McPickles from #H50 is hungry for more fame!

Turns out Mr Pickles is actually Ms Lili or Ghost. She was played by two white kitties 🙂 I sure hope the 2nd one wasn’t a replacement, cause the first one didn´t survive Alex´s hotness. Kitties like it warm, so surely they were in heaven, spending those hours with McHottie himself.

517 mcpickles dl 7mcpickles-1-dl517-mcpickles-2-dl517 mcpickles-3-dlmcpickles-5 dl517 mcpickles 5517-mcpickles-4-dl

Ending with some swinging tail action. I´m laughing at that smash into his face 😀

517-mcpickles-tail-2 517-mcpickles-tail



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7 responses to “McPickles from #H50 is hungry for more fame!

  1. kdownton78

    Lol! I was actually wondering that when I saw the cat swishing it’s tail. I thought cats only did that when not happy and pending attack.

    Though i can’t imagine what could be possibly wrong with being held by Alex. And yes I too do love the tail in the face. Lol that was hilarious.


  2. Oh look who’s cuddly and cute and a predator!
    Can’t wait for the outtakes and deleted scenes on the S5 bluray extras!!!! (bluray, bluray, bluray!!! You hear me CBS???)


  3. I love these two adorable ninjas!
    I know that you having fun capturing every second of Team McPickles (or McPussy) and i’m thankful for that.
    Thank you!


  4. I’m definitely not a can fan, like Danno (YAY!) but I have to admit that cat was gorgeous and the scenes with Alex were great! I absolutely love the way that cat seemed to just have its head tucked up on his shoulder and snuggled up like a child, it was sweet 🙂


  5. Kitty was definitely getting agitated with the tail swishing and digging into McG’s left pec with her back CLAWS.
    Hey, only fangirls(and cougars) are allowed to sink their nails/claws into the McPecs! LOL!

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  6. gracenotpark

    Those b/w’s area some awesome, awesome pics!

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