Alex Hiatus News for the day – 30 April 2015

After a short visit in Australia over the weekend, it looks like Alex is doing the rounds in LA at the moment. From what we can see, it seems like he had a good time as teacher for a day at the  75% Old School for actors in Sydney.

From their Facebook Page:

Hey, Y’all,

Thanks to everyone for their art and presence over the weekend. From the amazing masterclass with Alex O’loughlin to those who stood in front of and behind the camera for filming showreels.

Some sick feedback too. Sorry I have been slow to reply have had a busy coupla days but will be getting back to everyone ASAP.

Peace, love and that


Thanks to all who shared in this amazing workshop last week.
Art, laughs, talent, work, joy…stoke. Special thanks to Alex O. for sharing his knowledge.

75% Old School. A place where artists can work, without all the bulls**t.

(Just a note – Yes, the date on the picture is wrong – It happened on 25-4-2015, and is not something that will still happen.)

On her Instagram, one of the students who attended, posted this:


Yesterday, 29 May, Alex visited the Art of Jiu Jitsu Academy in LA

Art of JiuJitshu

My guess is that Alex is also there in LA to support his wife with the trunk show of her ‘Swimwear and resort basics collection’, on Friday 1 May 2015 at Ron Robinson.

He will then have to rush back to Hawaii, for the ‘Women’s Self-defence Seminar’ there on Sunday 3 May. To all the ladies going to the seminar – Hope you all have a good time. It is all for a good cause. 🙂

Seminar program

 Thank you to everybody who provided the information. It is always good for us to be able to see that Alex is still doing fine and enjoying himself, while on hiatus from Hawaii Five-0.



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13 responses to “Alex Hiatus News for the day – 30 April 2015

  1. He is a man of taste when it comes to authors.
    He is a man of loyalty when it comes to friends.
    He is a man of vision and passion when it comes to his life.
    He wasn’t born with a ‘golden spoon in his mouth’ as we say, he found his way through hard times, so he knows about the business he’s in, he is committed to everything he does, he knows what’s important in life. He is gratefully giving back and hasn’t lost the ability to just have fun.


  2. Do we know yet if H50 has been renewed for another season?


  3. Serai

    He’s HERE? Oh, jeez, why you do this to me? Now I’m going to be all verklempt over the weekend! Ay, ay, ay…


    • Serai

      P.S. Anyone know WHICH Ron Robinson? If I know the locale, I can try to get over there tomorrow. (Great Goddess, what a way to celebrate Beltane! By going to catch a glimpse of one of His incarnations! You so crazy, Aphrodite!)


        • Serai

          Thanks! If possible, I’ll check it out. 🙂


        • Serai

          Sadly, I must report that getting over there has turned out not possible for me. Dammit. Ah well, perhaps next time he gets back here. (It really is strange living in a city where so many people I’d love to meet live. I know they’re there, but it’s as if they’re not, because they might as well not be, since I’m never going to meet them. Weird.)


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