Behind the scenes trivia of Mary Bryant – #alexoloughlin and his characters

We continue our series of trivia around Alex’s previous roles…..

This time we look at ‘The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant’, with Alex in the role of Will Bryant, Mary’s husband.

MB 26

• The mini-series was filmed in Australia during the spring of 2004, on a $15 million budget, making it Australia’s biggest mini-series ever. (I would guess it was up untill that time – I wonder if anything bigger has been done since then?) (And remember that spring in Australia (the Southern hemisphere) is from September to November )
• Filming took 12 weeks to complete.
• The ship used throughout the production is The Bounty, that was also used in the Mel Gibson movie of the same name. It is the only ship actually used in Mary Bryant, all other ships were either digitally reproduced or came from shots purchased from ‘The Bounty’ or the UK ‘Hornblower’ TV series.
• It mostly rained during the shoot on the ship, which gave the movie the right look but made the cast and crew miserable.

• The Aborigines in the film were brought in from Alice Springs.
Iva Davies (the former lead singer of Icehouse) is responsible for the score.
• Director Peter Andrikidis on Alex O’Loughlin: “That’s a thinking actor, that’s Alex. Every moment he’s making sure that he’s giving two hundred percent, which makes my job a lot easier.” He also calls Alex “a fantastic actor” and “a NIDA boy who’s learned a lot”.
Anousha Zarkesh, who took care of the Australian casting, is actor David Field’s wife.
Alex O’Loughlin was one of the last leads to be cast.
• It took the makeup department three hours to cover Alex’s tattoos for the shirtless scene in the ship’s hold.

• The cast were given two weeks to improve their rowing skills and learn how to fire muskets.
• It was decided that the convict cast should have a Northern English accent instead of a Cornish accent, to make it easier for Australian audiences to understand.
• The water sequences of the escapees in the cutter were filmed in the Whitsunday Islands, in the same area where Dead Calm with Nicole Kidman was filmed.
• The beach scenes were filmed at Garie Beach in Royal National Park, south of Sydney.

• It would have required a crane to move the beached cutter. What you see is the camera panning away as the actors pretend to move the boat.
• The idea of Charlotte wearing Will’s shoes while she is sleeping with her feet resting against him came from Alex.
Stephen Curry wore a Stinger Suit underneath his clothes in the scene where William Allen’s dead body was committed to the sea.
Romola Garai chipped a bone in her left arm when she put her hands up in the air and got hit by a ceiling fan. Production had to be shut down for a day when she was flown to Sydney from the Whitsundays to consult a specialist. In the scene on Timor when Mary and Will walk towards each other on the beach, she has both lower arms covered to hide her cast. It shows when he picks her up and swings her around.

• During a rehearsal, Alex picked Romola up the wrong way and unintentionally hurt her badly enough to make her scream.
Alex O’Loughlin drew out Will’s death scene longer than Peter Andrikidis initially intended, but the director ended up loving Alex’s version.
• The tropical Timor set was built at Concord Repatriation General Hospital, beside the Parramatta River in Sydney.
Peter Andrikidis and Alex O’Loughlin had worked with each other before in BlackJack: Sweet Science.
Mary Bryant marks the fourth production in which Alex O’Loughlin has worked with David Field. Other productions are Oyster Farmer, BlackJack: Sweet Science and Feed.

will dl

• In 2005, Alex O’Loughlin and Romola Garai received Australian Film Institute nominations for Best Lead Actor and Best Lead Actress in Television. Although they did not win, the production did win an AFI Award for Best Telefeature or Mini Series.
• In 2006, Mary Bryant also won a Logie for Most Outstanding Miniseries/Telemovie. Alex O’Loughlin and Romola Garai were both nominated for a Silver Logie in the categories Most Outstanding Actor and Most Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series.
• The mini-series has also won awards at the Chicago International Film Festival in 2006 (Best Mini-Series and Special Achievement: Direction for Peter Andrikidis)
• and the New York Festivals in 2007 (Best Mini-Series, Drama Mini-Series).



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9 responses to “Behind the scenes trivia of Mary Bryant – #alexoloughlin and his characters

  1. Brenda V

    OMG, I really loved this series! It was very intense & kept me glued to my seat until the end. I cried when Will was killed and when their children died 😣


  2. vanduyn

    So glad you have all this info! I did not know all of this. Thanks so much 😀


  3. In this post i learned several things. It’s always good to have new information about something you like it, and in this case, a very well made Mini Series, with an awesome or shall i say incredible performance of Alex as Will Bryant. Thank you Foyeur.


  4. gracenotpark

    So much Mary Bryant these days! Totally gotta rewatch…suuuuch a good story and Alex was phenomenal. That death Scene! Cool intel on that, btw… 🙂


  5. behague catherine

    je voudrais savoir si on peut trouver la filmographie d’Alex en dvd et si oui ,ou je peux me les procurer? merçi d’avance


  6. Now this is great! A lot of new information about this gem! The only thing I knew was Alex ad-libbed the death scene. And that was so heartbreakingly good, I am tearing up every damn time I see it!


    • Serai

      Wow, it’s lovely to know he busked that last scene. The structure of his actions was really elegant. He has great physical instincts, this guy.


  7. Maimounafall

    I LOVE this show. My favorite scenes are Will and Mary interacting in the tent when they first arrive after the long ship voyage, and the intimate, tender scene the night after they get married. I think the passionate kiss (the second kiss shown in the movie – the first kiss you show in the photos above) is one of the sexiest kisses I’ve ever seen. I can watch and re-watch these scenes again and again.


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