The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 110 (Epi 5:17 )

We continue our story from here

517 (41)

This is the kind of episode that I dread to write about here in my Steve’s story. It is a fun episode with lots to enjoy, but it hardly gives us anything really thoroughly thought through about  Steve – yes I said it, even with the therapy and the sharing of feelings included.

What I am trying to say is, don’t take my judgement of what we see and of  how I see Steve’s story portrayed in this episode, as a review of it or its entertainment value at all. It was  good.

What I do want to say about this episode is that the show has perfected the skill of throwing lots of clichés and stereotypes together, and to make a great fan favourite episode out of it.

cliché – a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought

stereotype – a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing

517 (102)

(Lots if pretty here …. sigh… I might just stay here all day. 😛 )

The episode gave me some good laughs. Real laughs I mean, not the ones like when I see stupid things happening – although there were a few of those things that did happen, and I might share some ….. All in all this was definitely one of the better episodes of this season.

And here I want to add that Daniel Dae Kim did a good job directing this episode. He paid attention to detail like we seldom see with some of the more seasoned directors. He used interesting shot angels. He made sure of some very nice close-ups of the main character (especially with the object of our desire – Steve). In the end it was a nicely packaged  episode with excellent guest actors, being their characters perfectly. Including the gorgeous Lili aka Mr Pickles. 😀

Have you ever in your life suggested something and then when you see that suggestion come to life, you realise that the person who took your suggestion further, did not really know what you meant. In fact your suggestion turned out into the most horrible thing ever.

517 (15)

Well it happened to me – kind of, but not really. I really do not think anybody from the show would be interested in what I write here and I do not really think it was my suggestion that was actually taken forward. But during my reviews at the end of Season 3, I jokingly  suggested that we should see how Steve interacts with Danny’s family. Well, Danny’s mom came to town during the next season, but I must admit it was the worst part of season 4 for me. One small interaction with Steve and the rest a family divorce story that only a few fans ever cared about. Nothing of what I thought it would be ….. 😦

Where am I going with this? Well as you all know Alex mentioned on ‘The Talk’ that he thought the therapy season of Episode 501 was great and he suggested that they do more of it, maybe even in every episode. Something like in the Soprano’s. But I must be honest – I cringed when I heard him say that, and hoped that it is one of those ideas that would stay a funny idea …… In theory it is an excellent idea. But it is one of those times where I wished Alex actually watched the show and see how things play out. Because such therapy sessions IS a funny idea, but only if you use them correctly. And if it is not a forced scenes but comes from continuity in the storyline and as part of the story and not some fabricated stuff. You will hopefully see why I say fabricated as we go along ….

Sorry, but that therapist sounds like a robot and is the worst bit of voice acting I have ever heard in my life. And last time in therapy with her, we heard Steve say, “We’re Ohana, we’re good”. Now she says they agreed to come back. However since then these two men has gone through some traumatic stuff together and supported one another with great empathy. First Danny lost his brother and became a murderer and then Steve had to face is arch-enemy and had to kill him in a fight for his life as well. Their support to each during it all, showed how much they cared for one another – now the show suggests they don’t agree on anything. For me their so-called “fights” are loads of bickering between brothers like friends. I agree there has been some nastiness to some of it, but to call it real disagreement about real stuff and that it needs therapy, is just stupid.

517 (23)

Not that what was said in the session did not give me some great laughs. Alex and Scott played their parts a whole lot better here, than in that first session in the first episode. And I think the best line of Season 5 so far has been:

Steve: Okay, actually you know what, here is the real reason we’re getting along so great. Is that I don’t listen to him anymore.

Let’s get back to some Steve stuff……

Out of character Steve?

Sorry but when a guy wears an apron while making eggs in the microwave, he is not the type of guy who throws dirty used plates on the couch. And I recall a few other times when Steve displayed his neatness and Navy upbringing. And Danny showed how he messed up Steve’ s house while house sitting. It sometimes feels as if the writers forget which character they are writing. 😕

517 (54)

What is Steve passionate about?

  • Steve staying connected to his dad by fixing his car old car. (But then again, that is not something to discuss, because Danny has been mocking that passion of Steve since day one.)
  • Loyalty to his friends and family, even when they have sometimes disappointed him so badly. (But then again, we can not discuss that because Danny has been mocking Doris’s behaviour since day one)
  • Finding the truth – in cases they solve and in real life.
  • Giving people the benefit of the doubt and second chances.
  • Fixing “broken” toys /people

While I saw Steve fixing that little cat, and I saw him sending Jerry to do some fixing with Ruth. And maybe even allowing Jerry to get some value for is own life  in return from her, my heart just warmed up to this character once more. Steve sees the pain….. And this is why this sentence from the “therapy workbook” describing Steve according to Danny, is totally bogus. Anybody suggesting that this is the character that we have seen over 4 ½ years, need to watch again…..

Weaknesses: Not naturally in tune with what others are feeling. Difficulty expressing emotions. And difficulty excepting criticism.

So the star quarterback of the school performing so great for his school on the football field, got performance anxiety? I really do hope the story of the guitar playing Steve goes somewhere – and ends with us seeing Alex actually playing. Otherwise it is just another story like so many that show has given us before, meaning nothing at all in the end ……

Steve: The McGarrett men are a different breed? To them showing emotion is like showing a weakness, you know. I mean, it’s stupid but it’s just the way it is.

Have I missed some introduction to some McGarretts in a previous episode somewhere? Only ones I know about are Steve and John. And he use the words  “to them” – it just does not make sense to me what he means by that.

(Personally I would have used the story of guitar playing Steve a bit differently. It could have been said that he was unable to perform because his mother died that week and the memories of that just made him stop enjoying it. And that at military school he never had the chance to take up playing again. More in character, more real)

517 (75)

Steve talking about his feelings?

If I recall, Steve was prepared to share his feelings with Grover …… somebody who was actually prepared to listen without judgement or making fun of things he cares about. It just came naturally ……

How about if Steve share some real relevant present feeling with Danny – Things like loneliness and trust issues, because ……..maybe let’s say ….. things like missing Cath who left. Things like mom keeping her distance, even after WoFat was eliminated. Things like Joe stringing him along with untruths. Things like dad sending them away to be “clinical” orphans. Real stuff that affects Steve McGarrett of today!

Then just a personal pet peeve of mine, that I most probably got from my dad. He really detests it when people talk with food in their mouths. Whenever he sees a scene on screen where actors do that, he comments about the fact that people think it is “good” acting to be able to do that. For him good acting is if you can space the eating and the talking in such a way that it does not have to happen at the same time – something like people in real life would do.

This brings me to a little family joke we have, from when I was young. Dad one day reprimanded one of us (most probably me I think) at the dinner table for talking with food in our mouths. And then he realised that he was in such a rush to say it, that he actually said it with food in his own mouth. He made a quick recovery and then went on to say that it is only allowed when you reprimand you children. We still joke about it.

Maybe it is also allowed when you discuss all your relationship problems. Or maybe eating like that while talking, is an American or and Australian custom? But even if it looks bad, seeing Alex do it with such vigor, is always okay. I can watch him do anything and like it – I am cheap that way. 😛

 Something that would have really made me laugh, was if Steve instead of just using their names, to introduce themselves to Ruth as he normally would have done by saying, “Hi, I am commander Steve McGarrett and this is my partner Detective Danny Williams” – And if she then still thought they were a gay couple – Now that would have been funny. (but that is just me, and most would not even get why I thought that would be funny) 🙂

Some random ??’s and laughs:

  • So the bad guy, who is as strong as an ox and a real killing machine, don’t fight back when his girlfriend shoots him. He instantly passes out from that not fatal shot in his gut and can be easily thrown from the car? But he is fine when he operates on himself later on – no fainting there?
  • No wonder the girlfriend was so eager to go to jail for her boyfriend – seems she likes to bat for the other team and as the cliché goes – prison is full of opportunities for that type of fun. Or is that where she got the taste for other girls and decided to screw him over? 😛
  • Does the jewelry shop have more than one safe? She says, “He emptied the safe”. And that was a small bag of big diamonds. In the end when she hides in the walk in safe, there are lots of stuff kept there that are not displayed in the shop. Where were those things on the day of the robbery? 😀
  • So this is a shop that sells jewelry – I did not see them having a workshop making jewelry. Why would the owner buy and keep unset diamonds?
  • That bad girls’ blonde ‘wig’? If it is a disguise, why sit around  the house with it? Was that supposed to be her real hair after she took of a brunette wig? Or was it now supposed to be her own hair, straightened and dyed and cut like that?  Ouch. 😕
  • Maybe the blonde hair (cliché) suits her better. She was dumb enough to leave a wounded, and by her thinking a presumed dead guy, with who she’s got a well-known affiliation and then go back to her own place, not thinking that the police (or he) might come after her?
  • If they can hear what happens 2 levels down, why can’t they hear what happens in every apartment in that building? Nobody home?
  • So Jerry and Ruth watches the sunset – and then the sun shines bright again and they all eat at Kamekona’s, without Danny of course. Not that it is the first time that we have had these longgggg sunsets or reversed sunsets in Hawaii before. 😀
  • So help me out here. Danny arrives with his car and without ever handing Steve the keys, Steve is gracious enough to throw it back at him. REALLY?

And that last point brings me to something that is really irking me out big time. This issue that Steve is driving the car all the time – not allowing Danny to drive his own car. As with anything in life, if you do not give up your right of something and somebody is not threatening your life to give it up, there is really no reason to say the other just takes it from you. And no reason to blame them if you are not in control.

When they get to the car to drive somewhere, does Steve throw Danny out of the driver seat, does he rush to get there first – how is it possible that he drives all the time, if Danny doesn’t give it up willingly? It is just stupid and make no sense to me at all – RANT OVER!


517 (92)

I just want to end off by saying, I am not really a cat person (or a dog person for that matter), but after this, I ship McPickles (or is it McPussy?) 😀

And I always love the little bit chubbier Alex, in these episodes each year, filmed right after a the nice Christmas puddings and New Years parties. It makes him even more adorable. 😀

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 517 –

Kuka’awale (Stakeout)

To be continued………..


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24 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 110 (Epi 5:17 )

  1. marthalomew

    AWWWW…what an adorable kitty!  


  2. #TeamMcPussy! LOL (And I am a total dog person)
    I won’t get too deep with my feelings or thoughts of the episode, but I think DDK has gained a few more fans for his fine camera angles. 🙂
    I am a fan of Alex/Steve’s fuller cheeks (all four of them 😛 ) too. More to pinch and squeeze.
    So many wonderful close ups of Alex/Steve. One of my favorites is of him lying back with his hands behind his head. Unf! I have a serious weakness for his underarms. Makes me want to nuzzle in and smell his musky scent. I’d take my time tho, as the picture suggests, he seems pretty content with what’s going on “down under” at the moment. :mrgreen:
    I was disappointed we didn’t get to hear him play his guitar more. Wasn’t fond of the eating with his mouth full. Now when he sucked the jelly from his finger…I was ok with that. 🙂
    Where has Danny been, (oh yeah LA haha) that he doesn’t think Steve is caring and aware of others feelings? Danny’s character is so poorly written in my opinion. If you ask me, he is the one with the character flaws. Always poking fun at Max and Kame, whining incessantly, and seems to always point out the negative in Steve’s actions. Only when Steve is saving his @ss, does he say anything kind and sincere to him. Ok, rant over. 🙂
    I did enjoy the episode. Laughed out loud a several times. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Steve outside the office and not all BAMF. I do love him in kevlar and thigh holsters and gloves, but I could stare at him for hours just sitting on my couch in his tshirt, or naked if he prefers. I now have a fantasy of him serving me coffee in the morning wearing only that apron and that delicious smile! *sigh*


  3. Colleen

    Great recap Foyeur! I always love how you go into such detail and explain everything so well. When watching these shows I try not to think to hard about how they don’t make sense. As for your comment about the Mcgarrett men I assumed he was talking about his grandpa too. He was a navy man and Steve probably has heard about him. Ok back to what I was saying. This episode was really funny and one I be watching again. Seeing him in an apron with a cat I knew you girls would be so excited. Thanks for this recap. I always love to read them. 🙂


    • Thanks Colleen – I sometimes have regrets for ever writing Steve’s story from the start – because it makes me have to think about going further into who he is and what makes sense or not. And for some reason I think I will regret it even more after next weeks episode 😦
      About the McGarretts: John McGarrett did not even know his own father (Steve’s grandfather), because he passed away 3 months before John was born. So neither John nor Steve even knew what kind of a person he was.
      There are surely all sorts of pretty in this episode to enjoy 😛


      • Colleen

        I forgot about Steves father not knowing his dad. Crap that gets rid of my theory. Oh well. I don’t blame you for getting frustrated with the writers. Steve could be so much more if only they would write it. Oh well.


  4. Joy

    nice to read your comments. I love the counseling sessions, but unfortunately the writers are so interested in making them a comedy sketch that they avoid the real issues these guys need to tell a counselor.

    There is no way Steve would toss a dirty plate onto a couch. He would be the one reprimanding Danny for doing the same. Steve’s table manners were a little on the Neanderthal side; i wonder how much of that is Alex?
    I did agree with Danny about choosing the restaurant. Steve clearly told Danny ” whatever you want”, yet Steve chose what he wanted. I guess i was sensitive to that issue because i have a friend who does similar things when i make restaurant suggestions.

    I didn’t understand the need for an apron to make eggs. They definitely wanted to play up the rather silly looking domestic McGarrett. so i wasn’t the only one to notice a little “less than svelt” Commander. Nice to know we are all human.

    Your guitar story was the exact scenario i expected. I had the same thought about the star quarterback getting stage fright. (has anyone explained yet how he was a star as a sophomore? especially since this flashback did not portray an athletically built 16 year old). The story of him losing his mom would have been a lot more touching, but Steve explaining his vulnerability was at least decent.

    I hope they don’t forget that guitar in the trunk!


    • You are spot on about our personal dislikes playing a part of how we feel about things we see on screen.
      The therapy scenes are clearly written for comedy, I did enjoy the bit in season beginning, but this one only made me laugh when Steve confessed he is not listening to D anymore 🙂


  5. buttercup4u

    Yes, chubby makes him more adorable! Althought I love both sides!
    DDk make this ep really good, I like the camera and the out-of-the-office surroundings!
    I agree with most of your writing! Too much cliché 😦 A winning football hero won’t be afraid to stand on a stage IMO)! They leave much on the side – like Cath – they start something, and leave it, and finally let it go. That’s a shame. It changes McG character! I wish they would just go on like s1.


    • Character definitely need to grow over the years of a series – but they should stay true to their characters.
      Very successfull shows with good writing that accomplished that over many years are “NCIS”, “Friends” & “Big Bang Theory” etc.
      They write around their main characters, not around availability of actors.


  6. alexnymph

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. I laughed and had fun with it–DDK did a great job. It was even good to have Danny back. I like when he and Steve play nice. Next time I watch it I’ll pay more attention to the details, but I’m still in enjoyment mode.

    As for QB Steve getting stage fright, I think it’s possible. Playing a game with your teammates (ten other guys), especially if you’re “in the zone”, is much different than being alone on a stage. Acoustic guitar says to me he was playing something soft, more intimate. Kind of silly, but it could have happened.

    Thanks for all the McPickling!


  7. Oh you hit the nail on the head with your comments FOYeur! I really don’t get why Steve should open up to someone like Danny and the stupid therapy showed exactly why. Danny was an insensitive jerk (again.)
    So I was pretty disappointed that they missed the opportunity to address some of Steve’s nightmares and Danny’s behavior towards his best friend.
    But McPussy was perfect, Steve rubbing her (it’s a ‘she’ I think) back, her tail wagging made me giggle. And all Steve’s little faces were adorable, finding the weed, talking to Ruth, describing cats (and himself?). But most outstanding was the scene on the couch when he opened up about his stage fright. Not what I hoped it would be about but it was perfectly done. Low voice, great timing – Steve became his 15 year old self, even before we saw the flashback.
    This episode made me smile, disappointed and angry. There where funny scenes, character inconsistensies and missed opportunities. But it’s worth watching again because of Mr. Pickles and Steve and because it gives us the chance of a guitar playing Steve in future epis.


  8. Ok, finally we have an explanation about Steve continue to have Danny has his work partner. He doesn’t listen him anymore. Steve, you’re a highly trained Navy Seal, you are prepared for hard environments and situations, even torture but i’m not. I’m very tired of Danny. I’m not a killer machine, but i want to be one every time Danny opens his mouth.
    The COTW was awful.
    I’m not a cats fan, but i loved watching Steve with Mr. Pickles. And now knowing that the kitty was a she – Lili, makes more sense to me. She is another Alex’s fangirl. Team McPussy FTW!
    I’m divided about the way Steve eats. If i find disgusting and rude in one way, watching him licking and enjoying his meal fully, is entertainment.
    I really enjoyed Steve’s scene, telling about his vulnerable moment, although i don’t think is very believable that Steve McGarrett had a stage fright. For me it makes more sense that i didn’t performed because mom’s “dead” and was one thing she loved is listening his son playing guitar, so he stopped.
    Danny had a very nice gesture to Steve after 5 years (Steve had in the first episode, but who’s counting). I only hope that we can finaly watch Steve/Alex playing the guitar, or this story will be pointless.
    I don’t have skills to evaluate Daniel’s work as a Director but i’m very thankful of all scenes and close-ups of Steve/Alex.
    I understand your frustration about can’t write Steve’s story, but i always enjoy reading your opinion about the episodes, even the random stuff. It’s fun.

    I also want to thank Paula for all awesome gifs and photos.


  9. This was one of my favourite episodes in Season 5.


  10. I think that either with your car thing and theory. Really it is either Danny likes Steve as a friend and really doesn’t really mind Steve driving his car. And that Steve is a control freak as well as may get a different kind of car sick and plus he is the boss. A lot of reasons.

    Plus if it irked Danny really big time, I think Danny would put his foot down and tell Steve off boss and friend or not, as think if Danny was serious, Steve would back off. Just Danny jokes about it without being serious.

    Sure I am sick of Danny’s whinning ways. But also they sometimes make Steve be out to be a selfish, arrogant jerk without being considerate of Danny’s feelings. I do think off camera, Steve does make Danny drive the car. As really Steve does need to be caring and not just treat Danny like a peasant boy or a servant.

    If anybody is not gracious, it really is Steve coming down to it.


  11. Serai

    Note about “them”: It’s very common usage in America to talk about a large group that you’re a part of as “them”. When I’m talking about women as a group, for instance, I might say “them” if I’m talking in the abstract, even though I’m a woman. It’s just an idiom.

    As to stage fright, I can tell you that it is not only possible, but fairly common for people who are perfectly comfortable on a playing field to be struck completely dumb on a stage. That’s because the two are not the same thing at all. Sports involve playing a complex game with an entire team that work together. Acting is – despite the presence and support of other actors – a solitary art. When you’re talking, the audience is looking at YOU – not the field, not the team, not the cheerleaders, not the umpire, YOU. That can be terrifying, especially since Steve’s right – American men (and others, of course, but he’s a gringo) are brought up not to show their emotions. And acting is ALL ABOUT showing emotion, and showing it in a real, “here, let me cut my heart open for you” way. That kind of thing can reduce the strongest, most confident man to absolute paralysis. Believe me, I’ve seen it. Not only is it not unthinkable, I’d actually expect it from Steve – it would surprise me greatly if he DIDN’T get stage fright, frankly.

    Danny and Steve? Obviously friends. Yes, they bitch at each other, but that’s the kind of friendship they have. Steve hogs the steering wheel partly because he’s a control freak, but also because he knows it bugs the hell out of Danny. Danny scolds Steve constantly partly because Steve can be insensitive and trigger-happy and insane, but also because he knows it bugs the hell out of Steve. It’s the kind of friendship where the two “pinch” each other constantly. (Spanish expression – “pinchar” means to pinch, but it also mean to nag or annoy or JUST. NOT. STOP.) Other people would see it as irritating or crazy-making, but they see it as fun. It’s fun to take the piss out of the other guy and annoy him and make him crazy, because ultimately, they don’t care about all the scolding and hogging and verbal flipping-off – they’re buds as well as partners, and it doesn’t matter if no one else gets it. They do.

    Lastly, for my money, when it comes to technique and timing, Scott is absolutely the best thing in this series. His chops are amazing – he can make ANYTHING funny. Alex is wonderful, very beautiful and sexy and utterly fantastic with drama, tension, and action. But for comedy, Scott wipes the floor with him every time. It’s not a disparagement on Alex, just an acknowledgment that every actor has his gifts, and this is one of Scott’s. He should be acknowledged for it, because he seriously kicks it in the funny department, just as Alex kicks it in the breaking hearts department. 🙂


  12. I love Scott and glad that they have Chi as Lou G. But notice how Steve treats Lou like an equal and Lou who like Steve, doesn’t ride shotgun. But he has ridden shotgun with Steve. As Lou doesn’t seem to mind or complain about it. But think that Scott’s Danny doesn’t really mind that Alex’s Steve drives as he does it to bug the heck out of him. But knows Steve is a control freak.

    Steve thinks he is a super SEAL that has no weakness. Well yes, he does at times for being insensitive and a control freak jerk at times though I love him. As Danny really they have not made him whine or Steve being controlling like the car arguments got pretty mean spirited half of the end of season 3 and all of season 4.

    Both men have redeemed themselves as at least hopefully Steve treats Danny as an equal as a friend, but as a partner sometimes, not so much.


  13. DoubleL

    This is the episode where I decided I really don’t like Danny and I hate the therapy storyline. It’s just stupid. If Danny doesn’t like Steve, he can quit the task force and go back to HPD or Jersey.


  14. Carol A Roscoe

    I love this episode Steve telling his passion about playing guitar was good, and Danny took it to heart. I just wish they could do a episode playing his guitar.

    Liked by 1 person

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