Happy Birthday Commander Steve McGarrett – How old are you today?

First  of all we would like to wish our favourite fictional TV character, Steve McGarrett, a Wonderful Happy Birthday today.

I know most of you sane people out there, will seriously question our celebration of Steve’s birthday. And together with that, even more the discussion that will follow here. This is all for fun and should definitely not be taken too seriously – actually as with everything else in regards with Hawaii Five-0. After all, it is just a fictional story, with fictional characters on TV.

Many fans might wonder where we get Steve’s birthdate from. As far as I can recall we never heard anybody mention the date, but the first and only time we saw it, was on the warrant for Steve’s arrest during the season 1 finale. On there, with some screen caps we could see that his birthdate is 10 March 1977. That means Steve is 38 years old today.

While I was doing the re-watches and research for the recaps of Steve’s story, I picked up on something that caused some doubts with me. In Episode 1:11 Steve says this to Danny:

Steve: I was 16. My mom was late for dinner. Mom was never late. And uh, the doorbell rang and from the minute I saw the cop’s face, I knew right away.

Danny: How did it happen?

Steve: It was a car accident, drunk driver. My dad used to say he felt sorry for the cop who had to come and tell us. And I never understood what he meant by that, until the day came I had to do it myself.

In the same episode, we have this conversation between Steve and Chin about the number he found in the Champbox at the back of the photos of a burned car:

Chin: So I heard back from my guy over at the HPD archives. He looked up that case number that your dad had written down.

Steve: What did he say?

Chin: The file is missing. Which means it was either lost somehow…

Steve: Or somebody stole it.

Chin: Yeah. I was able to get a bit of information just based on the file number itself. Here’s the thing. The case was opened on April 19th, 1992.

Steve: That was the ….. That was the day my mother had her car accident. The day she died.

What does this mean? If Steve was born on 10 March, and he was 16 when she died, then he must have been born in 1976 – and not 1977 as on the warrant.

All in all, that actually makes more sense. It will even fit in with Alex’s real age – not that it really matters, because Steve is not real, remember. 😀 .  But most of all it will fit in better with other conversations and also make the references to Steve’s football records a little bit better, but not really. 🙂 .

In Episode 2:14 we got this conversation between Young Steve and John McGarrett, shortly after Doris’s “death”:

Young Steve: Hey, I just saw uncle Joe leaving. What’s going on?

John: Sit down son. We need to talk. I’m sending you and your sister back to the mainland. You’re leaving tomorrow.

Young Steve: What?

John: Joe got you into the Army-Navy Academy. Mary is going to stay with Aunt Deb. So you guys will only be a few hours away from each other.

Young Steve: I just started junior year. Why are you doing this?

John: It’s not safe for you here anymore. You have to go now.

Our American friends can help me if I am wrong, but if my research is correct, Junior Year means 11th grade, the second last year of High school. And normally children would be around 16 or 17 in that year.

This is what I wrote in my comments on that Episode 2:14 post:

Doris ‘died’ on 19 April 1992, and if I understand correctly school for the new school year in Hawaii, starts in August – so this must have been in August, about 4 months after her death.

This all reminded me about a discussion we once had about Mick St John’s birthday and what my response on that was. In Episode 3 of Moonlight, Mick says that he turns 85, in November. But we also got a screen cap of Mick and Coraline’s wedding certificate with the birthdate of 15 February.

Marriage certificate

My answer to that dilemma was, that we should accept the date that is clear and visible for “normal” general viewers to know and not freaks like us, who look at small detail on screencaps and study things in detail. That would mean that what Mick said was known to everybody on TV (and not just us) and therefore November in my eyes is the correct birthdate. We know that props for the shows are not always correct and many times the people responsable for that, get it wrong……

There are many of them, but this is just another example of how props do not always give the correct information. In Hawaii Five-0, Episode 4:18 they show us the football pictures of Steve and Chin  in the display case at school. If you zoom in a bit closer to Steve’s picture, you can see that the date on the plaque says 1993 – but Steve must have left Hawaii in 1992 already, after his mom died, according to the conversations above.

But to get back to my thinking about the dates in Moonlight. If we bring the same reasoning here as with Mick’s birthdate, we will definitely say that Steve already turned 16 earlier in 1992 before 19 April, when his mom died – because for normal viewers to see/know, he clearly said that, but there was never a date given.

This brings another dilemma for us – if we do not use the arrest warrant as the correct date of birth, we do not have a correct date to celebrate his birthday on. 😦  Only thing we do know, was that in Season 2 Episode 19, which was broadcast on 19 March 2012, the team celebrated Steve’s birthday with cake. This was in any case the closest day to the 10th for broadcast, so at least we know we are close.  🙂


In my mind, I would still like to accept the date, 10 March, but I think 1976 would have been a better year of birth to choose. And that would then make Steve 39 years old today. 😀

Five years of Steve McGarrett

five seasons faces

Five years on the phone

Five years driving around Hawaii

 Five years protected by Kevlar

Five years of being our (Super)hero

The man (the legend), maturing and growing to be even more gorgeous, year after year!


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24 responses to “Happy Birthday Commander Steve McGarrett – How old are you today?

  1. Andrea

    Great post!
    I wish H50 writers would take so much time to figure things like that more carefully… it’s the little things that makes questions later that shouldn’t exist, right?


  2. Happy birthday Steve!

    Only you Foyeur to do this type of research and make a post of it.
    I know you make it with all of heart and it’s a great fun for me to read it. Thank you.


  3. Another thing that always bothered me with his backstory is that they had him as a huge football star. Most 15-16 year olds don’t get to be the starting quarterback that young. They’re usually on the junior varsity team until junior/senior year. And yes, I too study anything they put on the screen as documented evidence!! I consider myself to be a thorough investigator!



  4. I am so in love with the collage of Steve’s face Paula made for the post. She used the faces from each episode closest to Steve’s birthday every year.
    Those eyebrows from the season 4 face, is killing me softly 😀


  5. buttercup4u

    Fantastic! Steve’s birthday is 2 prior to mine, I LOVE YOU!
    Let us fanigirlies celebrate and don’t care what the world thinks about US! I wish i had the same year 😉


  6. I so agree he is getting better as he gets older. Five years of loving Steve/Alex and I hope another year yet. The photos and the collage are great.


  7. Emanuela Pari

    We love Steve McGarrett so nothing wrong in celebrating his bday 🙂
    And yes, the Commander definitely looks better and sexier with every year passing!


  8. Colleen

    This is why you ladies are awesome. Foyeur your research makes a lot of sense and explains a few things for me. And paula you have out done your self with the pictures. The one with a picture of Steve from every year is really neat. And you ladies are right that he is our hero and a few other things. Lol


    • As Foyeur mentioned above, the pics from each season were taken from the episode that was closest to Steve´s bday. Season 2, 2.19 was a struggle cause he looked so skinny.


  9. buttercup4u

    The pics and gifs are beautiful, great work, I love the s1kevlar, his face is frkn sexy and his hot-blooded-I’m-going to get you eyes are brilliant! I also love the loading gun pic from s2 – McGarrett SuperHero was back!


  10. gracenotpark

    Excellent post…really joyful, in spite of the always contradictory details. Well done as always. It is his birthday! Happy happy birthday dear Commander! Happy birthday tooooooo yooouuuuuuuu! 😀


    • Thanks Grace
      I think most show do have the contradictions – Moonlight had such a lot of them as well, I think.
      Normally I would not notice it on a show – but as with everything Alex – I can’t help myself. 😀


  11. alexnymph

    Happy Birthday Commander!! 🙂

    FOYeur, thank you, as always, for your wonderful analysis. I agree that there have been inconsistent dates. The cutoff birthdate for fall term in US schools is about Sept 1. That means Steve, unless a total genius who started early or skipped grades, would have been 17 in Fall 1993, so he would have been born in 1976 (just like Alex). I didn’t look up Naval Academy requirements, though, and 17 seems young for that. McNerd out.


    • Thanks Nymph
      This is what I could find on the Navy Academy:
      Army and Navy Academy is an internationally recognized college-preparatory boarding school for boys, grades 7-12, with a focus on academics, character development, and leadership
      So it is more like school than college, it seems.


      • alexnymph

        Oops, actually scratch my answer–I started responding then went into a 3-hour work meeting, and by the time I finished writing I was a zombie. If Steve was a SENIOR in high school he would have been 17 that September of 1993 and born in 1976. But if he was a JUNIOR in high school he would have been 16 in 1993 and born in 1977. In conclusion, I have no idea what the H50 writers were thinking, unless Alex was thinking he was born in 1976 and just went with that. 🙂

        But, what’s weirder is that football season ends around November, three months into the new school year. He should not have been named MVP until then. If he had just started junior year and then left, was he a sophomore when he was named MVP, in 1993? And he was 15 then, so born in 1978? Perhaps it’s time for Koala to weigh in 🙂

        Interesting on the Naval Academy. At least that part makes sense!


        • Wow, thanks for all this 🙂
          My point with the 1993 picture was actually to show how wrong the props can be – All indications are that Steve and Mary left shortly after their mother’s “death” – and that was in April 1992 – so no way that that date on the footfall pic is right. He was at least already a year on the mainland at the end of 1993. And that he would be starting his Senior here that year.
          (PS – I think the Koala’s answer to this one will be “Whatever” )


  12. r1015bill

    Tiny bit of trivia. Trevor Munson, Mick’s creator, has said that he intended Mick’s birthday to be October 18th (Trevor’s own birthday) but it didn’t work out that way on the show.


  13. Happy McBirthday! Party on Steve, regardless of the accuracy of you birthdate. Doris probably tinkered with some documents. I like to think that the year was 1976 because that’s the year I was born, just like Alex and Scott.


  14. That is your son? … That handsome !!! I knew I had two, but he had never seen the face ….
    Love the post !! The truth is you have a lot of work …
    Happy Birthday STEVE !!!


  15. But in Season 7 in the episode “Mother and Son” when Steve and Catherine go off to Morocco to rescue his mother Doris, who had got into trouble trying to free Wo Fat’s father, it is mentioned that this is the same man she tried to kill 40 years earlier. Steve says she never forgave herself and he came home one day to find her crying about it. Then we see a flashback of that scene where, according to the credits, Steve was 10 years old. If he was 10 and that was 40 years ago, that would make him 50 already (and his mother, Doris, would be in her 70s)! They certainly don’t look it.


    • Hi Shimona
      Just to summarize the Hawaii Five-0 history for you to explain why Steve is only 40 now and Doris in her 60’s:
      Doris was a secret agent in her youth – long before she met John McGarrett. As part of her job she needed to get close to WoFat’s father and kill him, and I guess she started a relationship with him in order to get it done. Instead of killng him she killed Wofat’s mother by accident and his father was captured.
      She felt so guilty over the woman’s death that she took the son (WoFat) in and raised him When her superiours realized it, they took him away and she left the CIA. So after all that happened, she then met John and married him and had two children with him (Steve and Marry).
      Doris was only remembering all the detail of the past, when Steve found her crying – it was not when it actually happened. She cried about things that happened earlier, before her marriage and Steve’s birth
      Hope that helps you understand. 🙂


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