H50 5.17 – Steve loves adorable ninjas!

What a fun episode in a long time 🙂 I have always wanted to see them do the stories outside their H50 quarters. The computer table scenes are so boring for me to capture. Change the surroundings and you get fresh feeling to the weekly crimes, too. Loved to watch Steve relax on the stake out. I would have wanted a bit more cuddling with Mr Pickles, but understand the long filming hours would have been nerve wrecking for the cute little ninja.

Steve: Who doesn´t love cats? They are awesome. They are adorable ninjas. They are smart and fast, they are cute and cuddly at the same time.


Boys lost their visual (saving them from their confusion about protocol on watching semi-nekkid women)



Not married, not gay


Finger licking good 🙂

Random pretties

Almost shirtless

Ending with biggest dissappointment. How long have we waited to hear Alex play a guitar?! And now the perfect opportunity and we got  one nanosecond. Come on! What a shame :/




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20 responses to “H50 5.17 – Steve loves adorable ninjas!

  1. Vixhen

    With the random story lines of late, I have to say that this episode was SO MUCH FUN! DDK did an excellent job with directing it. I loved the therapy session, the brotherly love between McG and Danno, and the throwback to the movie Stakeout. But what really had my ovaries doing a flip flop was seeing AOL with that beautiful cat! Nothing is hotter than seeing a hot, manly man with baby or an animal. (Hint…hint…bring back Mary and Joan so we can see Uncle Steve in action!) I must say that this is the first time I have ever been jealous of a feline. Watching Mr. Pickles cuddle up to McG….oh yeah. There was so much AOL goodness last night that my eyes were playing ping pong all over the place. This goes down as one of my most favorite episodes this season.


    • We definitely enjoy seeing Steve being cute and cuddling with the adorable things, no matter if it is with pets or babies. I agree this being one of the nicer episodes. They really should use pets more often, they must be so much cheaper as guest stars, anyway 😉


  2. Finally, H50 the way it was meant to be. Awesome episode and by the looks of the previews(no spoilers please) next week and the weeks to come are going to be really good.


  3. Loved it!. Funny how we are able to get a sneak peak at his tattoo. I guess they figured the shot would go by so quick that they didn’t need to cover it.

    Steve’s admission explains why he doesn’t like dogs and how upset he was that Danny had the dog at his house.

    Maybe now that he has the guitar we might get something from him in the future….

    Loved how they placed such an icon as Cloris Leachman into the story. She played a heartfelt role yet added a touch of humor to the mix. I found myself laughing and wiping away a few tears as well.

    I loved how Steve let Danny drive but still controlled the radio….good choice of music. Overall a 10 out of 10.


    • I really loved Steve´s “monologue” about cats superiority to dogs.
      Let´s hope the guitar becomes part of a future episode, and we finally get to hear Alex play. Though that might kill half the fandom off 😉


  4. I found out info about “Mr. Pickles” on Twitter:
    “Hawaiian Humane ‏@hawaiianhumane Check out our pet visitation cat, Lili, on tonight’s episode of Hawaii Five-0! – Marielle http://fb.me/2MDZWebJi
    Also on their FB page: http://www.facebook.com/HawaiianHumaneSociety

    I’m thinking that Lili is a female. She was definitely clinging to McG!


    • Yes, would make more sense kitty is a girl. He looked too mellow for a Mr 😉
      I asked about the kitty´s background, but not sure we will be given an answer.


      • Aloha again. Yes, Lili is female. Her full name is Liliaka’ipo – Lily the sweetheart. She is a therapy cat and visits medical facilities, schools and community events. Currently she is the only therapy cat on Oahu. She is 10 years old and started “working” in 2013. Lucky mom, Marie 11/28/16

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  5. Leah

    OMG This episode is definitely going to be one of my all-time favorites – loaded with so much (action, humor, bonding, kitty-sitting, etc.)! I had to giggle when we got a glimpse of Steve’s midriff when he was replacing the cover over the equipment – i just KNEW you talented ladies would capture that moment (“Almost Shirtless”)! And I may have stumbled upon a clue about Mr Pickles – he may actually be a SHE named Lili (twitter post by @hawaiianhumane “Check out our pet visitation cat, Lili, on Hawaii Five-0!”).


    • Let´s hope we get more info on the kitty. There were several moments for laughing, but most of all I enjoyed the different setting Alex got to work in. Much nicer for me to capture 🙂


      • Leah

        Just stumbled upon this from Behind the Scenes CBS site while re-watching the episode: “Two cats, Lili and Ghost, were cast as Mr. PIckles. The cats had access to a resting pen during production; and were handled by Sue Chiperton.” 🙂

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  6. buttercup4u

    Three days and he never changed his shirt?!?! What an awfully missed opportunitiy 😉
    Okay, we got the munching Steve, which was really great, loads of munching, I really like to go out and eat with uncle Steve! Then I would hide his fork and knife and he would help himself with his fingers! Of course I would order spaghettis!!!!


    • Spaghetti with fingers! LOL
      This epi could have used a shirt change, maybe even pants 🙂
      Btw I hate those ugly baggy pants, they have had Steve wear in some episodes. I can´t even capture them, cause they are so hideous :/


  7. Lena

    I loved this episode, had me giggling a lot but agree on the shame that we didn’t get to hear him play that guitar.


  8. Most definitely one of my fav episodes in the 5 seasons 🙂


  9. That epi looks hilarious. Can’t wait until s5 airs on tv here. Really nice caps by the way. 🙂

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  10. Jai-Jai

    This is one of my fav eps. Who knew McG was a cat guy, now I adore him so much more. Loved the old lady too, assuming he & Danny were gay! LOL, Too funny for words, I laughed my ass off!!!

    The bit I liked the best was the whole thing with the “Perfect Partners Workbook” – Steve’s initial ‘meh’ response to whatever Danny wrote in it (wonder what that was?). Then Steve finally sharing a personal memory in which he actually admitted to feeling vulnerable and exposed at one time, and then he talks about McGarrett-men seeing emotion as weakness. For me, that one statement explained a lot about McG:

    The fact that he shared the McGarrett-men’s opinion of showing emotion and that he thought it was stupid, showed Steve has gone through some emotional growth since the pilot. I wondered whether years of working with Danny, listening to his every emotion fall out of his mouth at every opportunity might perhaps have finally encouraged Steve to open up somewhat. Or maybe Steve got there on his own with everything he’s been through…. who knows, but I enjoyed that moment of rare insight.


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