H50 5.21 – Steve should have been one of the Elvi

Pretty enjoyable epi this week, a few laughs with Steve and kevlar pretty. Story flowed nicely and was simple to follow and all of the gang was part it. And we were left with a bit of new mystery in the end….

Here´s the Steve for this week to feast our eyes on, lots of tight pants and kevlar hottie to enjoy 🙂



Dat Face


Stuff hugging Steve´s thighs


Drinks and Elvis




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19 responses to “H50 5.21 – Steve should have been one of the Elvi

  1. Lesley Baillie

    Looking forward to this episode in the UK. What is happening with McGarrett and his glove, he now has his thumb on show too.


    • As if the sexy trigger finger didn’t get our panties charged enough, right? 😛 When we asked for more skin, I don’t think this was what we meant. LOL but I do love his long fingers. *sigh*


  2. Need to watch still, but love the Mcbits you have chosen for us. I do love those thigh hugging pants with all the zippers. As much as I hate Alex not being in more scenes and all the episodes, I am enjoying his physique this season. He usually gets so thin at the end of a season and I like those thighs nice and meaty. 😛 Since PL can’t oblige, I guess we are going to have to count on the fans and stalkers to get us some new beach photos. :/

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  3. vanduyn

    Holy shit! Awesome gifs Paula! You rock 😀

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  4. Colleen

    I would love to be picked up from the airport by him. That would be amazing. Awesome pictures Paula. 🙂


  5. I look forward to the episode !!! But something incredible sale !!! XD


  6. Kath40

    I’m lovin’ the tighter pants with all the mystery zippers to explore.♥
    No one struts or dose the two handed hitch like Alex/McG…he’s lethal. *THUD*


  7. lindae5o

    This was a really fun episode. Much more Steve this week, than last, which was an added plus. Yay!!! Steve was hot and gorgeous. Alex is simply mesmerizing, as usual !!
    I’m not a huge fan of Jerry, but he rocked the Elvis song, at the end. Who knew? Good for Jorge !!


  8. lindae5o

    Forgot to mention Paula, I agree that Steve should have been one of the Elvi. His lips, and other facial features, are similar to Elvis’. Alex would absolutely rock it. Elvis was probably the best-looking rock star ever, so Alex would certainly do him justice.


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  10. “Stuff hugging Steve´s thighs”
    Yep, someday I will *be* that “stuff” !!! The hugging will be epic!!

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  11. alexnymph

    Good episode–found the Elvies thoroughly enjoyable (for some reason I always do)! OMG, picturing Alex as Elvis, I cannot put my thoughts into words. The sideburns, the long legs, gyrating pelvis, low-hanging belt–gah! And then the crooning. Too bad the writers didn’t incorporate some kind of dream sequence of this.

    I had my eye on Scott a lot during this epi because I was curious what he thinks about the real-life Elvis adoration people. His mom, Sheila Ryan, was heavily involved with Elvis before she married Scott’s dad. Must have been kind of weird for him to shoot this one.


  12. Terrific gifs, Paula. Thank you!
    PS: i love to drive, but i would mind to have a McChauffeur.


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