H50 5.19 promo – Steve cleaned up nice

Oooooh! I couldn´t help myself. He looks absolutely dreamy with his eyes closed, enjoying his shave. Lovely views 🙂


The video can be viewed on youtube here: click me!



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5 responses to “H50 5.19 promo – Steve cleaned up nice

  1. Joy

    my comment at the end of the video was that he most definitely cleans up nice! That bottom right hand gif is something. He looks different from any other shot i have seen of him. i think younger. i guess because it is a shot of his reflection so we are seeing him backwards?
    Thanks for posting. I can’t wait til this ep airs.


  2. Emanuela Pari

    As much as i am a fan of a bit of scruff I have to agree that the Commander definitely scrubs up well 😉
    Joy is right, he probably looks younger clean shaved!


  3. Thank you very much Paula for the B&W photos and gifs of this scene. I loved it.

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  4. Leah

    I’m with Emanuela – I normally like a bit of scruff too. But that last gif . . . . . DAAAMN he does looks so fine! 😉


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