H50 5.19 – Steve´s shave took forever

Pretty cool episode with lots of action. Really liking Odell now, and why can´t you recycle bulletts? 😉

Wonder if Steve will ever get any more relaxing shaves at Odell´s, after this much action 🙂 He might change to that shop with quick 15 minutes, in and out, next time.

Steve cleaned up nice. Not bad, at all 🙂


And it really is this big 😉


Looking pretty…scared 🙂


Tight pants, hugging his thighs

Hurray for Odell!



The End 😦



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19 responses to “H50 5.19 – Steve´s shave took forever

  1. Is crying? oooo I would Secaria tears …


  2. Reblogged this on Deniseolo's Blog and commented:
    Wow really scary


  3. Amazing episode! Alex was awesome especially at the end I was crying with him. What can I say the episode had everything: action, comedy, angst; wow!


  4. This was a really great episode there was story continuity, I didn’t even miss Danny because the episode centered around Steve and I liked the other story with Chin and Jerry. If there is a season 6 and Scott is only going to be there ever other week or so I say just kill off Danno and make the show more centered around Steve’s story interwoven with the crime of the week. If they can do quality episodes like this every week without Scott then I say cya, I am so over it. Sorry but I am.

    I was actually crying at the end because Alex was really good ay bringing the emotion during the whole episode.

    And he looked so great in all black. 🙂 Great pics Paula especially McSmurf!

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    • I agree I didn’t miss Danny. Maybe it just me but when they have Danny around things seem so “negative”, heavy of you will. Maybe because he complains all the time or has that attitude. I don’t think he needs to be killed off they can say he (and another team member not there i.e. Kono) are investigating another case. When they are around they can add to the story or be a side story (like Jerry was). In all honesty, I would rather watch Grover & Jerry over Danny…jmho.

      BTW, what is McSmurf? Some of you use “words” and I don’t know what they mean.


  5. Fox527

    One of my favorite episodes this season…..Maybe because it was so “Steve-centric”. I also liked Odell; He had some great one liners. 😉 And the ending?—-OMG, I was crying with Steve. Alex played the emotion so perfectly that you couldn’t help but feel the pain of seeing those children right along with him. Thumbs up on this epi!!


  6. kdownton78

    I really loved this episode too. The ending had me teary. Steve has a soft spot for kids. Even from season 1.
    Loved that the cargo pants were back i noticed. Can’t wait until next week 🙂


  7. Vixhen

    Ahh….yes another great episode! Not sure what’s up with Danno, but I’m really getting tired of his Houdini disappearing acts. Hey, if he doesn’t want to be on the show, cool with me. I’m a straight up McG fan anyway. Now back to the good stuff…. This episode had everything. The right out of the gate action with lots of fire power, grabbed my attention right away. And I must say watching Steve get shaved was just downright sexy. Even the secondary story was good. I would really love to see more stories with Chin. What happened to the prison nurse he started seeing? And Adam….OMG he’s gorgeous. Bring him back, please! I love the chemistry between him and Kono. I loved the twist to this story. Who knew that the guy they were trying to save was such a creepy perv? And McG’s reaction in that last scene…floored me. AOL just keeps getting better and better. I would really love to see him on BIG screen in a starring role at some point. All in all this was a great episode, and I hope they keep ’em coming!


  8. Andrea

    I just wonder what did he really saw that made him cry… it just hurts me to see tears in his eyes, but it makes him even greater actor every time these scenes came up


  9. vanduyn

    Hmmmm the reference to his manhood looks very familiar 😉


  10. Leah

    Really enjoyed this episode. Glad they had Steve mention his worries with mom for realistic story continuity. Hope they keep Odell handy too – makes for a fun character. Alex’s acting ability is superb – to convey that emotion so well at the end. And I love Paula’s “It really is this big” gif! 🙂 Naughty girl. 😉


  11. Kath40

    Alex did it again. He emotionally tore m heart out at the end of this epi. 😦 Not knowing exactly what Steve was seeing in those pics as he went through them just added to the progressive emotion on his face in that scene.
    Whomever still says Alex is just a pretty face and can’t act has got rocks in their heads.
    I’d love to see Alex in a lead role on the BIG Screen some day. Something totally outside the “pretty” box cause he can do BAMF with a heart like no other. ♥ Even an Evil Villon role would be incredible for him to sink his talented teeth into.


  12. One more comment about the McSmurf pic, I really love the outfit so I am glad you captured it so well from so many different angles 😉


  13. Lee Ann

    Enjoyed this episode – change of pace, but could have used a few thousand less bullets during it. Good ending, bad creep dead, but sad when Alex found photos of all those kids.
    NO H5O for 3/20 AND 3/27 due to basketball.


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