The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 116

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523 ohana

I don’t know if it will make any sense at all, but when I was asked how I feel about this episode, my answer was, “I really wish I cared more”. Somewhere something connecting me to the show seems a bit lost. But ….

All in all this episode was very well done and it showcased some of the Island and the traditions of its people very well. As with Episode 410, it showed us something more about the history of Hawaii and the soul of the people who live there. After all, the uniqueness of Hawaii Five-0 as a show, is its location and beauty of its people and the land. And it is a pity that it is not used as a connection with the Five-0 team more often. 😦

As far as Steve’s Story goes, there is no surprise there, Steve is just Steve these days ….. Seeing Steve here on this boat with Kono, really made me miss the lack of connection with Steve’s Navy background during this whole season even more…..

523 (57)

Some questions that came up when I saw the episode – and some help from Koala Smartass answering them again:

  • Did Kono’s mom build the boat that Kono now used for the trip?

Koala Smartass: I think they tried to show us something into that direction, when young Kono visited her mom and they talked about the trip before she got crippled. Would have been nice if they really emphasized that topic for us – could have given more heart to the story maybe, if it was her mothers’ handiwork taking Kono on the trip. (That way, we could have heard the story of her illness and felt and connected with the importance of the journey from the start.)

  • Okay we were told why Adam was not there to see Kono off, but why was he not involved to try and find her?

Koala Smartass: Don’t expect the impossible – it is too difficult to fly actors who play regular characters to Hawaii all the time. But maybe, just maybe they could have had Chin talk to Adam on the phone or indicated any sort of off-screen activity from his side during the rescue, by just talking about it

523 (32)

(Thanks for this one Paula – I loved that face he pulled here 😆 )

  • Why did Chin need to explain about Kono’s mom’s illness – these people have been working together for nearly 5 years, surely they would know that by now?

Koala Smartass: Far too difficult for the writers to find a better way to explain it to the audience. Maybe something like Kono, telling everybody that it was her mothers’ dream to do this trip before she got crippled. And that is why it is so important for her to do it. (as I mentioned above as well)

  • Since when is an aneurysm on its own a debilitating disease? Once it ruptures – that is when it causes damage and cripples the person?

Koala Smartass: Maybe it is your understanding of American English and medical terminology that is confusing you again …. if not, it would be nice if the writers got their story straight. Maybe we can introduce them to Google, Bing etc….

523 (40)

  • Just wondering why Kono did not have her satellite phone in a waterproof bag to begin with – being on the water and outside and all?

Koala Smartass: She skipped that part of the survival class 101 that Steve ran for the team? 😀

523 (16)

  • Why did the boy (Carter) who was in charge of the ring, not warn his friends that the police might be coming for his dad?

Koala Smartass: Don’t confuse me further. I am confused about whether the boy (Carter) really wanted to start a drug trade, or whether he just did it all to get back at his dad and get him back in jail. For a former straight A student, he acts a bit dumb. Feels like they just slapped this storyline together…..

  • How did Steve, Grover and Chin know where the meth was cooked? And what cell signal, that was so strong, did they track when they stormed that place out there in the middle of nowhere? Once again running 2 stories during the episode, left some details wanting…..?

Koala Smartass: You have been spoiled for so many years getting all these facts during all the seasons. After 5 years of watching the show, the audience have been through the process of solving a crime while going through all the steps – it is so overrated to show it every time, don’t you think? #sarcasm.

  • A bit dumb of Kono to wait for the next storm to hit before she tries to use her satellite phone again 😕

Koala Smartass: The script again …….. the script is what Kono had to stick to. 😀

A child behaves like those who reared him.

What a beautiful Hawaiian proverb!

With all their faults, if Steve’s behaviour is the result if the people who reared him, they were not bad people after all and they did a great job of showing him the way, because he is a wonderful caring soul…… 🙂

(And sentimental me, kind of thinks it applies to Alex as well ….. that he is a wonderful caring soul, formed by example from his parents)

523 (28)

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 523 –

Moʻo ʻolelo Pu (Sharing Traditions)

 Story by: Peter M. Lenkov and Ken Solarz
Teleplay by: Jessica Granger

Directed by: Eagle Egilsson

(1 May 2015)

To be continued ……



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10 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 116

  1. gracenotpark

    LOL! Thinking while viewing will hurt your brain every time! 😆 This is the Lost island after all. The rules of physics, time, and human brain functioning are non-existent here.

    I did enjoy the island lore in this ep, but I’m totally with you on the McG lore. Show has just quit. It was the best part, getting bits and pieces of his story, his upbringing, his past, his emo baggage…and now it’s just gone. #BringBackMcGMythology!


  2. I agreed with all your points. Those were all things I was thinking! Like, the team didn’t know Kono’s mom was sick? What happened with Steve’s PTSD?? He had one scene ages ago with Lou and one deleted scene where he was in group therapy. Why didn’t they develop that further?? You’re first comment about “I wish I cared more”, really rang a bell. Usually at this time of year, I can’t wait for an episode. This year, I’m like, Oh yeah, Hawaii Five O is on tonight….. 😦 It makes me sad. I feel like it’s all the absences of Scott Cann have really taken away the chemistry and character development. I sure hope things are back to normal in Season 6.


    • I doubt if Scott will change his arrangement with the network. It’s been 2 seasons now that he’s been working on reduced time – not seeing it changing at all and him coming back full time.
      It is truly sad – and it definitely changes the setup of the show.


  3. Colleen

    Great job Foyeur! I loved your recap and agree with you. One of the ladies mentioned yesterday that the pictures of him in a ball cap reminded her of Mick. I didn’t see it until a second ago. Wow she is right! It looks just like Mick when he was protecting the girl in episode 4. Ok that was off topic. Haha. Wonderful recap and beautiful pictures. Thanks ladies. 😄


  4. Steve has really redeemed himself for the fifth season. He can be a control freak jerk at times but still, he stands by his friends and partners. And family even. Despite the fact you can’t change him. Due to being a SEAL and really they lead by example and are taught to lead. Plus due to also him having PTSD.
    But still, you have to admit the half of the third and all of the fourth and a little some but not all of the fifth season, his partnership with Danny got mean spirited. But have since toned it down a bit this year.
    But he does care as he went out of his way, but mostly Chin did to rescue Kono.


    • Serai

      You know, I didn’t even realize he HAD PTSD. Why haven’t they explored that? It’s not a condition that just sits in the background – it affects everything in a person’s life. But with Steve, it’s as if they meant he has an annoying allergy. Why give a character something like that if you’ve no intention of ever doing anything about it? Especially when it’s something that would actually prevent the person from being the way he’s portrayed as being? What’s the POINT?

      Ah well, it’s just more of the famous Not Thinking Things Through nonsense that’s a hallmark of everyone who’s come through J.J. Abrams’ stable. Shows made by those folks always look lovely, but are thin or badly written or meander off or run into walls built by their own inability to structure their stories well. *sigh*


  5. karen

    Lackluster season has to do with…too many episodes ordered, and Scott not wanting, or caring, to be around for the long haul. As I said from the get go…why did he take the job to start with? Money? He has never liked being in Hawaii. And because of this, as time goes on, the cohesiveness fades away. I’m sorry Steve’s story has been put on the back burner. If H50 is renewed I would not mind if Scott was written off, and we can move on. This is only my personal opinion of course.


    • Serai

      Acting jobs are like any other jobs – they can look great before you start, and even be great for a while, but life can step in and pull you away, or the job can be not as great as you thought, or the job is fine but it entails some condition that turns out to be awful, etc. In the same vein, actors are people just like everyone else, and anyone can become disillusioned or distracted or just not want to work that job anymore. Clearly H5-0 isn’t the great thing Scott thought it would be (or it has ceased to be so), and he’s got other things going on.

      It does depress me, though. If they lose Scott, I’ll stop watching the show. His relationship with Alex’s character is really the only thing that holds my interest. (That and Alex’s beautiful smile, which we hardly ever get to see, anyway.)


    • Karen, I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one thinking that way. SC has never shown any commitment to show, but these last two seasons it has become ridiculous. He clearly does not want to be there. Fine by me. I am enjoying the episodes with less to no Danny way more than those with ‘full time Danny’. McGrover and McChin is absolutely more fun and more grown-up (no pun intended). I am enjoying these three immensly! S6 with lots of ‘McGrin’ (Kudos to GraceNotPark, love that expression!!!!)? I’m in!


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