Some short bits of #AlexOLoughlin at the Press day – 10 November 2012

 Here are transcripts of some clips from interviews Alex did on the press day back in November 2012.

(Just to put you back in the time and place

– this was in LA, 2 weeks after Lion’s birth)

Alex on watching himself on TV

Alex: I just don’t want to spend that much time looking at my face. At my own face. [Laughs] I mean it is kind of weird. It’s not like, you know, when you go into the restroom and do your hair or something. You know what I mean, brush your hair, or whatever.

You don’t stand there for an hour and look at …. well, I mean, okay, sometimes you do. But, you know, it’s just weird. It’s just strange to me. It makes me feel weird. You know I want to …. you know, forget. I don’t know, I’m even uncomfortable even talking about it. It’s just, it makes me uncomfortable to spend that much time, watching and listening to myself.

The best way I can describe it, is that….. and every single person on the planet, relates to this. You know when you hear your voice on an answering machine. And you’re like, “Oh, what happened to my voice? Who am I? What happened to me”. It’s like that, but in 3D.

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 My Thoughts

  • I hear what Alex says – but as I said many times before, I would have liked it if he watched the show and the final product. Not to look at himself, but to see how what they created, actually ended up as a final product.
  • I laugh every time when I hear him say, “Every person on the planet can relate” – I know it is difficult to believe, but I think a very large population on the planet do not own phones or answering machines. 🙂

Alex on being kept in the dark

Alex: They’re very secretive with what’s happening. Um. I try to pry Pete all the time. And he gives me very little. And as I get the scripts ….. I know what’s happening on Five-0 a couple of weeks before you guys do, you know. I get the script, I read it and I go alright, and we shoot it and then you guys get it.

When something comes up, that is … that should be a genuine surprise, I’m surprised. Cause, I didn’t know about it before. And so that, it’s kind of good like that, you know. I did a few episodes of The Shield. I did 7 episodes of The Shield, back in the day, and I loved that show.

I loved that experience. And they worked like that as well, you know. And I love …. and everyone loved  it. You know everyone enjoyed it. Just couldn’t wait to get the script and every one would go back to their trailers and read it … “Oh my god, you read the script?” …. nah, nah, nah …. so.

bts al reading

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 My thoughts

  • The story lines for The Shield might have been too dark for most of us – but the writers surely did know how to keep a storyline going in the series and kept people coming back for more, to actually see how it plays out…

Alex on sharing a dinghy with Scott in 3:03

Alex: I think we shot 7 days on the water. And they’re long. They’re sort of minimum 12 hours a day.

Scott and I were, in that sort of 6 by 3½ Ft dingy for most of it, I think you know. And in and out of the water to. Like I had to jump in and out of the water and …… I mean, it’s Hawaii and it’s beautiful to a certain extend, but it’s …. at a certain point you do get cold and you do ….. And so whatever, it’s. It’s …  ah….. even thinking of that week, I’m like my brain is starting to freeze up. And I start to feel hypothermic, you know. It was, it was tough.

Again it was a great sort of obstacle to put in front of all the words, and in front of what was actually happening, you know. Cause those moments when we’re like [clenching teeth], were very real.

 Link to Video

Alex on that Kid, Wo Fat

Alex: I’m getting to a point now where I’m like, “Listen, we got to talk about Wo Fat. Like I’m gonna put a bullet in this kid. Swear to god. I just want to kill him.

Or he marry …. they should get married, McGarrett and WoFat. Or something should happen. We need to develop that storyline. I’ve been doing that for 2½ years.

So I think he might need to die, or something. Or join the team. Wo Fat could join Five-0, I don’t know. Something massive has to happen, soon, I think.

Link to Video

 My thoughts

  • Two years after this interview, Steve finally kills WoFat ….. 😦
  • I know I am very much alone in this thinking, but I really do not like that they killed off WoFat in Episode 507 (although a very big thing was needed to celebrate the milestone they achieved with the 100th episode – and it was very appropriate). I know there is no comparison, but for me it was like it would have been if Lord Voldemort was killed in the 5th book/film of the Harry Potter saga.
  • The reason why I say all this, is that I think the story line of WoFat could have been made more interesting and real. He could have been lurking in the dark behind many of the cases they had to solve during the series. Sort of in the  shadows, always having some sort of influence behind the crimes they came across in there daily lives. I think what I mean to say, is that the idea of WoFat was not boring, just how the storyline of WoFat played out.
  • Please note, that I do think the send off WoFat got in the end, was very well done and a masterpiece of an episode.

Alex on the advantages of a 3rd season

Alex: I’ve actually really enjoyed this season. It’s …… First of all, I’ve never had a 3rd season of my own show, you know. So, this is new territory. And there’s something, that happens between the 2nd and the 3rd season as an actor, you know, and as somebody who……. I mean the job security stuff.

And that sort of stuff, it’s ….. Something settles down. And I kind of came into this a little more relaxed and a little more less weary of  what was going to happen. And I also really like the stories we’ve done so far too.

It really becomes a family affair, you know. After this amount of time. I mean, any sort of film set is, is  kind of like a family. Well that’s what you hope for. But after you spend years and years together, and you weed out people that aren’t happy, or don’t fit or whatever. You end up with a really close group of people. And there’s a familiarity that comes along with that. And that kind of turns into a well oiled machine.

In the first year, particularly, you’re ironing out a lot of kinks, you know. And so, once they’re all out and everything is comfortable as it is now, you get to focus on specifics and on the play itself.

beach s5 ohana

The Extended Family – Picture taken 3 March 2015, while filming Episode 5:23

 Link to Video

 My Thoughts

  • Alex said this nearly halfway through Season 3. I think lots more water flowed under that bridge since then and a lot happened with the Ohana.


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3 responses to “Some short bits of #AlexOLoughlin at the Press day – 10 November 2012

  1. I think TPTB should listen to their main actor more often. He has a good feeling about pace and storylines… just saying… 😉


  2. This just came out (dated 3/25) looks like H50 might live another year. Scroll down to “Is that still on?” and you will see what they say. Sorry it’s off topic but I know a few were concerned. THANKS FOR THE GREAT JOB!


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