H50 5.22 – Steve forever in blue

This epi was pretty nice, stories flowed nice and were easy to follow. Not much action for Steve, but I loved the few funny faces we got in this epi 🙂 And Alex looked really good, though I wished they hadn´t made him wear a blue shirt with a blue suit. A bit difficult to capture for gifs, but I think the stills will look good (in tomorrow´s post)…

Here´s what I captured briefly today:

Baby blue shirt


Even bluer


Blue suit




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5 responses to “H50 5.22 – Steve forever in blue

  1. These are Outstanding just like I knew that they would be. You do good work.


  2. Colleen

    I saw the blue shirt last night and thought I cant wait to see what Paula does tomorrow. Beautiful as always. 🙂


  3. As I said when I was watching the episode this morning “Damn, He’s HOT!” My daughter, from the other room >> “What did you say?” 😳 BUSTED! She’s 13, and agrees, “even if he is old” 😦 He’s like a fine wine I say.
    It is almost ridiculous how handsome he is in that last gif!…lovin the angle! 😛


  4. Gorgeous Paula thank You BTW Steve in BLUE make me go all PINK !!!!!


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