#AlexOLoughlin and #ScottCaan, live on KOLD NEWS 13 – Sept 2010

Alex and Scott, live on KOLD NEWS 13, the news station in Tucson, Arizona, on 20 September 2010

Interviewed by anchor, Dan Marries

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Dan: Well it is a huge night for CBS. It is the series premiere of Hawaii Five-0. And joining us live from the beautiful state of Hawaii, the two stars, Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan. And guys, thank you for being with us today. We really appreciate it.

Alex & Scott: Thanks for having us.

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Dan: First of all, you must be so excited, I mean, this is a huge night for CBS. The remake of a very popular show. How are you feeling?

Alex: I feel great. I’m really confident about the show. I think it is a terrific show. I’ve seen the pilot episode. And you know it really stands out to …. I don’t know ……. I think it’s …… don’t think there’s anything like it on TV at the moment. That’s why I’m excited. It’s got a little bit of everything. And it’s all good.

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Dan: I remember when I was a kid and the first one was there and everybody was calling meHey Danno’. So Scott with you playing Danno, I mean, what’s it like to have this role and to be known? You know, it’s such a popular line.

Scott: Well you know, I don’t know how it’s going to turn out, but if I’m known as Danno for ….. If everybody says, “Hey Danno” all the time, I’m sure it will have its ups and downs.


Alex: I get asked to say “Book’em Danno”, everywhere I go, which is …. which is something I’ve had to embrace.

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Dan: I’ve seen the trailers and previews. This is so action packed. I can’t wait to see it. What was it like to working with all these explosions and just the stunt work I’m sure you had to do? Alex?

Alex: Well I love that stuff, anyway. I’m kind of naturally athletic. And I like being active. And, and…..I’ve always been into doing as much of that as I can. As I’m getting a little older and kind of a little smarter, I’m like, well, I’ll let the stunt team do their job. But I still enjoy it.

And I did a lot of the stuff in the pilot. And I have done a lot of the stuff in upcoming episodes that we shot till now, but it, it takes a lot out of you. Physically, I mean we’re in Hawaii on location under the hot sun, all the time as well. And so, every night you hit the pillow and really … you sort of earn your sleep on this job.

But …. You haven’t been doing much at all. Scott tore his ACL in his knee and just had surgery.

Scott: Ouch.

Alex: So he’s been sitting in the shade eating ice creams, watching me do the tough stuff. Really, haven’t you mate?


Dan: Well Scott, I mean you know, with that said, how has that … has that affected the filming at all?

Scott: No. You know, we wrote it into, into the scripts, you know. I like to be active as well, but I’m getting old too. I don’t want to jump off buildings anymore, you know.

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Dan: Well is there a certain amount of pressure,  you know, to try to live up to the original Hawaii Five-o? It ran for about 12 seasons, if I remember correctly. Scott, do you feel like a certain amount of pressure, you know, going up against that?

Scott: No, I don’t. I mean look if the show is great I hope it goes on for a 100 years. And if it’s not good, we don’t want to keep doing it anyway. So, I think we’re kind of starting fresh. And we just want to make a really good show.

Alex: Hundred years that’s a long long time.

Scott: It is a long time. Maybe not a 100 years. Maybe eight-tenths of that.

Alex: Eight-tenths. Nice.

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Dan: What’s probably…. I know you’re in Hawaii, what is probably the best thing about this new series? What are you looking forward to the most?

Alex: I love …. what I love most of the new series. I mean its got lots of stuff, that I like. It’s got action, it’s got kind of crime. We have guns and blow things up and all that sort of stuff. But the thing I like the most is the character stuff. Is the relationship between McGarrett and Danno, watching that kind of evolve. The arc of that take place and progress and ….. Because that is essentially as actors, our job is character. That’s really all we have. The rest is taken out of our hands, you know. And the editor can do whatever they want. And they put whatever music they want. But the character stuff, if that’s there, they can’t take that away.

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Dan: And Scott, what do you like most about working with Alex?

Scott: They – Whoever they are.

Dan: What do you like most about working with Alex, Scott?

Scott: When the day is over, that’s my favourite part of working with Alex.

Alex: That’s not true. You should see him light up in the morning when I walk into the make-up trailer. He lights up like a little child.

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Scott: We got lucky. You know you could agree to do a show like this and end up with someone you do not like. And that you don’t have the chemistry with. We …. the second I met him, I immediately decided I didn’t like him. So…

Dan: Well you’re acting well, because it seem like yo guys like each other.

Alex: That’s acting right there. He fell in love when he met me.

Dan: I see you guys behind …. I’ve got the USS Arizona right behind you. But have you had a chance to do some ….

Alex: Right

Dan: You know we’re here in Arizona, but have you had the chance to do some sight seeing there, when you’re not working?

Alex:  Well, I mean we’re working …. (a), we’re working all the time and (b) we’re pretty much on location eight-tenths of the time.

Scott: Eight-tenths…

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Alex: So we get to see all the sites anyway, because we’re shooting at pretty much all the sites. But this particular site, as you know 300 million Americans are aware of. I’m sure, is a very special and historic place, you know.

Scott: I’m pretty sure that 300 million Americans are not….aware of it.

Alex: You might be right. But I can’t say that as an Australian. Then I’d be booed of American television. And banished back to my small Island on the other side of the planet.

Scott: That is what I am hoping for.

Alex: It’s not true. It’s not true. He loves me.

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Dan: I don’t think you’ve got anything to worry about. But you know, what is it? It’s so beautiful there. And just to be on  location, it must be quite a thrill, just to get up and go to work every morning?

Alex: Yeah it’s pretty great. I mean, I’ve got to say, I’ve done jobs where you go to a studio every day, and the majority of it lives there. And there’s something about that, that’s good, because it’s controlled. You know, and you control the environment and you know that you’ll make your day. And know that you’ll get through all the work and that you’ll get through …. But  I mean, take a look at this, it’s just beautiful. Like we’ve moved to paradise and we get…. you know…. it’s amazing. I love it.

Scott: I love it too. I really like being here.

Dan: And did you guys prefer shooting on location, rather than being in a studio somewhere obviously?

Alex: Like I said, when you’re in a studio, you know  …. it’s a safe environment. But there’s no, I mean it’s kind of nice not to have that. It’s nice like …. It can be annoying when it’s suddenly rains and then stops raining, and the wind picks up. And you never know.

Like I mean, there’s a Tsunami alert once a month on this Island. Like it’s kind of … it’s kind of treacherous when you look at it, environmentally.

s4 gag buddies 3

Scott: That’s why I’m wearing a hat.

Alex: That’s why Scott is wearing a hat.

Scott: It blows my hair all over the place.

Alex: And he looks like Jack Nicholson, you know.

Scott: You, know that’s why I have to….

Alex: I like that look, by the way.

Scott: You do?

Alex: It’s kind of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.

Scott: Yeah.


Dan: Yeah, kind of got the crazy hair going there. Well we’re very excited. Hawaii Five-0 the return. It’s going to air tonight right here at 9 o’clock in Tucson. Any … any advise you want to give? Any words of wisdom you want to give to the Tucsonions here as they get ready to watch the premiere of this exciting show?

Alex: Get your popcorn and strap in.

Dan: Right on.

Alex: Strap…

Dan: Hawaii Five-0. Book’em Danno. We’re very excited. And thanks for taking the time to talk to us. And we look forward to watching you tonight. Thanks guys.

Alex & Scott: Thanks, guys.


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  1. vanduyn

    FO Yeur that guy in the gif with Scott and Alex is Nas


  2. Very very cute. Thanks FOYeur


  3. Emanuela Pari

    Funny and cute, love them 🙂


  4. Just found this even though it was dated in Oct 2014 it gives me hope from TVLine:

    Hawaii Five-0: Could go either way. A safe bet. (JUST A NOTE: Could Go either way was crossed off) link below:


    Does that mean we have hope?


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