Pic for the day – Mick, the best vampire

I still think our vampires were the best btw, and I’ll fight to the death on that one

mick pissy face-dl



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13 responses to “Pic for the day – Mick, the best vampire

  1. Carl

    Just wanted you to know I enjoy the photos you post. Keep it up


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  2. drbell

    I’ve got your back!!!


  3. Audrey

    BM (Before Mick) there was Angel. I loved the character except when he vamped out,then he was uGLEE. Then came MICK, gorgeous gorgeous even when he vamped out.
    Since then there has never been another vampire for me except MICK ST. JOHN.


  4. alexnymph

    Yes they were! FU CBS!!

    Asked by The Hollywood Reporter (Jan 2015) what show she would most like to reboot, Nina Tassler said “I still believe in vampires. If we could do Moonlight again, I’d do it.”

    Mick is the best vampire, EVER!


  5. karen

    Absolutely…the best…always will be. Josef was so funny. Loved him too.


  6. Colleen

    Until watching Moonlight recently I always hated vampire shows. But I’ve completely changed my mind. Mick will always have a place in my heart now. Beautiful picture Paula

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  7. Kath40

    I’ve always liked Vampires, but I never LOVED a Vampire until Mick. ♥
    I have Alex to thank for creating Mick St John he’s the best Vampire EVER!


  8. Ontlls

    Mmmm Mick St. John, I will fight with you!! Love Mick, Love watching the show!! He is the best Vampire!! Love all the Great work around here!!


  9. I agree with all the comments. Mick St John was the most beautiful . most sensual and most lovable vampire ever and Alex played him to perfection. the only other vampire I ever found sexy and fancied was Frank Langella as Dracula. but not even at his young and hot best does he come close to Alex as Mick
    Thanks for the picture and the post Paula.


  10. Leah

    Mick will always be the best vampire. EVER. And I think you’re correct, Paula, that Mick worked his magic on Nina too. 🙂 Great work as usual.


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