Yey! A new, lovely old photo of Alex found!

We came by this photo today on FB, all credit to Alex O´Loughlin fans FB page.

She was the one to find that other, old gorgeous pic of Alex, last summer too. Why not give her page a like as thank you cat_smiley01

She agreed to share this photo with us, with a smaller siggy. Remember when Alex said Jason took his picture, naked in front of the Moonlight billboard?


alex ML billboard dl

From the Alex & Jason interview

Alex: No, no. I don’t even think it looks like me. Have you seen that picture? It’s really weird. I know I nearly crashed my car when I first saw it. And I think, you know what? Cause I wear a lot of my collars up. It’s just the thing that Mick does and on the billboard it’s down. And I think they have actually superimposed my head onto someone else’s shoulders. They’ve done something weird.

Jason: It’s good though. He’s on Sunset. I had him get a picture of himself, like……

Alex: Naked in front of the thing.

Jason: Naked in front of the Sunset thing. It’s really cool. Really artistic.

Well he is clearly not naked, but I think this was moments before 😉


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18 responses to “Yey! A new, lovely old photo of Alex found!

  1. Emanuela Pari

    Very coll 🙂


  2. Too funny! I agree with him…when I first started watching #H50 and saw the Moonlight DVD I was like who is that? Then saw it was him and saw the “real” Mick and was like OOH!! 😀 Thanks for finding another cute pic…he’s such a sweetie! Thanks Intense! 🙂

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  3. Ontlls

    Great picture!! Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love this pic, but I do have to ask..does anyone know if he wheres prescription glasses? I’ve seen him in the past with clear lens glasses on with dark rims and in this photo his sunglasses lens are that brown and they are very curved and kind of blurry like a prescription would be. Does he wear contacts over those lovely Hazel eyes, and it could be why his eyes show as green and blue at times.. Just curious.


  5. gracenotpark

    He looks so cute…a little embarrassed and a little proud.


  6. Awesome photo! I love it. Thank you for sharing it.


  7. alexnymph

    Great photo–thanks so much for sharing, people of AOL Fans of FB, you’re the best!

    I think “going naked” is Alex’s “go to” thing–he likes to tease and see what a rise he can get out of people. Methinks he is an exhibitionist, so maybe he likes it kinky (his wife has nipple rings after all). It’s his angel/devil thing.


  8. Serai

    Oh, I do agree with him. That picture is just weird. The still they took it from is much, much more beautiful. Why did they have to tart it up with all that airbrushing? Marketing people, I swear – don’t know a hawk from a handsaw, the idiots.


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