H50 5.17 promo – Purrrsenting McPickles teaser

I couldn´t wait till tomorrow, when I saw Mr Pickles getting lovely strokes by Steve, I just had to share these at once 🙂

Say hello to Steve´s new love interest. Just look at that little face looking up to him when he comes to lift him off the couch…purrr-purrr-purrrr 🙂

And as a bonus, Steve is tasting Mr Pickles´ treats 😉


You can watch the new spoiler clips here



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6 responses to “H50 5.17 promo – Purrrsenting McPickles teaser

  1. That clip is hilarious with her face expression when Steve said Danny was his partner.


  2. Isn’t that cat the luckiest cat in the world 😉 ?

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  3. I have a good feeling about this episode….can´t wait 🙂


  4. S0 much PURR-fect beauty!!! Thanks paula. Can’t wait to see this episode.


  5. Even 16 months later this fun to read. Thanks from Lili’s (aka Mr. Pickles) mom.


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