H50 5.21 – Steve should have been one of the Elvi

Pretty enjoyable epi this week, a few laughs with Steve and kevlar pretty. Story flowed nicely and was simple to follow and all of the gang was part it. And we were left with a bit of new mystery in the end….

Here´s the Steve for this week to feast our eyes on, lots of tight pants and kevlar hottie to enjoy 🙂



Dat Face


Stuff hugging Steve´s thighs


Drinks and Elvis




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21 responses to “H50 5.21 – Steve should have been one of the Elvi

  1. Lesley Baillie

    Looking forward to this episode in the UK. What is happening with McGarrett and his glove, he now has his thumb on show too.


    • As if the sexy trigger finger didn’t get our panties charged enough, right? 😛 When we asked for more skin, I don’t think this was what we meant. LOL but I do love his long fingers. *sigh*


  2. Need to watch still, but love the Mcbits you have chosen for us. I do love those thigh hugging pants with all the zippers. As much as I hate Alex not being in more scenes and all the episodes, I am enjoying his physique this season. He usually gets so thin at the end of a season and I like those thighs nice and meaty. 😛 Since PL can’t oblige, I guess we are going to have to count on the fans and stalkers to get us some new beach photos. :/

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  3. vanduyn

    Holy shit! Awesome gifs Paula! You rock 😀

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  4. Colleen

    I would love to be picked up from the airport by him. That would be amazing. Awesome pictures Paula. 🙂


  5. I look forward to the episode !!! But something incredible sale !!! XD


  6. Kath40

    I’m lovin’ the tighter pants with all the mystery zippers to explore.♥
    No one struts or dose the two handed hitch like Alex/McG…he’s lethal. *THUD*


  7. lindae5o

    This was a really fun episode. Much more Steve this week, than last, which was an added plus. Yay!!! Steve was hot and gorgeous. Alex is simply mesmerizing, as usual !!
    I’m not a huge fan of Jerry, but he rocked the Elvis song, at the end. Who knew? Good for Jorge !!


  8. lindae5o

    Forgot to mention Paula, I agree that Steve should have been one of the Elvi. His lips, and other facial features, are similar to Elvis’. Alex would absolutely rock it. Elvis was probably the best-looking rock star ever, so Alex would certainly do him justice.


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  10. “Stuff hugging Steve´s thighs”
    Yep, someday I will *be* that “stuff” !!! The hugging will be epic!!

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  11. alexnymph

    Good episode–found the Elvies thoroughly enjoyable (for some reason I always do)! OMG, picturing Alex as Elvis, I cannot put my thoughts into words. The sideburns, the long legs, gyrating pelvis, low-hanging belt–gah! And then the crooning. Too bad the writers didn’t incorporate some kind of dream sequence of this.

    I had my eye on Scott a lot during this epi because I was curious what he thinks about the real-life Elvis adoration people. His mom, Sheila Ryan, was heavily involved with Elvis before she married Scott’s dad. Must have been kind of weird for him to shoot this one.


  12. Terrific gifs, Paula. Thank you!
    PS: i love to drive, but i would mind to have a McChauffeur.


  13. Dombiné Zemplényi Zsuzsa

    Én most találtam meg ezt az oldalt, sajnos nem tudok angolul, ezért anyanyelvemen írok, magyarul. Aki érti, érti, aki nem az meg nem.
    Szóval én mostanában azt látom, hogy Alex le van fogyva, a szeme is tikkel, ahogy nálunk mondják.
    Szóval nem tudom, hogy hogyan áll az egészsége, de ezek a jelek bizony nem nagyon jók.
    Azt sem értem, miért kell a haját befesteni, amikor már egyszer láttuk, hogy őszül. Hogy nem érti meg a producer, hogy ez nem helyes?!
    Én Alex-et a Hawaii Five-O-ban ismertem meg, és szerettem meg. Nagyon jó színész, és úgy látom nagyon jó ember.
    Egy valami nagyon zavar, azok a tetkói, amelyek igencsak csúnyák.
    Nem mindegy, hogy mit tetováltatunk a testünkre. Nála meg kígyót, és egyéb rondaságot látunk.
    Jó lenne, ha valami módon ezeket le tudná vétetni, mert ezek a tetkó motívumok rosszul befolyásolják az életét.
    Szóval kívánok Alex-nek minden jót, és Isten áldását az életére, családjára!
    God bless you Alex! 🙂


    • Hi Dombiné
      You are very welcome here at our site. We are also not English speaking, but I will try to understand what you say and mean, through the internet translator here on the site.

      1) It looks like you are referring to Alex’s eye blinking during some of his interviews. It can be noticed when he is doing interviews under sharp light It is not easy to do lots of interviews and keep concentrating and all the time having those sharp lights on you. He has been doing it on occasion over many years and it is nothing new.
      It might also be that his contact lenses get dry in those conditions and that it irritates his eyes. I have not met him in person, and I do not know if he does the same thing when he meets people. We only really see him in interviews, so it remains difficult to judge it. I feel no real concern about it.

      2) As far as his dyed hair goes. I do not think he’s got a choice in the matter. When you play a role, you get hairstyles that suit that role. You do what they ask you to do for that character. For H50 Alex needs people to stand in for him and also do his stunts – they all need the same colour. It is easier to dye hair darker, than to try and make the stunt people grey. This is not a personal Alex issue, but a role he plays and he films for 10 months of the year.
      TV show also like their Heroes to look younger and with all the sharp lights on them, grey hair does not always look that nice. They also wear make-up, because without make-up you also look dull on camera on TV.

      3) As far as Alex’s tattoos go – He’s started getting them more than 20 years ago. It is part of who he is. I doubt if anybody elses concerns about it will have any effect on him. We all do what we feel comfortable with in our lives.
      He added some tattoos over the years and he removed some of them also. I guess he did it according to what became important to him over the years.
      I guess for him it all symbolizes good things in his life – and he does not see it as something bad.
      I do not see that any of us have the right to pass judgement over it. We all have our own beliefs and we act according to it. If something is for you, then do it. If it is not, then don’t. Obviously for him he feels, it is good, and therefore he lives with it and enjoys it.

      You are right Alex is a great actor and even a better human being and person. There are not many like him! We all have our faults and so does he – but there is a kindness of spirit and Aloha in him that draws me to him.. That we have seen from so many that come in contact with him. I would definitely not spend so much of my time on him as a hobby, if I did not see him worth it.

      I doubt if he ever reads anything on here, but I am sure that he will appreciate your good blessings for him and his family.

      I hope there is not too much that get lost in this translation between us.
      I also hope that you will explore here and get to see what we have added on here over more than 7 years – All about ALEX!.


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