#AlexOLoughlin: I’d be happy to never do another sex scene again – April 2010

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Pop Wrap

by Jarrett Wieselman

21 April 2010

Alex on TBUP set

Alex O’Loughlin perfectly fits into the grand tradition of Australian actors who wash up on our shores primed for omnipresence with an uncanny ability to charm your pants off. I’m talking Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett here.

And while Alex’s previous efforts might have missed the mark on longevity, they were crucial stepping stones that turned him into one of the most adored up and coming actors working today. Many of those fans rose up following his short stint as a vampire P.I. on “Moonlight” — but I suspect that number is about to exponentially increase this Friday when “The Back-Up Plan” his theaters.

Alongside Jennifer Lopez, Alex turns in an effortlessly charismatic performance as the most understanding first date in history. PopWrap recently caught up with Alex to talk all about the film, his sparse “Back-Up Plan” wardrobe and what the chances of a “Moonlight” movie are.

ALex & JLo on set

PopWrap: What attracted you to this script?

Alex: It read like a romantic comedy I hadn’t seen before. There’s some great comedy in it but also some solid dramatic moments. I ended up being taken on a journey with these characters. It was all there on paper, and I met with Jennifer to see if we could get along, and here we are.

PopWrap: Would you say the chemistry was instant?

Alex: It’s weird, you sit in a room like this and you’re sussing out this person you’ve never worked with before. I sort of always test out their sense of humor and she made me laugh.

So we started talking about the script: how we saw the arc of the film and we both had the same sort of idea.


PopWrap: So you’re sitting in Jennifer Lopez’s house — anything surprising adorning the shelves or walls?

Alex: [laughs] There was no Snuggie or anything, but there was a cannonball sitting in the middle of the table. I thought that was interesting. Marc [Anthony] collects a lot of ancient artifacts, so he’s got a lot of stuff from Greece that was fascinating.

I actually started talking to him, hanging out with him when I should have been in the meeting with Jennifer.

PopWrap: She’s recently said how much she dislikes filming love scenes — what are your feelings on them?

Alex: It’s a PG-13 film, so it’s not like Skin-amax. Jennifer’s a married woman and .. well, even if she wasn’t, you just do the scene with the utmost respect and courtesy to get the job done.

Really it’s awful and anyone who thinks filming sex scenes is hot would be wrong. Even if it was with someone you were attracted to, there are 50 people standing around.

I’d be happy to never do another one again.


PopWrap: How do you feel about the way you’re being marketed in the film then, as if you don’t wear any shirts in the film?

Alex: Ah yes, the chest suit.

Stan 7

PopWrap: Is that what you’re calling it?

Alex: I just made that up.

PopWrap: So were you comfortable being that exposed on set?

Alex: It’s really strange. In my own house I’m free to run around naked, but on camera I always ask, is this necessary?

But they got me a trainer and I got to get really fit during the film — that was fun. But no, I’m never comfortable with that.

TBUP set

PopWrap: What haven’t the trailers told us about your character, Stan?

Alex: He’s a goat farmer, he makes cheese – but he’s kind of stuck where he is. It’s not that he wants to get out of his life, but something is missing and he’s trying to make sense of that.

So it’s serendipitous the way these two meet, they collide into one another and neither of them feel ready for it. If love comes, it comes.

PopWrap: Stan is very ready to help Jennifer’s character through her pregnancy — would you be as understanding?

Alex: I don’t know. It would entirely depend on the woman. I haven’t met the woman that I’m going to spend my life with … as far as I know.

So I don’t know what it’s like when that situation crops up, but I think if it’s the great love, it’s the great love.

Alex on set

PopWrap: I don’t know how tapped into the “Moonlight” fan base you are, but a lot of them think that if this movie is a hit it opens the door for a “Moonlight” movie.

Alex: Yea, I’m aware. I’m as closely in touch with the fanbase as I can be. I do try and return the mail and write fans back. It’s crazy.

I had fans before “Moonlight,” but not like this. I’m so appreciative of their support.

PopWrap: Should they hold out hope?

Alex: I think hope is a very dangerous thing, but I also don’t think you should lose hope. It’s not on my horizon but it’s something that I would of course consider if we could figure out a way to make a big special film that’d do the characters justice.

Alex on the Set

My Thoughts

  • I would love to be a fly on the wall in his house – where he feels free to roam around naked. 😛
  • Dear Alex, Please make many many more love scenes in the future – the world will only be a better place for it. 😀 (And I need some fresh p0rn 😯A special report on why ‘Oyster Farmer’ is my p0rn)
  • Alex is a great actor and we know there is no need for him to get naked – but once again, the world can only be a better place if he drops his kit once in a while … 🙂


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8 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin: I’d be happy to never do another sex scene again – April 2010

  1. Colleen

    He amazes me. Most men the look like him would love any chance to show off. But he seems shy about his body and not aware of how good looking he is. I love him all the more for that. Excellent interview Foyeur and your comments at the end made me laugh. Naughty girl. 🙂


  2. Ha.. a tattoo glimpse I’ve never seen before!
    And I am always impressed that he is no one of these ‘look at me I’m hot’ show offs. He has no idea… sigh, makes him even more adorable.
    I am jumping on the *more love scenes* bandwagon too FOYeur. Your name says it all ;-). So be it Alex!!!


    • I have seen that pic so many time before, but I also only saw the glimpse of the tattoo this morning. 🙂
      I felt I had to get back to my “roots” today – my name was conceived in naughtiness – have to stay true to it, don’t you think? 😛


  3. Serai

    I’m trying to wrap my head around the idea of a shirtless guy being “naked”. It’s strange. Every guy I’ve ever seen running around without a shirt has been completely casual about it, as if it’s perfectly natural. They sure never gave off a vibe of being somehow exposed; in fact, most of the time they seemed happy and relieved to get their shirts off. (And that doesn’t seem to reflect the condition of their bodies, either.) They seem to see taking off their shirts is their birthright. I’m kind of surprised to hear it spoken about this way, almost as a violation. Makes me wonder what put the idea in his head.

    As to filming a sex scene, a lot of it depends on the director. A good director will pick up on the comfort or discomfort of his actors, and plan accordingly. If someone is very uncomfortable, he’ll clear the set so there *aren’t* 50 people hanging around. So I hope Alex isn’t adamantly against it, as the next experience could be much better for him as an actor. (As well as the obvious reasons to hope he won’t fight it. Rawr.)

    Lastly – well, I guess he found out what it was like to be in Stan’s shoes regarding taking on someone else’s kids…


    • I think Alex is fine being shirtless when not photographed, but seems to get self conscious when cameras are present. Even if he has been shirtless around HI he seems to put on his shirt for fanpics. Even in the 7/11 pics he did that, and also in the pool pics we saw a while ago. Pretty sure he feels our burning stares on his skin 😉


      • Serai

        I’ve often wondered how guys like him keep from combusting spontaneously under the heat of so much psychic energy focused on them.


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