H50 5.23 – Steve to Kono´s rescue

Poor Kono. My back was hurting just watching her endless paddling.  On the other hand, how wonderful would it have been to watch Steve shirtless, wet on that board under the starlit sky…no rush to get him back ashore 😉

A pretty good epi all in all …

And these are the McTreats I rushed to make today. Any good?







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25 responses to “H50 5.23 – Steve to Kono´s rescue

  1. Any good? Any good she’s asking.
    These are perfect!!! Perfect choices, perfect model, perfect moments! Esp. the last ones, these suddenly blue eyes, this cap. I wasn’t prepared for that cap. Great CAPtion!


  2. It was a good episode but I didn’t quite understand Kono’s trip until we saw the flashbacks. You could see how much Steve (and Chin) care for Kono,

    Okay I have to say this….OMG! They’re bringing back Katherine Rollins for the finale..WHAT?….I am so pissed…it’s not because I don’t like her (or Michelle Borth) but they did it…when you fire someone let them go.

    I wonder what her role will be…it looks like she will be involved in solving their case. I hope that they don’t bring her back and “suddenly” she and Steve are a couple (like magic). Please understand where I am coming from…she broke his heart after hearing him say he loved her…she decided to stay in Afghanistan and leave him back in Hawaii. He was clearly hurt and a hurt like that (on top of all he had been through) shouldn’t be easily swept under the carpet.

    One of the scenes (of the preview) they are in formal wear so who knows what that is all about. I am also curious as to what secret Rachel will reveal (according to Dish’s synopsis).


    • I think they might have brought Cath back to put an end to McRoll story. If there is a s 6 and they want Steve to get a new love interest, a proper break-up from Cath would be preferred. I don´t think she is there to stay.


      • I certainly hope she is gone too. She broke his heart, and now she comes back for the wedding and gets him in a fluster again. I say we ladies should step in and stop her. Put our bodies up against his and tell her to get lost. lol Okay you can all picture your body against his.


        • I hope she doesn’t come back either as I also agree that she broke his heart. She did it once before and he was too quick to forgive her even though his mom was the one to blame. She should have told Steve after all that should have been where her loyalty was, But we saw that she didn’t and that hurt him yet the writers were too quick to patch them up as they felt he needed a love interest…I felt it was too forced,

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  3. buttercup4u

    So looking forward to this baseball cap, jeeez how does she look awesome! Thanks for the sneak peeks 😉


  4. vanduyn

    God bless you woman!! I’m so glad you capped the scene of the back of his head then he slowly turns?? How can the back of a mans head be so appealing ???


  5. Colleen

    You are amazing Paula. I am drooling at my screen right now. Thanks. 😉


  6. karen

    Tuxes? Kono is marrying Adam. Well, she is supposed to marry Adam. But, who knows. I like Cath. What worries me is I figured when she came back it would signal the end of the series. Don’t know why I feel that way exactly. And the episode? Kono’s storyline could have been better. A lot of it had flaws. Chin was looking at the image of a hurricane on the screen. A hurricane? Really? If a hurricane was in the area Kono would NOT be going on the water. Catching a raw fish and acting like she was starving? She was only out there a few hours. Sunburned…definitely, but starving? Normally I ignore these lapses in TV shows because it isn’t real life, but this one rubbed me wrong for some reason. Oh well. On to next week and two hours of our man in all his hotness.


    • The picture I saw was the “team” in formal wear (sans Danny but Grover was there) standing around the table…there was Steve, Grover, Katherine, Chin and Kono….so if she was getting married why was she there? I’m curious.

      I keep praying that we will hear that they have been picked up for another season. I hope keeping fingers and toes crossed.

      Lastly, there is no chatter on MB’s twitter or FB page lately regarding her appearance on H50…interesting. You think that she, H50 or PL would mention something about the finale every one else does. Thanks for all you ladies do.


    • I wasn´t sure how many days Kono was supposed to have been out at sea. But I also thought she was starving so soon. And why didn´t she drink the rainwater when she had the chance. But this is H50, where reality doesn´t always matter 😉


    • gracenotpark

      This one did not particularly rub me wrong, but I feel ya, Sistah. I have had eps do that same thing to me. I loved that doggone baseball cap too. So good on ya, Paula, for throwing these beauties together so fast!

      And I’m way excited for Cath’s return. I’d love her to be back in S6…she added depth to McG that we have since lost this season. Exocet for a couple eps, this was a pretty shallow McG season. Sigh. But we’ll see….we’ll get what we get when we get it. 😉


      • I hope you’re right. It’s not that I don’t like the character but he seems best when he is alone (without a mate) not w/o family of course. I do hope they get renewed.


  7. Leah

    EXCELLENT JOB, Paula! OMG That last McTreat – whoever thought a baseball cap could make a man look so sexy?!!

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  8. Oh Paula, that last gif….dying right here.


  9. Sandra Belchamber

    Steve reminded me so much of Mick with that cap on.  Surely we all remember Victorville.


    • Kath40

      ♥ OH YEAH! ♥
      I immediately thought of Mick when I saw the ballcap too Sister Sandra.
      ♥ *Thumbs up* ♥
      And Dayum! What a perfect shade of Blue for McG. My heart skipped at least 5 beats with those color matching big blue eyes.*THUD*
      Thank you so much Paula for these gif treats. You make us so happy every week ((HUGS)) & ((KISSES))
      Kath 😀


  10. Love the baseball cap, first thing that got to me last night was that and I so wanted a shot of it. And did you notice the tongue make it’s appearance in the one gif, yup it sneakily stuck out there.


  11. Mari

    Is it true that they cancelled H50?


    • I saw online that somebody started this false rumour during the week.
      Fact is nobody knows yet – we will only know if it is renewed, when the official announcement is made at the Upfronts in NY on 13 May.
      But with many other signs, like charity autions etc for the next season, it looks like it will definitely be renewed.


  12. Mari

    Thanks, and I hope so its my fav


  13. In this chapter I’ve loved it has been great, and was very nice as Kono returns to the island with the teachings of his mother.


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