character for Rachel as a person. And Rachel’s point of view was validated shortly after Charlie was born, when Grace was kidnapped in Episode 215 …. And for that and also Danny’s actions and choices during Episode 518 , I want to kind of support her in her choice.


So in the end once again nothing new happening in Steve’s story, but at least this time around we got to see Steve’s loyalty and commitment again – not only towards Kono, Chin and Danny, but also towards Catherine and what he had with her …

My favourite moment of the episode:

Steve putting up a “Wall of Silence” 😀

524-wall-of-silence-2Oh dear Alex – this is why we love you! You made this look so adorable … 😀

524 (44)

Thank you ‘forbidden’ Back Tattoo for giving a little peekaboo. 😛

524-peekabooThank you @BeeM for asking for a better view of it. 🙂 )


And this was Steve’s story for:

Hawaii Five-0: Episode 524

Luapoʻi (Prey)

Written by: Eric Guggenheim

Directed by: Maja Vrvilo

(8 May 2015)

To be continued ……

PS. Happy Mothers Day to those in countries around the world who are celebrating it today. Hope you are all spoiling your mothers, or those of you who are mothers, that you are being spoiled endlessly.



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15 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 117 (Epi 5:25)

  1. tracey

    I thought rachels 2nd kid belonged to stan not danno


  2. Both of them having two kids kind of came off confusing in a sense since they are no longer married.


  3. Again, you nailed it. Totally agree with you. This was it. “t was all just there.” Love that.

    About Rachel, like you, I think she was very in character. I knew Charlie was Danny’s , no surprise there. Her reasoning is really weak, but I can understand her. She left Danny because of his job, she never was cut out to be a cop’s wife, or any person in a dangerous position. On the other hand, Stan can die on one of his many trips, or break his neck getting out of bed. So, I find that a bit lame. But I’m sure she thought she did the right thing for the kid. Even though she was very wrong to do that to Danny.
    Fathers have the right to learn about being a father, and I find it morally wrong not to tell them.
    But I’m not judging her either. Both Danny and Rachel did hurtful and wrong things, I think they are pretty much even.


    • Thanks Sam
      I really think Danny should have been more open and honest with her that night Steve was arrested in the season 1 finale – He kind of lied to her and never even contacted her again before she boarded the plane that night. I think that was just too much for her to handle and from there her decision
      I do not understand why he finds the need to lie to people – he is doing the same with Amber/Mellisa now and I suspect it will backfire on him again.


  4. kalola1061

    I totally agree!!! This was the Hawaii-Five0 that I also fell in love with. Everything and every one was perfect.


  5. Leah

    AGREED! Everything was great in the episode – the 5-0 family working together on the job as well as supporting & caring for each others’ personal issues! I thought it was great how the writers mirrored the fans’ differing views regarding Catherine’s return during the Steve/Danny cargument (Steve’s more casual attitude vs. Danny’s more balking attitude). In my opinion, I thought they handled that very well.
    Thank you for the great post & gifs FOYeur & Paula!
    And Happy Mother’s Day to all you ladies!! 🙂


  6. gracenotpark

    Oh I so hope we get renewed.,,and that whoever wrote this sucker writes all next year’s eps!

    I LOVE H50!!! I had forgotten how much. 🙂


  7. joyfuljaj

    oh that wall of silence – so cute, and so season 1. i rewatched the first carguments last night, and loved them!


  8. Serai

    I did like this episode a lot. You’re right, it’s very much in the spirit of the first season, when more care was taken to touch on everyone’s stories and interweave all of them into the narrative. It was great to see Steve and Danny get their mojo back, and yeah, the Wall of Silence thing was cute. And the kid – you know, that felt way too pat when it happened. Yay, we’re having a kid, and then…nope, we’re not. Just a little too rug-pulled-out for me. I’m not surprised to see them backtracking on it now.

    As to Catherine coming back – is there gonna be another one of these for the second episode last night? Oh well, whatever – I’m glad she’s back. I think she was a good influence on Steve, she lightened him up and calmed him down, and now that neither of them has a closure-monkey on their backs, perhaps they can actually enjoy each other as people and not means to an end (which they were doing at least partly before). I think they’re very right for each other, obviously have a similar view of the world and how to behave in it, and clearly still love each other. Since it looks like Steve is big enough not to hold his pain against her, I think they could have a really good future together.


  9. Lee Ann

    Enjoyed the finale but wished the 2 storylines were more connected. The bomb ‘thingy’ story was weird. That helicopter could never have gotten out of the blast area safely that fast with 2 seconds on the timer.
    ANYWAY, CBS announced H50 renewed for season 6.


  10. Carol A Roscoe

    How could he not know that Charlie was not his he looks kinda like him blonde hair probably blue eyes. He should kept asking if he was his. I’m sorry I’m watching these on Netflix and I just saw the episode again I had to say something. He is a cutie!!!


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