H50 5.25 – Drop dead McGorgeous

They should sell tickets for Alex´s beach scenes, that would make a big pile of money for local charities, maybe even a small cut for CBS 😉

Since we got so much yummo in this final episode (of the season) I had to skip scenes and decided to just have wet Steve and tux McG in this post. Just had to get this out quickly. Alex was just O.M.G all the time. And the episode was well done also. A nice ending to s 5… 🙂 Enjoy the final s5 pretties!

Wet Steve!

525 face 1

525-wet-6 525-wet-7


Tux McG!


Possibly the funniest moment in this episode 😀
“You don´t get to die today even if it made my life a lot quieter”, or something like that 😀


So was there a big cliffhanger, enough for s 6?


(Ps 5.24 post will be done later, today or tomorrow)



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30 responses to “H50 5.25 – Drop dead McGorgeous

  1. Vixhen

    So last night’s double hitter season finale was actually good. Both stories were probably the best of the season… I felt sad and glad for Danny. I knew that kid was his. I didn’t mind Catherine coming back either. She looked great. The million dollar question is….will she be a regular again? My only complaint about last night’s episode was that we didn’t get to see Kono and Adam actually tie the knot. I wanted to see tears and hear their vows. Kono did look very pretty, and Adam….WOW. The tux only enhanced his hotness factor. And a shout out to Chin…he was also wearing the hell out of his tux. Now on to the reason we’re all here….OMG…AOL super hotness overload!!! There was so much AOL goodness I lost count. I swear if he got got any hotter, I was going to need a hose turned on blast, repeatedly. I mean was it just me or did he just look super fine in every shot? His hair was perfect, those sideburns were tight, and there was a great view of his neck that had me palpitating. All of my favorites were in this episode: the blue shirt, the tux, the cargo pants, the tux with the undone bow tie, and then we get the mother of all mother lodes…shirtless and wet!!! I nearly passed out from joy.


    • I was thinking at some point that why couldn´t entire season have had episodes as entertaining as these two. They are clearly underestimating shirtless Alex´s value on the show 😉 And what a handsome guy in tux does to us. If it wasn´t for that some might have thought a story of a nuclear bomb being a bit over the top 😛

      Alex really did look perfect, he was apparently well rested cause I didn´t spot any exhaustion in his eyes. Or maybe he was rejoicing of his hiatus freedom already. Perfect hair, even wet. Mamma Mia what a guy!


  2. Colleen

    Beautiful Paula!!!! I was so excited about the swimming and the tux. It was like wardrobe read our minds. And Grovers James Bond my butt comment was hilarious! Alex was looking and kicking butt as if he was Bond. One of the best episodes in a long time!!!! I’m still giddy about it. Hahaha. 😃


  3. I loved the episodes however I HATED Catherine! Sorry bit she seemed forced. It was awkward seeing them hug each other and if anyone remembers they NEVER kissed in this episode. There was even a line when she asked him what he thought about her “possibly coming back” (or something similar) and he chose to answer his cell. She replied with “saved by the bell.” I personally think she won’t be back…he even said it, a year has passed and feelings change, I feel he has moved on and who knows she could up and leave him again. There is only so much heartbreak one person can take and I think he gave her plenty of chances.

    One thing I observed since she left was there was only two mentions of her the entire time…the last season finale when Steve said they texted and the time he told his aunt Deb that she left him. I personally feel that if the writers were going to bring her back then they would have teased us a bit with him saying that she got in touch with him, etc.

    Also, IMHO if they were bringing her back or moving the relationship forward (not to mention having the characters “still love each other”) I think there would have been more then just hugs between them especially when they first see each other. The first part of him exiting the water…yummy but then when he saw her I cringed. PLEASE I am not a hater of Miss Borth or Catherine as a character I am unhappy when people are forced together especially to tie up loose ends.

    Lastly I think that it was a BAD reason for Catherine to come back…granted it was an excuse. “I wouldn’t miss Kono’s wedding,” she noted. But nothing (until the end) was said about him. She ONLY returned for Kono’s wedding, really?. That must have been a real ego boost….(sarcastic)….”Honey I told you I loved you, then I left to live across the world never contacting you and then when I receive a wedding invitation I decided to come home. Oh by the way do I stay with you, the man whose heart I broke and now expect to welcome me with open arms.” They should have brought her back as the intel person she was…she could have heard about the nuclear weapon (since she’s in that region) and came back to warn them. That to me, would have been more plausible. Sorry for the rant. I enjoyed everything else about the episodes and HOPE for a season 6.


    • It sounds like you let your hate for Cath´s return ruin this wonderful episode with extra handsome Alex. She wasn´t even that much part of it. Just glimpses.
      Anyway, it could be the producers wanted to tease people with Cath, and leave her as part of cliffhanger too.
      I was more concerned for the credits ruining my wet McG moments. Those bastards are doing it on purpose! There should be a law against running credits over Alex!


      • I don’t think it was a hatred for Catherine (as stated earlier) I said it was more about the way they brought her back.

        I found a few other things that were out of whack but it just seemed to be the only character interaction (within the 50 team) that was very uncomfortable. The relationship between the team is better than it has been and Grover is fitting in nicely.

        I don’t like Rachel and what she did with Danny. I think that was disgusting and now after three years she comes to him for help. Seems to me that BOTH men have been royally hurt by women who they loved.

        Otherwise I am looking forward to Season 6.


  4. gracenotpark

    Excellent eps, both of em. THIS is Hawaii Five 0!!!! Do this every week and we’ve got a great tv show!

    And I LOVED Cath’s return. It was lovely. They still care for each other but there’s some hurt that’s gotta be worked out. I thought it was handled quite well, and she was as gorgeous as he was last night.

    The stories were exciting. The other cast all had great lines and moments. The McDanno was back to being fun and funny and not viscious. The carguments and chopperguments were the best in years.

    My only irk was what they did with Rachel. I wish they had let Danno’s paternity have been a surprise to her too…something she found out when they tested her and Stan, and he was no match. I don’t like the evil mastermind fixation Lenkov seems to have with mothers. He has enuf female issues, stop maligning mothers!


    • I just feel that Rachel does not strike me as the type of person who does not know what is going on with her own body and she would have known when she got pregnant – to put it plainly, I do not think she is a dumb chick.
      I think maybe both Danny and Stan was a bit dumb or blind, to just take her word for it after she was so sure to begin with that Danny was the father. Especially when Charlie came a bit early, but was not a premature baby.
      And I really think that Rachel was trying to act in the interest of her unborn Charlie at the time (and not be a bad mom) – she most probably regretted it on many occasions since then – but with no real opportunity to correct it.
      I have a very soft spot for Rachel and her actions – ever since she had that first chat with Steve in epi 110. And that maybe causes me to always find excuses for her action and not see her as evil 🙂


  5. vanduyn

    OMG! Awesome gifs Paula!! Thank you♥


  6. buttercup4u

    Wow, gorgeous – this ep is going to kill us all (eventually 😉 )!!!
    Steve is tux, looking great and very J.Bondish! And, yeahh, Cath is back! I can understand her, and don’t think she left him alone. She had a mission. I’m sure she kept in touch while away! Of course, he was broken and sad, but hey, indepentent woman had a mission! Whatever, I am happy!


    • I think Steve explained her actions very nicely to Danny. He understands her – they have been together for a long time and there are good reasons for that – much more that just passion. 😀


      • I have a few observations that I would like to know what you thought of. Yes, Catherine was back and met Steve at his house…if she still had her car then she could possibly have her house…if so why would she need to stay with him? If she didn’t keep her place why keep her car, she could have rented one. Lastly, why did they have to place her in the investigation she in NOT part of Five-O and is no longer in the Navy. We have seen in past episodes that Steve has made some “connections” so he, still active as a reservist by the way, should still be able to get intel.

        As far as their “connection” the look on his face when he first saw her was that of complete shock but also pain. Yes, they had been together for a long time but I think he resigned himself to the fact that she was gone. I personally don’t want to see her back unless it is an occasional guest appearance because they seem to force her (IMHO), on him, into the investigation and certain scenes between them feel forced. I look back when she was in the roll FT and the chemistry wasn’t there as it was the first season.

        I am sorry to all the “McRoll” lovers (I am not a hater) I am looking at the integrity of the show. There were certain other incidences that had nothing to do with Catherine. There have been previous discussions about things thrown into the show without explanation and that it isn’t brought up again. I understand it is a show but when you try to have a “consistent” time line like H50 does, then throwing in arbitrary scenes and or cast members to add more “oomph” to the show isn’t right…die hard fans will know. Here’s an example: why add Dr. Ross’ character when she is only there for three scenes? They add her and others randomly…to me it throws things off, but that’s just me.

        Overall the story lines, cast, etc. are great and I am excited to see if we get a season 6. Thanks ladies for all of your posts,


  7. Lesley Baillie

    Loved the pics looking forward to watching the series finale in the UK on Sunday. Looking forward to the reruns. Wont be long till July and they begin filming again. Looking like the team will be back. Shame to hear you dont see the vows, was looking forward to seeing the wedding.


  8. Fox527

    LOVED having McRoll back together. I was fangirling big time!

    As for Steve, he was McGorgeous, McYummy, McHottie, and so friggin delicious looking, I’m surprised there wasn’t drool around me. I have never seen Alex look better. Wow. Kuddos to the wardrobe department on this epi.

    I don’t think Steve & Cath looked “forced” at all. IMHO, if they would’ve been all over each other after not seeing each other for a year, THAT would have seemed wrong. Steve has been hurt, no doubt about it….and I think Catherine KNOWS that which is why things were a little tentative when he first sees her. He can’t believe she’s there….and she doesn’t know how he’s going to react to her being there…… But then when he saw her….OMG!! You could also see that he still loves her (again, just my opinion).

    If they decide to bring her back for Season 6 (and I hope they do), I would love to see them work through this in a realistic way. It’s going to take time to work through what has happened, but I do believe they are perfect for each other. I want more!! 🙂


    • Although not fangirling as much as you about McRoll … I think they handled her return pretty well and agree with your comment 100%. It was very realistically done.


  9. karen

    They wouldn’t have fallen into each other’s arms. It’s been a year. They need to talk. And the episode wasn’t about McRoll. It was done fairly well. Onward!


  10. ;lkj;alkjw;oij;lka;oijel;kmouoiul; alnbjh;a ah darn it!! I can’t even type!!! #McBondLives #McGorgeous #McGoogilyMoogily


  11. Wonder if he would be considered for James Bond, hence the tuxedo and last night’s saying?! For real that is!


    • Alex was asked and he did the auditions in London the last time a Bond was chosen in 2005. So maybe they will ask him again, because the main concern I think then, was that he was a bit young.
      Daniel Craig is filming the next Bond at the moment and as far as I know he signed on for at least one more film after this one – so maybe in another 3 -4 yrs time that will be filmed.
      By the time when they choose the next Bond, Alex might be to old or already busy with a new fulltime project.


  12. alexnymph

    This episode was like a compilation of seasons past because everyone was in it or mentioned. We had Rachel, Grace, Danny, new son Charlie, Steve, Catherine, Kono, her parents, Adam, Chin, Malia’s evil brother,Jerry and Max, and mentions of Stan, Ellie, Amber, and the Yakuza. It was like a whos’ who of H50 (missing Fong and Duke though). There were so many throwbacks to S1–the Bond comment (E3 Danny’s comment about being mistaken for a waiter while Steve looked like James Bond), the perp telling McGarrett he couldn’t do that and Steve saying he could do anything he wanted, Steve’s attitude in general, the shootouts at the docks, etc. I liked it but it made me wonder “what’s up?” Is this the end?


  13. lindae5o

    Alex was simply breath-taking in these episodes. He is responsible for more heart palpitations than anyone. I’m not sure yet what I felt about the episodes overall. I didn’t like that they had Catherine working the case with them, as though she’d never been gone. I hope she won’t be back.
    I know I’ll be watching these episodes again though, just for all the Steve/Alex gorgeousness !!


  14. Leah

    Total Alex Awesomeness!! YUM!! Thanks ladies!! 🙂


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